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  1. Who are your favorite painters, and why?

    i study painting and printmaking and i have to say that in terms of printmaking Goya's disasters of war are among the most beautiful things in existence whilst also revolutionising the art world... http://goya.unizar.es/InfoGoya/Work/DesastresIcn.html if you like those but fancy something a little less gruesome you should check out 'une semaine de bonte' by Max Ernst
  2. Is This Art?

    First ever post... From reading the thread i thought it was odd how using photoshop, so many people want to make it look like a traditional oil painting. Personally the beauty of an oil painting lies in its total originality as an artefact. I think the digital nature of things like photoshop should totally be embraced. Nothing should try to replace, but become a thing itself. Photography did not put an end to paint. rather painting adapted itself from representational to non representational and took pride in being able to do what photography couldn't. Surely if the artist calls his/her work 'art' it HAS to be art? Criticisms cannot strip a work of art of its creators intention?