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  1. A flashlight (six or eight cell) ought to do it. Maybe a Very Pistol?
  2. The OP probably believes there some common threads in gender based emotions and thinking. This may be based on the writer's experiences.
  3. Buy Guns, Gold And A Farm, Folks - We're On The Skids

    In that scenario with a complete breakdown of most systems, the rural energy cost issue becomes moot. So, you all might as well move onto a farm in rural America. It would be nice to have more right thinking neighbors. So y'all come my way, you hear? The gold part I have questions about. Gold seems to have little intrinsic value. It is an inferior electric conductor but has excellent corrosion resistance. It looks great hanging around the necks of dark skinned women. Other than that, what is it good for? Better if one stockpiles chainsaw parts, ammunition, spark plugs, tires, etc. Cities and firearms. The old chestnut. Living in the rural west, I have an opinion about the use of firearms that may not comport to the more romantic notions of firearms as a panacea for settling disputes. This can be the subject of a longer debate but in the meantime it has been my experience they create more problems than they solve. I ask only that people keep an open mind. I am not anti-gun ownership, just cautioning about how they are used in self defense situations. Sometimes a pair of fists or a pick handle creates fewer long term complications.
  4. CPUSA chairman supports Comrade Obama's reelection bid

    "Arise ye wretched of the Earth....the International Working Class will rule the human race." Sounds so much better with a chorus of 100 or so. The CPUSA provides the comic relief needed in these tense times. I miss Gus Hall, the perpetual CPUSA candidate for POTUS during the 1960s and 1970s. He was an interesting man, wrongheaded but interesting. I do not know the new guy. How did Glenn Beck get on this thread? Is he the CPUSA candidate? He will do about anything for attention.
  5. Who's your current pick for president?

    Subject to later change, I will vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary and Gary Johnson in the General. Mitt Romney will likely be the Rebublican candidate and I will not vote for him even if it means a vote for "The O". As a resident of New Mexico, Gary Johnson is known to be an original thinker, has courage and is an effective chief executive.
  6. That is no surprise. The NYT (pronounced "Nit") has a long history of ignoring contrarian long shots. From their perspective Congressman Paul is a fringe quasi-lunitic who exposes heresy. This will change as he gathers more delegates and presents himself as a credible power at the Convention.
  7. 2012 Presidential Poll for March 2012

    I am afraid President Obama will be re-relected. He will turn populist, promise more government interventions, and make a sudden move to reduce our involvement in Afghanistan. Romney will become the Republican candidate and fail to connect with most American voters. Hopefully I am wrong but that is how I see it. Feel free to tell me I am stuffed full of wild blueberry muffins and why.
  8. 2012 Presidential Poll for March 2012

    Just so long as it is not Gus Hall who wins the General!
  9. My Introduction

    Thank you, John
  10. My Introduction

    I view that as high praise. Thank you, Betsy.
  11. I knew it! Dennis Kucinich had to have a home planet.
  12. My Introduction

    Thanks for the kind welcome. Virtue is on my list and I will look for Capitalisim. There is a place for the latter on my shelf next to Capital by another equally well known author but who has fallen somewhat out of favor. I have some insight into the differences between Libertarians and Objectivisim but am ready to learn more. I mentioned it in my intro to describe where I am as of now. Always open to change.
  13. Buy Guns, Gold And A Farm, Folks - We're On The Skids

    One word of caution before running off to a rural farm. Consider energy and transportation costs carefully. They are a real constraint on the future of rural America. You might look at urban agriculture if you have any dirt around your house.
  14. Christmas Tree Tax

    In these parts, folks can still go on to Forest Service land and cut their own tree. I wonder how the government can improve that image?
  15. Battle for the California Desert

    This is what happens in the People's Republic of California. The Antelope Valley is becoming crowded with suburban dwellers who want conformity and nothing but. This is one of the reasons I left California many years ago. The folks who are living out there and are the target of this harassment have a real struggle ahead of them. Progress has found them and progress demands their land.