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  1. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    The article I'm thinking of listed pros from other sports as well. I would say that the poll in the article you site says more about MLB's culture than it does about Jeter's skills. BTW: Yes, I do mean that Jeter is one of the greatest overall players of all time. I also suspect that he'll be seen as one of the best defensive shortstops in the game's history. He's not Ozzie, and he may not have the fluidity Viscel had to both sides when he played for Cleveland, but in today's game I believe Jeter is beyond noteworthy.
  2. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    Stats are great, but they are no substitute for watching a player, day in day out. Of the people that do watch the games, I know very few that don't think Jeter is a rare defensive talent. The man has three Gold Gloves, awarded in '04, '05 and '06. I don't think I need to comment on the Red Sox's shortcomings -- even the 2004 ALCS can't redeem that team. ;-)
  3. Airframes and lunar tidal forces

    I don't know if it's still true, but at one point a UK firm manufactured the most accurate lathe in the world. (The UK government had to approve the sale of these units.) A run of the mill lathe is good to one-thousandth of an inch. If I'm remembering this right, the uber-accurate lathe I'm thinking of was quoted as being at least one-millionth on an inch. (I remember the actual figure being Classified.) To get this accuracy, these units are installed in facilities that insulate them from everything -- temperature fluctuations, ground vibrations, erratic power supply, etc. As a final control, these units lift themselves on computer controlled layers of air. This "pillow" is the final control for vibrations and expansion/contraction that are present even in the most controlled facilities. For something like the unit I'm thinking of:
  4. An Introduction to Progressive Exercise

    "Raising" should be "racing". Apologies
  5. I don't opt for cable -- I'd never leave the house. I do listen to O'Reilly on the radio. For all his talk Re Freedom, Capitalism, the can-do attitude of America, etc, he has a strong malevolent outlook, frequently drags God into issues when he's cornered, and seems willing to involve government at the drop of a hat. What I find most offensive is the "Secular Progressive" term he's managed to coin. Apparently, if you don't espouse the Judeo-Christion tradition, you're a collectivist. (I guess the Ancient World never happened.) Not surprisingly, he believes in Global Warming; I've yet to hear him allow anyone to get a word in on this topic. ~"Neither side knows what's causing it. Only the Deity knows, so why not keep the air clean?" To be fair, O'Reilly crusades to bring attention to many important issues that would otherwise go unnoticed, and as long as he doesn't think that the topic at hand is God-related, he can be rational.
  6. An Introduction to Progressive Exercise

    Ray, I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge of a field that seems saturated with irrationality. A few Qs if you have the time: 1) What are your thoughts on Quick Gym, both their philosophy and the apparatus they sell? ( 2) You mentioned 1300 calories as the line between starvation and caloric intake that enables significant fat burning for the average man. If this same man goes from burning ~ 2000 calories a day to, say, the 4-5000 calories burnt per day by offshore raising sailors, does that 1300 threshold move up significantly, or is it more or less set for that particular man? Again, thanks for all the info, Ray. John
  7. Stephen's Health

    Call it Motorhead Radar, Betsy. Actually, in our last PM exchange, Stephen mentioned that his C6 convertible was a whole second faster to 60mph than my dream car, the Ruf RGT. Though we never discussed our driving styles, I can't imagine Stephen driving a C6 timidly. Though I never spent time with him, I can't imagine that Stephen did anything timidly. JohnRGT
  8. Major shooting at Virginia Tech this AM

    I just heard on a talk radio broadcast that Virginia Tech put up a memorial consisting of 33 stone slabs -- 32 for the victims and one for the assailant!

    This is a notable observation -- never mind the source.
  10. Stephen's Health

    The courage required to build the character Stephen chose for himself could snap the Immovable Mover "out of it." Though I never met him, I'll miss seeing Stephen in action. (Oddly, the visualization that keeps coming to me isn't some form of Stephen slaying the unfortunate beings that threatened his values -- it's Stephen slashing through a set of intricate curves on a CA waterfront highway in his yellow convertible C6.) John
  11. France Wrestles With Its Own Decline

    For me, it's a close call between France and Italy -- the arts, the passion, what's now a whisper of a great sense of life, etc.
  12. WW2 ~ What was the point ?

    Stussy, When I come to THE FORUM, I tend to take off -- heck, drop! -- the armor, so forigve how long it's taken me to make the following connections. Something kept bothered me about the way you set aside the many good points that went up in response to your posts on the We're Not Meeting With Iran... thread. Whatever it was, got louder when you started this thread, an act I now suspect was meant to draw a parallel between Britain helping Poland “just” because it had formed an alliance with her, and what is commonly perceived to be the reason the USA backs Israel. Then you made the genocide comment on the first thread I refer to in this paragraph, and I remembered whom David Irving is (That put the whole (~) “America took Europe’s gold at the end of WWII” comment in perspective.) Why are you wasting time on the transparent ramblings of this pathetic man?
  13. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Stussy, You've been given solid arguments in response to your posts on this thread. You ignore them at your peril. Are you aiming for the SecDef job in the Hillary Administration? ;-)
  14. WW2 ~ What was the point ?

    I agree 100%. The West, the US in particular, was feeding hoards of Soviets by winter 1917.
  15. WW2 ~ What was the point ?

    Certainly. But I still think that the Allies should've crushed the Soviet regime soon after Germany surrendered.
  16. WW2 ~ What was the point ?

    It's barely more than a guess, but I doubt Hitler would've left Britain be. The Allies should've finished the job by, if possible, desimating the Soviets.
  17. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Stussy, Allow me to say that you really should research the history of Lebanon before you site it as an example of a democracy with rights on par with the US, or Israel, or Japan, or Luxemburg. You certainly shouldn't refer to the disaster that is Lebanon when trying to spare the population of Iran. Iran is the main reason Lebanon sunk from an up and coming economy that many thought was going to be the model for modernizing the Middle East, to the hell it is now. As for elevating Lebanon to the status of a nation that has the right to defend itself against Israel: Militias with safe havens in Lebanon have conducted offensive operations against Israel for several decades now. If a government can't establish the rule of law within its borders, decade in decade out, it isn't a government. You can’t expect the only free nation in the region to sacrifice itself because the West’s intellectual class pretends not to have a clue as to what constitutes a free nation.
  18. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Stussy, The longer we wait to communicate our terms in the only language the other side understands, the higher the price we'll have to pay for ignoring the relevant principles. There's no way around that. As for the manpower shortages you're concerned about: 1) There are presently more that enough conventional forces in theatre to end this conflict in no time. 2) The shortage is irrelevant in the type of operation we're discussing on this thread. 3) There are many ways to swell the ranks in volunteer mode. The most effective may just be the unleashing of the conventional forces already there.
  19. 300 (2007)

    Thanks much, Dan!
  20. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Stussy88, In an attempt to understand your point of view, I ask: How much responsibility for the mess in Iran do you assign to the population of Iran? If any, why are they exempt from the consequences of their tolerance/cowardice/complicity?
  21. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Stussy88, In an attempt to understand your point of view, I ask: How much responsibility for the mess in Iran do you assign to the population of Iran? If any, why are they exempt from the consequences of their tolerance/cowardice/complicity?
  22. 300 (2007)

    Was anyone moved enough to write down and/or memorize the speech Dilios gave at the head of the Greek army? If so, I'd appreciate the text.
  23. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, Great news! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. John
  24. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Given their track record and culture, it would be the height of irresponsibility to allow Iran to have a single WMD, let alone a WMD program -- and such will be the case for generations to come. If you can show how one sets aside Iran's track record and culture in deciding on whether or not one needs to act against their WMD program preemptively, please do. If you can offer a way to secure the West from the massive threat that is a WMD-armed Iran without killing millions of people who live in the region, please offer it. But let's not play games Re Iran's willingness to use whatever it can to terrorize and/or attack the West, or that we have the time to test our luck.
  25. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    We can't allow a dictatorship to use the population caught in its talons as a shield. Also, the longer we wait to take action, the more Iranians will die, both in whatever action we take (preemptive? retaliatory?) and in the hands of their rulers. To address another point: The atomic weapons dropped on Japan saved countless Japanese lives.