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  1. Les Misérables (2012)

    I've seen the old black & white movie, the stage musical and now this movie. I got a lot out of this version; for me, it really worked. We're certain to buy the DVD when that's available.
  2. Skyfall (2012)

    I was looking forward to Skyfall (007 Bond), but it disappointed. This was really more like a war movie, from a ballistics standpoint; nothing cleaver, just lots of bullets, bombs... The theme was generally dark - crusty old has-been(s) dealing with their comeuppances. And various bureaucrats. The last 3rd of the movie is literally dark. Bond was rather rough and unsophisticated, not the polished Brit. Q's role was a bit of a copy from a prior Bond (the evil Russian computer hacker). In fact, I think a lot of this is just a rehash: motorcycles running the roof of an old village, train fights, a rouge agent as the villein. After sympathizing with a woman about her being trapped in the sex trade as a teen, he slithers into her shower. One thing that really seems to be a vector shift is the constant engagement of the group. Everybody has earpieces which keep them in contact with MI5 and each other; there's less independent direction. There's a cool throwback car and the music is reasonable.
  3. I intend to see it Sunday. My local B&B theater has it, as do many others scattered throughout St. Louis. It's funny to hear the radio ads - pretty regularly - on several stations. I happened to hear Hannity, last night, speaking w/ Fred Thomson (Sen, actor). Hannity is actually in A/S 2 - "they needed a loud mouth news guy" or something like that, he said.
  4. These are 1oz fine silver medallions.http://www.reardenmedals.com/
  5. Dr. Andrew Bernstein was interviewed this Saturday morning on the Randy Tobler Show, 97.1 FM-Talk. Randy Tobler (an MD) is very Ayn Rand friendly, often siting Atlas Shrugged and has been mentioning a project to get some professionals to strike for a while (nothing officially announced). Dr. Bernstein was an excellent interview (as many of you probably would expect), and was on for roughly 1/2 hour. There were a couple of subjects, but the primary was the subject of evil; evil within the culture. He was on b/c he's scheduled to speak tomorrow at the Des Peres Lodge (1050 Des Peres Road) at 2:00 PM [3/4/2012]. The talk is free & open to the public. Title: "Villainy: An Analysis of the Nature of Evil"
  6. Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

    (my 1st post on The Forum) I think the movie was sound, as far as it went - as far as it could go in limited time. The train over the bridge was an impressive special effect. I have to say, I find Dagney's acting to be pretty flat. I'm hoping that this progresses the way Star Wars did - they got so much better as the newer ones came out.