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  1. Edward Snowden

    A few days ago, Rand Paul mentioned that the ACLU's site has been complaining about this sort of thing for two years.
  3. Edward Snowden
  4. "Thanks You, IRS"
  5. I love this recording. The tune is the sort of great that usually needs a few generation of folk music lovers to bring around. The performances are full of feel and a certain delicate touch -- especially on the mandolin.
  6. Edward Snowden

    I think warrantless tapping is an issue. My point is that this is nothing new to anyone that's been paying attention. I don't see what purpose his action has or will serve. I also don't see much damage done, as anyone who intends to do us harm has to be working on the assumption that their communications are IDed, recorded and scanned.
  7. Edward Snowden

    Just by listening to the news with a little more attention since the attacks of September 11, 2001 I've known about the NSA's scanning of electronic communications for key words and phrases -- I even know they intercept and scam worldwide communications from a facility in Canada (senator after senator spoke of how impressive the tech was to the Press. How hard is it to infer what they're doing?) And if they scan it it's reasonable to assume they keep copies. And if they have these copies, what would it take to write the code needed to analyze it in any of a million ways? Given the relationship between communications companies and government from Day One, and how easy it is for anyone to get anyone's communications records, none of this is that surprising. There was no need for this guy to do this. This has served no moral purpose that I can see.
  8. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    It's easy to reduce professional athletes to people that "just" hit a ball with a stick, or "just" ski down a mountain at 90mph, etc. But to people that appreciate these activities, professional athletes represent hard earned excellence, ability at such a high level that, at times, one thinks they're looking at God's hand. I see nothing wrong with fans paying through the nose to experience that sort of thing first hand, for logo-packed clothing, memorabilia, etc. In fact, I think it's a good thing. (I don't mean to imply that every sports fan is motivated in this way, but witnessing excellence is part of what makes every fan tick.)
  9. Happy Fiftieth, Lamborghini!

    Part 2:
  10. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    Value to society on society's terms, as expressed through the market, not what you or I feel makes sense.
  11. I understand that 17 of the 29 either had, or were eventually awarded, the Nobel Prize. One, Mme. Curie, was the only participant to have earned a Nobel Prize in two separate disciplines.
  12. Potential IRS Smoking Gun

    A GOP bundler told Limbaugh yesterday that she's having a hard time getting her regulars to donate for 2014.
  13. Potential IRS Smoking Gun

    I keep getting Australia mixed up with central and southern Africa. Not good for points . . .
  15. I had fun playing this even though my scores were abysmal:
  16. Supposedly, this is one of the times Einstein said that ~"God doesn't play dice with the world." At this conference Bohr is said to have replied, "Einstein, stop telling God what to do." -- Bohr
  17. Funny Videos
  18. Objectivity

    How can you possibly think that your thinking runs independently of philosophers/philsosophy?
  20. Objectivity

    They, along with your neurologist, haven't found your mind for you . . .
  21. Objectivity

    I think you either need a new radiation lab, a new radiologist, or both.