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  1. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Happy Birthday, Paul!
  2. Dallas Buyers Club

    Totally agree. Thanks for recommending it, Joss.
  3. A recent Apple ad has brought this poem to my attention. Here it is: Does anyone know what Whitman meant by "identity" in the above? I took it as a reference to the Law of Identity, meaning Existence is orderly and knowable, that we can indeed come up with a worthwhile verse. Here's one version of the Apple ad (they use a passage from Dead Poets Society which quotes Whitman):
  4. Happy Birthday to Linda

    Happy Birthday, Linda!
  5. Happy Birthday to bborg

    Happy Birthday, bborg! I hope it was a good one!!!
  6. Q regarding Whitman's, "O Me! O Life!"

    Thanks, Betsy.
  7. "Goal! The Dream Begins.

    Wonderful movie! It's amazing what slaves we all become to talent.
  8. For more pics and the story:
  9. Happy Birthday to Jason Fowler

    Happy Birthday, Jason!
  10. CIA denied help in Benghazi

    And to think that O and Hillary told the families of those who were killed while serving in that outpost in the middle of the Stone Age, that a YouTube clip with ~600 hits triggered all this.
  11. CIA denied help in Benghazi
  12. Funny Videos
  13. I doubt that the sounds needed to prevent this condition are "the sweet sounds of planet Earth".
  15. Against a person already exonerated by a jury!
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a great 2014!
  17. There's privacy violations, and then there's this.

    But even if Eckert had the best possible concealed weapon on him when he was pulled over, he'd have to do exactly as he did in the OP. Short of putting your life in immediate danger, the punishment and deterrent against such abuse by law enforcement has to go through the courts. Self defense aside, we can't have people taking the law into their own hands.
  18. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    Who pays the import tax? Not the corporations . . .
  19. If we accept a population density only slightly higher than today's Paris, we can fit everyone on the planet in the state of Texas. There's no overpopulation. There's no depletion of resources -- especially given how shallow the deepest mines run when compared to the Earth's size. What there is is overregulation and the inherent smallness.
  20. This could be the last normally aspirated mid-engined Ferrari we see (KERS-like systems and/or forced air induction will be all but mandatory soon.)