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  1. Am I still an Objectivist?

    A person can convert to a faith and "be" Christian, Moslem, pagan, but no one can "be" Objectivist. No one arrives at Objectivism the way a religious person can arrive at a "state of grace." For Objectivists, there's only the spiral: the spiral of further knowledge, further integration, further application, further action. There's no plateau, no arrival. The spiral defines the Objectivist. I think that Rand may have unintentionally done the philosophy a disservice by creating John Galt. Galt is the perfect man, the Jesus of Objectivism. Galt was the man who developed as a completely rational (that is, virtuous) human being. I believe he is more of an abstraction than a concretization because even Rand could not satisfactorily concretize what that would entail. Even she could not imagine it well enough. Galt is a fictional device. We can use the fictional device as a model, but we cannot be a fictional device. None of us developed as a completely rational person. None of us can tell exactly what we would have been and done if we had developed correctly. We have to constantly work toward Objectivism. So, Henrik, my answer is: Grow, and to the extent that you grow, you're an Objectivist. Stall, and to the extent that you stall, you're not. That goes for all of us.

    Happy, happy birthday, Betsy! Have another 50!
  3. Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

    Newser just RT'd my Nobel award tweet: "Give me a gold medal and I'll run the marathon tomorrow." ROFL!
  4. Favorite war movies

    Sink the Bismark! One of my favorite movies ever since I saw it as a kid in the middle of the night while the rest of the family slept. Also: Kurosawa's Seven Samurai Branagh's Henry V Das Boot I'll put in a plug for the TV series, Combat!, with Vic Morrow. The version of Apocalypse Now that was initially released years ago was much more anti-American and "hippie" than the cut shown in theaters more recently. The Dam Busters is a remarkable British film that focuses on two amazing men: inventor Dr. Barnes Wallis and Wing Commander Guy Gibson.
  5. Lady Brin

    I'm saddened by Lady Brin's death. Thanks, Bryson, for posting your thoughts, and for the great photo, too. I'll remember her.
  6. Duh? This is just the kind of word salad I have to untangle in my day job. Care to untangle it yourself? What do you mean?
  7. Changing the language and usage

    I've seen a lot of back constructions from nouns to verbs, usually with that "ate" suffix, which wipe out the correct verb, like "administrate" instead of "administer," "interpretate" instead of "interpret," and four or five others. The preposition is being destroyed, particularly "of," which is usually replaced by "for," i.e., "We calculated the height of each step" is now "We calculated the height for each step." "Couple of" is usually now just "couple." "He drank a couple Cokes." Prepositions that usually followed verbs are leaving the language. "Graduated college" used to be "graduated from college." "Departing the airport" used to be "departing from the airport." The distinction between "it's" and "its" seems to be disappearing, I suspect due to the Microsoft spell checker. Carrying that further, I've even seen "her's." On the other hand, there are some cute new terms like "grandmacita." But that's a growth of English, not a brutalization.
  8. The price of How to Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers is going up as of midnight Eastern Time on Feb. 27. Writers who sign up for the course by then will be part of the Charter Class and will also receive graduate benefits that will be sold separately after Feb. 27. For details, read my Jan. 14 post below or go to How to Think Sideways.
  9. Ginger Tea

    This one is my favorite ginger tea. The chicory adds a darker undertone.
  10. Best Fiction-Writing Course

    I’m about to finish taking a superb on-line fiction-writing course, How to Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers. The course is taught by career novelist Holly Lisle, who’s had 32 novels published. Her goal was to take the mystique out of writing fiction by using scientific method to achieve reproducible results. How to Think Sideways consists of lessons that integrate the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. Holly teaches how to consistently get the best material out of your imagination and what to do with it once it’s out, from writing the beginning to inventing your own place in the market. In her fiction-writing lectures, Ayn Rand talks about the conscious-subconscious interplay needed to write fiction, but she doesn’t go into the practical, hands-on detail that Holly does. I’ve read dozens of books on writing, taken many classes from professional writers, and received guidance from agents and editors, but this course is unique. It has helped me fix problems with my fiction that made me bang my head against the desk. The current price is $47 per month for the 6-month course (total $282) with lessons posted on line weekly, or $25 per month for 12 months (total $300) with biweekly lessons. The 6 and 12-month versions include the same material. Fees are paid monthly. In case you don’t like the course, if you quit before the second half of any month, you can get a refund for that month. Today Holly announced that the price will go up as of midnight Eastern Time on February 27, 2009. That’s why I’m telling you now. Grab it!
  11. Film noir

    Double Indemnity, 1944, with Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson.
  12. Sony "Reader"

    Thanks for mentioning the iRex products, Cometmaker. I wasn't aware of them. I'm still using my pathetically antique eBookMan since both the Kindle and the Sony Reader seem to be half-hearted attempts at a device that could be terrific.
  13. Fun with Guns!

    I would also be wary of someone "brandishing" or "wielding" a firearm. That is why I will be glad to have the legal power to carry a concealed handgun after I get my license. People who know what they are doing do not "brandish" or "wield" a gun. Are you speaking of criminals? How does your apprehension (a justifiable one) apply in regard to the right to bear arms? How do any emotions apply?
  14. How wonderful! Congratulations!
  15. Fun with Guns!

    Good timing starting this thread, since last Sunday I qualified for a concealed handgun license using a little Beretta. The county where I live is more than 560 square miles and more than a hundred thousand people live here. There are a few small incorporated towns with their own police force, but most people live in unincorporated areas. They're protected by the county sheriff's department, which has 6 deputies. Not being able to defend yourself here amounts to negligence.