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  1. Bruckner 9th/ Vienna/ Bernstein I think Bernstein is the only conductor I've ever seen suspended in midair as he's leading an orchestra. (Christa Ludwig once said that LB taught her to see the joy in music.)
  2. V10 to return to F1:
  3. Even though FOX has taken massive gambles in trying to introduce F1 to the States, it hasn't taken here. That's a shame, as F1 is the most technologically advanced automobile racing forum in the world. (The one thing seen in NASCAR and IRL that's lacking in F1 is passing. F1 tracks and cars don't encourage it, which can make for rather dull racing.) Click here for a quick evo piece that may put the biggest thing in sports in perspective. To Ron Dennis: MORE McLAREN ROADCARS, PLEASE!!!
  4. Someone get this uncompromising industrialist a US Visa and a land grant! (Ruveyn: you deride this man or his achievements in any way, and I'll send the word out to sports car enthusiasts the world over to cut you off on the road at every opportunity -- no emoticon!)
  5. This is Writing the Declaration of Independence by Jen Leon Gerome Ferris. Does anyone know why there's a ship in this painting, or what it symbolizes?
  6. Why is there a ship in this painting?

    D: I think the possibilites Arnold and I posted are suspect because the ship is pointing the wrong way.
  7. Why is there a ship in this painting?

    I was thinking that it may represent the global influence the depicted event would have.
  8. Jokes

    A Roman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a Martinus. The bartender says " Do you mean a Martini ? " The Roman answers: " If i wanted a double I'd have asked for a double ".
  9. Objectivist Environmental Ethics

    Once I put the river to productive use, it's mine. It may well be that others can find other productive uses for it that don't interfere with my use, but that's nowhere near the People owning it, and government having the right to determine how it's used. (I come across an unowned forest and a nearby valley I think would make a great town. I cut down enough timber to build a few homes and a shopping district. I advertise what I've done, set the necessary zoning and bylaws, and start to sell parts of the town: shops, houses, multi-use open land, a plot that has ideal access to a sea of oil a few hundred feet underneath the surface, etc. Where in that use of natural resources, which I didn't create, does anyone have the right to intervene with my plans and why?)
  10. Objectivist Environmental Ethics

    All this does is lead to the question, how is it that everyone has the right to access such resources? That's another form of the question I asked originally: "How do the People come to own these resources?"
  11. Objectivist Environmental Ethics

    How do the People come to own these resources?
  12. Lautner's Silvertop is up for sale.

    Is the relatively low price indicative of Silvertop's condition, Betsy?
  13. Lautner's Silvertop is up for sale.

    Asking price is $7.5M, 100 times more than the original estimate, 7.5 times more than it actually cost to build.
  14. Hacking car controls

    The terrifying thing is how little Americans are doing about it. They seem to have accepting a statist US as inevitable.
  15. Christian von Koenigsegg (two videos)

    He's at it again:
  16. Happy Birthday to Nate Smith

    Happy Birthday, Nate!
  17. One of Martin's bluegrass concerts has been playing again and again during PBS' pledge drive. Here are the three pieces that stood out for me: