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  1. Induction

    I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on the subject.
  2. Emergence

    The orderliness of the universe is completely explained by the Law of Identity. Things are what they are and are not what they are not. Things can only do what they can do and cannot do what they cannot do. Organisms that can survive and reproduce in a given environment, survive and reproduce organisms like themselves, and those which can't, don't. As a result, living things evolve. Etc. Is there anything about the orderliness of the universe which cannot be explained by the fact that the Law of Identity rules it?
  3. Hi y'all

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  7. Captain Phillips (2013)

    This poll is for the film, Captain Phillips (2013), but Paul's Here would also like to compare it with listing for A Hijacking (2012)
  8. Captain Phillips (2013) listing for Captain Phillips (2013) Movie suggested for rating by Paul's Here.
  9. Introduction

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  12. Striking Against Obama Policies - Truckers, On Oct. 11 - 13

    I can't tell what these people are for and against. Where do they stand on individual rights?
  13. Ted Cruz filibuster read from Atlas Shrugged

    More quotes from Ted Cruz:
  14. Ted Cruz filibuster read from Atlas Shrugged

    Pooja Gupta reported to the ARI Tea Party list:
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  16. Ted Cruz filibuster read from Atlas Shrugged

    He also quoted from The Fountainhead.
  17. Liver metastasis

    Too bad. Let her know how much you value her and do what you can to make the most of her remaining time.
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  19. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    Write to them and ask.
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  21. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    The following press release went out to the media from the Ayn Rand Institute today:
  22. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    Allan was my friend and one of the finest people I have ever known. I'll miss him.
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