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  1. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    FYI: Dr Brook has a lecture series on the history of the region on ARB's site. I'd bet he covers not only the oil wells fiasco, but provides all facts necessary for a thorough understanding of the region. Also, consider Dr Locke's great lecture, The Psycho-Epistemology of the Arab World. It doesn't address your Q directly, but it does offer facts and principles that are crucial in understanding the region. I hope this helped.
  2. 300 (2007)

    As is, 300 has generated strength-hating reviews -- almost exclusively. Imagine if/when someone retells this story by having a good % of the Spartans both survive the battle and witness the Persian retreat. The Ahmadinejad du jour would implode.
  3. In Praise of the Hamburger

    With you, 110%, Joss. Nothing fights winter better than piping hot braised short ribs over buttery mashed potatoes.
  4. Once in a while, a car comes along that makes me long so much it hurts. The Ruf RGT is one such design. This upgraded Lotus Exige is another. A word about evo: It is, by far, the most respected sports car magazine around. Amazingly consistent, great testing, uber opinionated, good writing, and the best auto photography around. (evo was banished from Ferrari Press events for a time: seems that Ferrari didn't appreciate evo pointing out that Porsche's Boxster (~$45K) made more torque than Ferrari's 360 Modena (~$150K) to a readership that understands the torque vs. horsepower issue.) One vice: frequently, they try to make a crucial point via Brit slang/expressions, making it almost impossible for a Yank to understand their point. Gonna have to talk to Elizabeth about that one!
  5. In Praise of the Hamburger

    I tried this "burger" over the weekend. As one would expect from an haute retaurant, it's more like a light, dressed-up petite steak than a burger. The bun was a light brioche-like baked good, buttery yet very light. The chopped meat had a low fat% -- probably to make room for the short ribs and foie gras. I couldn't taste the black truffles, which put me in the unfortunate position of having to share bites for a second opinion. ;-) Instead of lettuce, Boulud uses baby frisee. The tomato slices were cut from the outer layer of what I think was a large, organic plum tomato -- no seeds, no inner fiber, no skin. As always, I thought the dish needed more foie gras...;-) If one has a burger or steak craving, there are better options with blocks of Bistro Moderne -- however, that's not what this dish is about.
  6. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    This is one of the reasons that's been given by Iran to justify its nuclear program!
  7. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Israel received the long-range F-16s a few months before my LTE was printed (4/04), so they certainly have the air power to do it. As for the mission being difficult: What else is knew Re what it takes to keep Israel from being overtaken? Broader: How pathetic is it that we're even having this debate? Israel's air power is the determining factor Re whether or not Iran's nuclear program goes forward? Then again, Iran had no problem hosting the so-called Terrorist Summit while so much US military might was in Iraq, so why be surprised by any of this?
  8. Stephen's Health

    I just found out about this. I’m certain Stephen will come back stronger than ever. JohnRGT
  9. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

  10. In Praise of the Hamburger

    Groovenstein, I too love blue cheese burgers. I also like it melted on pan seared filet steaks.
  11. In Praise of the Hamburger

    Here's the burger on the menu of a few of the restaurants owned by one of the world's best chefs, Daniel Boulud: Not bad for $32. JohnRGT
  12. Daylight Savings

    FYI: It's a known fact that Franklin was omniscient. JohnRGT
  13. Daylight Savings

    I guess I should've made clear that I don't mind DST, qua DST. I've never thought that government had a role to play in such issues -- even in my BR days ("Before Rand").
  14. Daylight Savings

    I have no problem with DST. Why not increase efficiency with this simple approach? Wasn't DST a Ben Franklin innovation?
  15. Bacteria on Cell Phones

    Chances are that your toilet seat has less harmful bacteria than your kitchen sink. Also, a recent Stossel broadcast quoted studies that claim that raising children in too sterile an environment may cause of asthma. JohnRGT
  16. testing

  17. Pictures

  18. An Up and Coming Opera Star: Christina Major

    Jason, Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time looking through Miss Major's site -- I can't even get the "Engagements" page to come up. I agree re Andrea Bocelli's singing, though I do like some of his very Italianesque singles.
  19. Did "Troy" misrepresent the Iliad?

    All good points. But when the context is shifted... A few other things I didn't like after my second viewing that I'd love to hear comment on: -- At first, I took "Is there no one else?!", as a challenge issued by Achilles to that specific army. In light of the movie's theme, however, I wonder if they were looking to plant the seed that the great warrior was unsatisfied with his life. -- Following the incredible footage of Achilles fighting his way to Apollo's temple, the Greeks, just landing on the beaches behind him, paid tribute by chanting his name. Achilles was shown as reaching a whole other level of consciousness at that moment. We can say that this is one of Homer's themes, but including this moment in the movie, right after the awesome display of Achilles' skills, instantly reduces this god-on-Earth to a praise-dependent fool. (I found his second response to this chanting. when he lifted his sword in acknowledgement, 110% appropriate.) -- The Horse was atrocious. Irrespective of why this choice was made, the hideousness of the thing reduced the Horse to a cheap gimmick.
  20. Did "Troy" misrepresent the Iliad?

    There were moments I thought Pitt could have done far better, but on the whole I agree with you.
  21. Favorite cookbooks

    This cookbook’s recipes turn out fun, special evening meals without requiring tons of equipment, experience, or time. They do, however, depend on high-quality ingredients, many of which may not be readily available or may be prohibitively expensive. The writer, Charlie Palmer, has been at the forefront of American cuisine for decades. His flagship restaurant, NY’s beloved Aureole, played a key role in shifting America from emulating Classical and Nouvelle, to becoming a force of its own; a force, BTW, that’s influencing every major restaurant scene in the world. The photography is good, the notes helpful, and the "in your face" graphics have been toned down from Palmer’s previous books. One unusual thing about this book: It’s being promoted as the first cookbook that’s printed on material that can resist splatters, water damage, etc. – just wipe clean! Amazon Link (For those who frequent NYC and love great food, Aureole is a must -- still!)
  22. Did "Troy" misrepresent the Iliad?

    Greeks made out to be the bad guys in Troy Need more?
  23. I don't understand why we would expect Hollywood to respect a story that obliterates every one of its deeply held convictions. They couldn't even respect the Iliad in Troy, and the Iliad is far more established than Atlas. Having said all that, it's important to remember that Miss Rand's work has defied the odds at crucial moments in the past. Let's hope this is one of those times, as butchering this story may stall its impact for some time.
  24. From : ."