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  1. What an outrageous abuse of government.
  2. The lecture on Aristotle as scientist/biologist goes into Aristotle's approach, how it's been misinterpreted and misrepresented over the centuries by various intellectuals. In that sense, the lecture goes into more than "just" biology. (These courses cost next to nothing now and they're packed with fascinating material. Go for it. What's the worst that could happen?)
  3. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Happy Birthday, B Royce!
  4. The article shows a side of businessmen we rarely hear about, which is a common pet peeve of those who love liberty.
  5. Language Use in Western Philosophy

    The language is bad enough. The part I love is that they use one set of metaphysics and epistemology to "validate" their ethics, another to infer their politics.
  6. How often does this happen, Abaco? I'd kill to get my hands on that thing . . . pan seared . . . a bit of salt . . . fennel pollen . . . a chilled chablis . . . life is awesome!
  7. Noel Harrison, who sang the original Oscar-wining version of Windmills of Your Mind, passed away over the weekend.
  8. Here's Abbey Lincoln singing the Oscar-winning song, Windmills of You Mind (from the original Thomas Crown Affair which, in my opinion, was blown to pieces by the remake.) the saxophone version that played as Russo and Brosnan were walking around lower Manhattan. the Oscar Peterson Trio version.
  9. Happy Birthday to Red

    Happy Birthday, Red!
  10. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    Happy Birthday, jordanz! (991 GT3)
  11. Happy Birthday Betsy Speicher

    Happy Birthday, Betsy!
  12. The Loudness War

    Geddy remixed Vapor Trials. It comes out 9/30: Preview:
  13. Funny Videos

    It's amazing how many major leaguers don't know the rules.
  14. Funny Videos
  15. Happy Birthday to free spirit

  16. Happy Birthday to Brad Harrington

    Happy Birthday, Brad!
  17. DoD Manual says Founding Fathers were Extremists

    An obsession with the middle is way more extreme than anything at the ends.
  18. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    He taught me so much through his lectures, books and sense of life. An irreplaceable warrior.
  19. Sounds great, Abaco!