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  1. Jokes

    If only he were reading a certain novel . . .
  2. Happy Birthday to Capitalism Forever

    Happy Birthday, Capitalism Forever!
  3. Funny Videos
  4. Jokes

    Almost forgot this reference to the Ferrari and Porsche shields:
  5. Jokes

  6. Jokes

    New word
  7. Happy Birthday to alann

    Happy Birthday, Alan! (Callas, Di Stefano)
  8. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Happy Birthday, Joss!
  9. Edward Snowden

    Our Attorney General, who can't get enough of misrepresenting Stand Your Ground stats, has declined to go after the IRS personnel that went after Tea Party members and conservatives.
  10. Is that you, bicycles-over-sports-cars Bob?
  11. Happy Birthday to mcvideo

    Happy Birthday, mcvideo! (Top Gear crew in the Himalayas, after they filmed the ending of the Christmas special in India: .)
  12. Expecting the sort of trouble on US soil that American security personnel may not be willing to contain, are we?
  13. Porsche needed to design a side marker for its GT3RS 4.0. It cost them $250K to get it approved -- on a car limited to something like 500 copies . . .
  14. "The Planet Will Boil" (yes, that's a quote)

    I suspect that after he builds his library and his monument on the Mall, Obama will be community organizing the UN until his final days.
  15. If true, this is alarming . . .

    Nor is a broken clock . . .
  16. Happy 4th!

  17. Jokes

    Sheldon Cooper, commenting on the laptop he had to buy because his old one was stollen:
  18. Happy Birthday to A N Other

    Happy Birthday, A N Other!
  19. di Stefano, "E lucevan le stelle" (1947)

    Another recording of the same piece
  20. Serpico was on last night . . .
  21. Edward Snowden

  23. Jokes

    I was just watching a video put together by an auto journalist in Beijing. At one point he says, ~"A few years ago they banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without permission." I don't even know where to start . . . (within the the first two minutes.)