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  1. I've amassed quite a collection of Objectivism lectures, courses and DVDs. The Ayn Rand Bookstore is going digital and sold out of most of their lectures and courses until the process is complete, which isn't going to last for a few more months. So my only option is to buy or trade for used ones. Let me know, I'm hungry for more. Basically, I am looking to trade anything I have listed below for anything I don't have. I am most interested in: - Leonard Peikoff's Logic course - Leonard Peikoff's History of Philosophy course - Leonard Peikoff's Education course - Leonard Peikoff's Grammar course But anything else I don't have is welcome too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is what I have up for trade: AUDIO Lectures Leonard Peikoff - Unity in Epistemology and Ethics Leonard Peikoff - Moral Virtue Leonard Peikoff - Certainty and Happiness: Achieving Success in thought and Action Leonard Peikoff - The American School: Why Jonny Can't Think Leonard Peikoff - Assault from the Ivory Tower Leonard Peikoff - Cultural Commentary Leonard Peikoff - The philosophic Basis of Capitalism Leonard Peikoff - The Role of Philosophy and Psychology in History Leonard Peikoff - Objectivism Q & A Leonard Peikoff - The Best Arguments for God I Leonard Peikoff - Philosophy of Success I: What is Success? Leonard Peikoff - Philosophy of Success II: Is Success within Your Control? Leonard Peikoff - Philosophy of Success III: Is Success a Matter of Luck Ayn Rand - America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business Ayn Rand - The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age Ayn Rand - Is Atlas Shrugging? Ayn Rand - The New Fascism: Rule By Consensus Ayn Rand - Our Cultural Value-Deprivation Ayn Rand - What is Capitalism Ayn Rand - The Wreckage of the Consensus Elan Journo - The Distinctiveness of an Egoistic Foreign Policy Gregory Salmieri - Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge DVD Lectures: Leonard Peikoff - Can Capitalism Survive Leonard Peikoff - Medicine Death of a Profession Leonard Peikoff - Philosohpy and the Real World Leonard Peikoff - Socialism vs Capitalism Leonard Peikoff - Some Notes about Tomorrow Leonard Peikoff - Why Act on Principle Ayn Rand - Sanction of the Victims ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shoot me a private message if you are interested. Thanks!