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  1. Summary Justice

    Good questions, Betsy! But in the story, the virtuous alien passes overall judgment upon mankind. This is certainly a common motif in sci-fi (such as episode 1 of Star Trek: the Next Generation featuring Q). This quick, simple act of moral judgment and self-protection could, no doubt, be seen as collectivism or over-generalization -- and thus an act of injustice rendering the rational, liberal, civilized, superior space creature significantly less so. Mankind today desperately needs to hope superior space aliens are not collectivist! Still, if current humanity, in all its huge numbers and growing power, constitutes an objective threat to alien species -- what do we expect them to do? They may not have the time, or want to expend the effort, to separate the human wheat from the inhuman chaff -- the irrational, illiberal predators from the innocent victim prey. It may truly be in their rational self-interest to destroy us all!
  2. Summary Justice Once there was a very ordinary, but quite rational and civilized, space alien of tremendous power who happened upon Earth. The space creature was truly amazed and aghast. He spoke to the humans with a kind of low-key, fiery indignation, disgust, and horror: "You humans invented t'v's, computers, space rockets, and nuclear bombs -- yet you still believe in god, self-sacrifice, and socialism?! What the hell is wrong with you? You people are diseased! I've got to cleanse your solar system! You animals are so fundamentally corrupt and inherently evil that you constitute a danger to intelligent life everywhere!" So he turned the planet out of its orbit. Earth began to listlessly drift away from the sun. It was 100 million miles away on Day One. 107 million miles on Day Two. 114 million on Day Three. Etc. The good people of the earth -- the men of reason and civilization -– passionately appealed to the superior being to only terminate the bad Earthlings. Or at least to save the good ones. But the alien replied: "No. You should have controlled and eliminated your evil-doers better. You yourself -- altho' not like your monstrous, subhuman brothers -- must yourselves be broadly, profoundly, intrinsically evil. Initially, to have both allowed the others to come into existence in the first place; ultimately, to not have quickly and overwhelmingly defeated them." So the good people of Earth -- like all the others -- had no choice but to live the remaining tiny portion of their lives as best they could. They roundly, bitterly, furiously denounced the irrational, illiberal, inhuman beasts and monsters in their midst. And they even killed a wide swath of them on general principles. Why not? They doomed all of humanity! But mostly the good guys just lived by their rational, liberal values, and as happily as possible, while their decaying world got ever colder, bleaker, and blacker. The End
  3. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    For what it's worth, even though I never log out myself, I've been logged out about 3 times in 5 days. Curious.
  4. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    Thank, Alann! I'm a fearsome, formidable "Force of Good" myself! Although I was evidently logged out by someone or something since yesterday. But I was still able to log back in today (as you can see).
  5. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    I keep getting locked out. Twice in the past three days (including yesterday). But just a moment ago I changed my very-easy password to something relatively hard -- so maybe that'll help!
  6. This thread is too depressing for me to read. Maybe later. Japan has had a relentless twenty-two years of gov't economic "help," rescues, bail-outs, and stimuli. Their recession isn't over yet. And, pray note, they seem to have learned nothing about the goodness of capitalism and badness of welfare statism. In my view, America's Recession/Depression could be just as bad as Japan's. Or worse.
  7. I find the current debt situation ($14 trillion or 100% of GDP) nothing less than terrifying. I think bankruptcy and a sudden horrific crash is looming. When it comes to all this drunken sailor spending and our impending financial collapse, I think the key point to remember is this: Everything will be fine -- until it isn't. No-one will panic -- until they do. Then it will be too too late. A long, deep, and annihilating Depression will take place, such as to make the 1930s look like a walk in the park. Finger-pointing and scapegoating may lead to nuclear war and "soft" communism -- even in America.
  8. With American government deficits of 1.5 trillion dollars for each of the past three years, it seems like the scumbag moron right-wing conservatives, and the scumbag moron left-wing progressives, are driving the American economy right off the edge of the cliff. America seems to be going the way of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, California, New York, and Illinois. Is economic Doomsday really near? And, if so, what is everybody doing to personally prepare? More importantly, what should I be doing to prepare?
  9. SPLC blames Ayn Rand for Arizona Shooting

    People tend to use shocking events of this kind to search for answers. They ask Why? and recheck their premises. It's healthy, ultimately.
  10. Name Islam as the source of terrorism

    Hirsi Ali is right. The enemy of America and the West is MODERATE Islam. It's moderate, mainstream, average, normal, standard, typical Islam. It's Islam as it always has been historically and is now currently. It is NOT radical or extremist Islam. Moderate Muslims favor jihad (war) and sharia (slavery) for everyone on earth. And they don't generally want to conquer and enslave America and the West because they hate us. It's mostly because they LOVE us. They want to give us true civilization in the here and now -- and an escape from burning in hell for eternity. This is the belief-system and social agenda of the MODERATE Muslims. And these are the ones we need to attack and destroy.
  11. Are you sure you really want to get into this, Brianna?
  12. Jokes

    Very very nice. Thanks, Brianna! For young Objectivists, and those who missed them, my vote for best comics goes to The Far Side (1980-1995) by Gary Larson, and Calvin and Hobbes (1985-1995) by Bill Waterson. Collections of both are hugely available at large bookstores.
  13. Men want the sexiest girl they can find. Women want the nearest alpha male. For men it's youth and prettiness. For women it's wealth and power.
  14. Wikileaks

    RayK -- Destroy America and all it stands for? What makes you think that? Where is the evidence? According to the Wikileaks organization: ... Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public.... One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth....WikiLeaks has worked to report on and publish important information. ... The broader principles on which our work is based are the defence of freedom of speech and media publishing, the improvement of our common historical record and the support of the rights of all people to create new history. We derive these principles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, Article 19 inspires the work of our journalists and other volunteers. It states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. We agree, and we seek to uphold this and the other Articles of the Declaration. ... We are fearless in our efforts to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. When information comes in, our journalists analyse the material, verify it and write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. We then publish both the news story and the original material in order to enable readers to analyse the story in the context of the original source material themselves.... As the media organisation has grown and developed, WikiLeaks been developing and improving a harm minimisation procedure. We do not censor our news, but from time to time we may remove or significantly delay the publication of some identifying details from original documents to protect life and limb of innocent people.... Publishing improves transparency, and this transparency creates a better society for all people. Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society's institutions, including government, corporations and other organisations. A healthy, vibrant and inquisitive journalistic media plays a vital role in achieving these goals. We are part of that media. Scrutiny requires information. Historically, information has been costly in terms of human life, human rights and economics. As a result of technical advances particularly the internet and cryptography - the risks of conveying important information can be lowered. In its landmark ruling on the Pentagon Papers, the US Supreme Court ruled that "only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government." We agree. We believe that it is not only the people of one country that keep their own government honest, but also the people of other countries who are watching that government through the media. And on and on. Other than having a moderately Leftist political bias -- which is only a little worse than a Rightist bias -- does anyone think the Wikileaks organization is lying about their intents and goals? Does anyone think their stated ideals above are practically or morally wrong? They seem like a solidly pro-freedom and pro-truth group to me!