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  1. THE FORUM is now CLOSED to new posts

    THE FORUM is now closed to new posts. All existing posts will remain available and can be searched, read, and downloaded. Members can also continue to message each other.
  2. Libertarian-Socialism

  3. Who want's to make a new Forum with me?

    I join the groups that interest me because of the topic and/or the people who belong to it. Once you join Facebook, "friend" me and check out the groups I belong to. If any suit your fancy, join them.
  4. Apples are not apples.

    That is a pretty good theoretical answer to what you assumed was being asked, but I would approach the statement differently. The statement strikes me as odd and the first thing I would do would ask the person who said it "Whatever do you mean? What are you referring to? Why did you bring this up?"
  5. Potential Revelation

    Perhaps you missed it because, depending on the cognitive context, consciousness can be regarded as an entity with attributes. For instance, you could compare the consciousness of a cat with that of a human being and note that human consciousness has the attribute of being conceptual and feline consciousness does not. In other contexts, consciousness can be regarded as an attribute (or action) of a living entity. A clue as to what the cognitive context may be is how you are using the word "consciousness" in a sentence. If you're using it as a noun -- "Existence is primary and is the object of consciousness." -- it is probably as an entity. If you are using it as an adjective -- "Animals are conscious living entities." -- it is probably as an attribute.
  6. Who want's to make a new Forum with me?

    Hi Eric, Most of the action is over on Facebook these days, but if you're looking for a high-quality Objectivist forum, Harry Binswanger has changed his list and it now operates more like THE FORUM. It costs $$, but you can try it free for two weeks. Go to
  7. Happy Anniversary to ME!

  8. Onkar Ghate on Atlas Shrugged

    Contact ARI and/or Dr. Ghate and see if they can help you find the videos.
  9. Chalmer's and Consciousness

    In what sense does Chalmers hold that there are areas we will never know? What areas is he referring to?

  11. Maybe they have avoided the external consequences of what they did, but there's no way of avoiding the horrible psychological consequences.
  12. Reason and logic

    Sure. Introspective awareness is "material provided by man's senses" too, but in the form of sensations -- pleasure, pain, hunger, thirst, etc and the somatic manifestations of emotions -- rather than the extrospective "five senses" -- sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.
  13. Reason and logic

    I agree that it is a definition and an accurate one at that.
  14. Why is there a ship in this painting?

    No, but now I'm curious too. Let us know when you find out.