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  1. No matter what one thinks of Bugatti's Veyron, it's top speed is stunning for a comfy, luxurious, road-going car. Link
  2. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    I'm not sure about a few hundred, but around 1000lbs sounds right.
  3. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    The industry has been lazy and cheap. Everyone hates the look of plastic, especially when it's given that faux leather grain. While it can't be helped in many cases, there's no reason why most middle class cars can't be finished with better materials (several years ago, I read that a full leather interior for a mainstream Ford cost the company ~$200. If we demand it they'll deliver, skipping the $2-4K surcharge.) As for power to weight: nothing the industry can do undoes the impact of legislation in this regard. Irrational safety standards coupled to arbitrary and expensive mpg and Emissions requirements aren't helping. (It's estimated that the lightening of passenger cars sold in the US claims 4-6K lives a year. How do we reconcile that fact with the ban of soda containers over 16oz in the name of public health?)
  4. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    Unrestored '63 Jaguar XKE (video, 16:25):
  5. Interesting tech, one day it will all be electric, I don't understand why we're spending a fortune on this stuff now instead of letting it develop through the market.
  6. A Review of Gotthelf's book on Aristotelian Biology

    I have the lecture. It's so exciting to hear Aristotle and Dr Gotthelf cut through nonsense and bring order to chaos. It's amazing what a single mind can do.
  7. Marathon Bombing

    O just used the T word -- imagine how his refusal to use that word in any context polled overnight.
  8. Anglo-Saxon culture is responsible for all this? From what point on? Might as well claim the Vatican and its spin-offs are responsible.
  9. The Iron Lady passed away today.

    "Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy." -- Margaret Thatcher
  10. They actually invented slavery . . .
  11. Funny Videos
  13. Do Unions Play a Role in Economic Development?

    The main reason minimum wage comes up all the time is because many union contracts express base pay as as function of minimum wage. How's that for a role in economic development?
  14. A Reason for Faith

    They don't bat and eye at this. The perverse application of Jesus' message isn't Christianity. I've even had someone condemn the Dark Ages as mystical, whereas true Christianity is true/real.
  15. Happy Birthday to Nate Smith

    Happy Birthday, Nate Smith!
  16. NY to ban Ferraris?

    I thought the same, but it's come up on serious car colectors' forums. (As a spoof It would be a great way to make a point in a car loving culture.)
  17. NY to ban Ferraris? Can we get breathe, please? Can we see something repealed? Can we see something sensible? How about a good old fashioned protest? "Is there anybody out there?"
  18. (Bold and blow up are mine.) How many pranks, acts of vengeance, illegal searches, harassment, unnecessary arrests, injuries and deaths are we looking at? What's the next step given some of the precedents set here?
  19. Texas contemplating gold depository

    The action may not allow Texas to issue currency, but guaranteeing private deposits as a hedge against another FDR crusade against gold is a hell of a statement. Besides, Texas may drop out . . . (not)
  20. If passed, the Texas bill would tell Washington to “shove off” under the 10th amendment power given the states, if we ever saw the kind of currency craziness we saw during the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandated citizens hand over most of their gold. This depository would serve private citizens, with the state guaranteeing its safety. (10th Amendment.) Texas May Start Hoarding Gold?Secession Next? | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance I look so stupid in cowboy hats . . .
  21. Christian von Koenigsegg (two videos)

    CvK just gave some more insight into his work on pneumatically actuated camless engines in a recent issue of evo: He does away with the need for an air pump as well as a larger battery and alternator, which addresses the claim that he was exaggerating potential efficiency gains because he wasn't factoring in the need for all this equipment. (Advanced prototypes will be run on a fleet of buses.)