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  1. Here is some polka for y'all

    It's just a fun song I found in my adventures through the internet. I do not know about you guys, but this song makes me happy. :-D Levan's Polka
  2. Dating Objectively

    Yah, I would have to go against lowering your standards, because honestly, all that will spell out later will be crappy relationships that end in regret and one night stands that make you end up with illegitimate children. Trust me, I have had my fair share of "lower standards" women. It ends up with you are embarrassed that you are going out with that person, you are trapped in a loveless relationship, and you will have to end up, eventually, breaking up with that person, which always sucks, no matter who you are. In all honesty, you are 19, you have no reason to be panicking about romance yet. Just be yourself and the man who is right for you will show himself eventually. I'm not saying don't date or don't be active when looking for someone. Just don't go dumpster diving for romance.
  3. Wow, not only does Coleman debunk global warming to its core, but he also does in a way in which he praises our Western and developed society. God, just letting you guys know, this guy is a haus!
  4. No, they were poking fun at Ayn Rand. But, that is kind of there job; to poke fun at anyone and everyone. In an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, they said the only person they truly dislike is Barbara Streisand. Other than that, I see it as nothing more than clean harmless fun. (Well, not exactly clean, but still harmless :-D.)
  5. Workout regimen

    I know.:-P I just thought it was a really interesting workout, because of the many unorthodox methods of the workout.
  6. Workout regimen

    I do not know about running, but I do know swimming has worked wonders for me. Between the time of when I was 11 and 12, I lost 45 pounds from purely swimming. The thing about swimming, it is a combination of aerobics coupled with residence training. Imagine how the strokes are performed. Butterfly, for instance, forces and individual to push himself out of the water and forward, which combines an immense amount of shoulder and core strength. This is why I have a lot of faith in swimming, because I could tell not only an immeasurable difference between the times when I was swimming and when I was not, not only in my metabolism, but also my strength, my energy, and my overall well being. Although what you say is extremely interesting. I wonder where I can find the type of workout you suggest. :-P
  7. Greetings!

    Aloha and welcome to the Forum!!
  8. Iran to Open Uranium Processing Plant

    I say we just give them the nuclear technology they need. We could fly over Tehran and drop a bomb off to them. But, if it detonates, it would not really be our fault.
  9. Social Networking Sites

    Hah, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when using face book. There have been many times in which it was the only method which I could contact someone (plus it is fun to be up-to-date on gossip :-D.) But, it also good to remember when people's birthdays are, because I can assure there have been many times that I did not know when someone's birthday is, and got in serious trouble because of it. :-P Also, it is an excellent way to contact people, because most people check it pretty regularly. And one of the best things about it is it is constantly evolving. For instance, they recently added a new chat feature in which I think will give AOL Instant Messenger a run for it's money. But, on what ifatart said; a lot of that is true. There have been many times I have spoken to someone once or twice in my life and now we are facebook friends. The worst I see though is when people write on other's wall for the one reason to get comments back.
  10. Workout regimen

    Thank you everyone for all the ideas! I apologize for not responding sooner, finals essentially consumed my life for the past few days. One thing in particular I found interesting, only because the same happens to me.
  11. Workout regimen

    This summer, once school is out, I am going to start a workout routine and diet program; being as I have become completely out of shape. Stating this, I was wondering if anyone has any tips or critiques of my workout plan. First: I plan on starting off slowly, avoiding heavy weights and hard workouts. In the past, I have done a hard workout in the beginning and afterwards was too sore to do any more working out for a week. This caused me to get lazy and stop my workout routine. So, for the first week, probably it will consist of running a half a mile and swimming somewhere around 500 yards. To get my muscles attuned to the idea of weights, I will do non-weight muscle toning exercises (such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips and so on...) Once the first week is over, I will get into the real routine. -Monday: Aerobics: Running a distance, and sprinting one lap for time. Weights: A focus on back and shoulders (Lat pull-downs, wide pull-ups, etc.) -Tuesday: Swimming with intervals Ab wheel (it works wonders :-P) -Wednesday: Running Weights: Arms (curls, Triceps extension, etc.) -Thursday: Swimming Ab Wheel -Friday: Running Weights: Chest and legs -Saturday and Sunday: Rest, Stretching, etc. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!! :-D
  12. Introduction

    15? 17? God, and I thought I was the youngest person here at 20. Well, it is good to know that young people still read Ayn Rand. And I hope to read some interesting posts from you, Athena92. Welcome to the forum and I hope you time is joyous and fun, all at once!
  13. Modern Medicine

    I am so happy to hear that Piz! Thank God your son is ok!
  14. Wall Street Journal Takes a Shot at Ayn Rand

    Where did she got that from, unless she is hanging out in some far left academic circle. Most people I know either have not heard of her or look upon her favorably. For example, one of my good friends, who happens to be liberal, read the fountainhead for the first time in her life and now it is one of her favorite books of all time. I still remember her saying one time "I wish I had a Howard Roark in my life."
  15. I probably should explain myself further on that. Every part of this, from the creative capitalism, to the idea that firms now need to serve society through the environment just makes my stomach churn. It has come to the point where they are no longer even trying to hide the fact that they are trying implement socialism in our world. This just goes to show that our society (as a whole) is slowly devolving into socialism. I do not know what is worse, the fact that Harvard (which does not surprise me in the least) is forcing the graduates to help the environment, or that they are trying to implement a socialist philosophy in theses youths.