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  1. Happy Birthday to BrianB

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  3. "A is A", not "A = A"

    Isn't the dispute over whether "equals" can be substituted for "is" in ALL cases. If the answer is yes, then "A = A" is a valid restatement of the law of identity. If it cannot be always substituted, then it is invalid.
  4. Wishing a very to Capitalism Forever.
  5. "A is A", not "A = A"

    What I am looking for is a concrete application where "A is A" vs. "A = A" would produce a different or incorrect result. For instance, is saying "Roark is an architect" the same as saying "Roark = an architect?"
  6. "A is A", not "A = A"

    So far, this discussion has been very abstract. Could either of you give a CONCRETE example where "A is A" vs. "A = A" makes a difference?
  7. The key to a great relationship is communication and the best book on that subject is by the founder of Cognitive Psychology, Aaron Beck. Love Is Never Enough: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstandings, Resolve Conflicts, and Solve Relationship Problems Through Cognitive Therapy.
  8. Happy Birthday to styg50

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  10. This is America?

    At least she finally won.
  11. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

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  12. Creation ex nihilo

    Here's Admiral Grace Hopper, a computer pioneer and gifted teacher, doing such a conversion to explain what a nanosecond is. Sorry, but this is the best quality video I could get,
  13. Objectivist and Popperian Epistemology

    I agree. See my response here which also applies to this thread.
  14. It will also be necessary. I've been away at OCON and unable to monitor THE FORUM closely, but Paul's Here and ewv have been doing an excellent job of questioning curi's assertions. Now it is necessary for curi to define and concretize his terms and answer the questions and objections they and others have raised. That is how a true discussion works -- especially around here. THE FORUM's Rules and Guidelines state: "3. Be sure that your posts are well-grounded in facts and logic because, if they're not, other members of THE FORUM will call you on it." Curi has been called on his assertions and now its up to him to answer his critics with facts and logic addressing their stated issues. He's got 24 hours to do it. If the requested issues are not addressed and the facts and logic are not forthcoming, I will close this thread.
  15. Happy Birthday to mcvideo

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  16. Objectivist and Popperian Epistemology

    Hell no! I regard logic as a critical tool for understanding and dealing with reality. If logic isn't realistic, it isn't logic. It is merely a useless, arbitrary word game.
  17. Happy Birthday to JeffT

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  18. Objectivist and Popperian Epistemology

    This is hard to follow since it only relates very abstract concepts to other abstract concepts and not to reality. As a result, that is not what most people mean by induction or the Problem of Induction which is something more specific and concrete. Men generalize from particular observations. They see that all the people they have observed age and eventually die. They induce, or generalize, that "All men are mortal" -- but is this true? That is the Problem of Induction: How can you be certain that something that seems to be true of every observed member of a class actually is true of all members of the class? If generalizing from particulars is not what Popper means by "induction," then he has refuted something other than induction, and his arguments are not relevant. If he does mean generalizing from particulars, why does he think it is an invalid process?
  19. Happy 4th!

    Beautiful! Happy Independence Day everyone.
  20. Objectivist and Popperian Epistemology

    Could you summarize the arguments made by Popper that (allegedly) refute induction?
  21. If true, this is alarming . . . is is a site dedicated to Alex Jones's crackpot conspiracy theories. He is occasionally right, but so is a stopped clock.
  22. Critical Review of Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature

    I've debated Greg Nyquist since alt.philosophy.objectivism on Usenet decades ago. His anti-Ayn Rand obsession has not abated nor have facts and counter-arguments ever changed anything he asserts. Since then, Nyquist has attracted more people like him (see Betsy's Law #2) and he and his followers have been cited by Rand-haters everywhere. This is a good sign. It shows how threatened they feel by Ayn Rand's growing influence and how desperate they are to do something about it. It also exposes, as your review does so well, the impotence of evil. Their critiques are so ill-informed and their arguments are so fallacious and lame. If that is our enemy, we've already won.
  23. Happy Birthday to A N Other

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  24. Happy Birthday to Duke

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  25. Doctors Cure Girl of Leukemia

    That's fantastic!