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  1. Where to get my own Galt cigarettes?

    On kind of a similar theme.... I've been thinking about getting some custom M & Ms printed up that have "A = A" on them. Some with a "$" sign on them might be nice also. http://www.mymms.com/utility.aspx?src=
  2. Funny Videos

    As soon as I heard him say "it's called electrical tape because it conducts electricity" I figured it must be some kind of spoof.
  3. The Narcissist in Chief

    The real problem with Obama is not where he was born but rather where he lives now.
  4. Once again, Rush has something to say...

    Never having been that much of a Rush fan in the past I did get intrigued here lately upon hearing how they (specifically Neil Peart) were supposedly supporters of Objectivistism and fans of Ayn Rand. Well as far as I can tell, while they may have paid some lip service to Ayn Rand and her ideas in their younger days I don't think it could be said that in the "long run" that holds true. According to the Wiki entry on Neil Peart (under political views) it appears he's back peddaling a way from any former advocacy of her ideas he may have voiced. I'm afraid I have to lump him in there with the likes of Paul Ryan as another one of those individuals who really just didn't understand much of what she was trying to say to begin with. Peart has never publicly identified with any political party or organization in Canada or the United States. Even so, his political and philosophical views have often been analyzed through his work with Rush and through other sources. In October 1993 shortly before that year's Canadian federal election, Peart appeared with then-Liberal Party leader Jean Chr├ętien in an interview broadcast in Canada on MuchMusic. In that interview Peart stated he was an undecided voter who supported Quebec federalism.[47] Peart is often categorized as an Objectivist and an admirer of Ayn Rand. This is largely based on his work with Rush in the 1970s, particularly the song "Anthem" and the album 2112, the latter specifically credited to "the genius of Ayn Rand."[48] However, in his 1994 Rush Backstage Club Newsletter, while contending the "individual is paramount in matters of justice and liberty," Peart specifically distanced himself from a strictly Objectivist line.[49] In a June 2012 Rolling Stone interview, when asked if Rand's words still speak to him, Peart replied: "Oh, no. That was 40 years ago."[50] Peart has also ascribed to a philosophy that he has called "Tryism", which means that anything that one tries to attain will be attained if one tries hard enough.[51] Although Peart is sometimes regarded as a "conservative" and "Republican" rock star,[52] he, in 2005, described himself as a "left-leaning libertarian",[53] and is often cited as a libertarian celebrity.[54][55] In July 2011 Peart reiterated those views, calling himself a bleeding-heart libertarian.[56]
  5. ruveyn, Do you remember those old "extra large" slide rules that were used for teaching slide rule use? Well about 2 years ago I was out doing some welding for one of the local Ranchers and came across quite a pile of them (looked like 15 to 20) in one of his storage sheds. At the time I thought wow, that would be a cool thing to have one of. I kind of forgot about it until reading in this thread but now I'm thinking I might ought to go see if I can't horse trade him out of one of them.
  6. I'm curious as to if any one here has ever eaten any Dolphin or Porpoise and how it might compare to Tuna from both a taste and nutritional stand point. Not to be overly flipant about it but would some fricassed flipper of Flipper be a good thing?
  7. Even Sandy concedes to union power

    My experience with trying to work along side, or a times supervise, union welders during the last 30+ years has for the most part been less than positive. Time and time again I've witnessed that pro union mentality try and get used as a rationalization to cover some serious personal short comings. Any more, if I hear people going on about their union politics I pretty much assume their going to end up being a "problem child" I'll have to deal with.
  8. With all due respect to Lord Tennyson, here's some spin on a passage from "Charge of the Light Brigade". Into the valley of the shadow of impending Socialism rode the Objectivist. Weasels to the left of him, Weasels to the right of him, Weasels in front of him. Stormed at not by the volley and thunder of shot and shell, But rather continually jibbered at in their strident, demanding voices, And incessintly ankle gnawed by their sharp pointy, rodent like teeth, Onward he rode......
  9. "Judgment Call"

    How about this for some plot themes...... You've got the same bible thumping fundie for a captain. At the start of the deployment some Ayn Rand books (AS, VOS, PWNI, etc.) get brought aboard the boat. The first sailor reads them, gets excited about what he's read and starts passing them on to his shipmates. After a month or two into the deployment most of the crew has read them and are taking every opportunity to discuss them. It's like they can't contain themselves over the power and truth of the ideas they've all just been exposed to and they realize how horribly they've been lied to about the nature of this existence we all find ourselves trying to comprehend and deal with. The XO finally becomes aware that something has worked to excite the crew and finds out from talking to some of the enlisted men that it's these books by Rand. Being that he's essentially a man of good character with an active mind he decides to read them to see what all the buzz is about, asks to borrow them and is given the books by one of the enlisted men. He too has an ephinany of understanding brought on by what he reads. Next the Captain of the boat realizes that some things up with the crew and asks the XO about it. The XO simply gives the Captain the books he's just read telling him they're the most powerful and in sightful works he's ever read. After a partial reading of one of them the Captain is horrified because he deems them to be contrary and blasphemous to his fundementalist religious beliefs. He considers them to be the work of Satan and orders the XO to confiscate every Rand book on board and eject them over board thru the sewage discharge. He then makes an announcent over the boats intercom that he will tolerate no further discusion among the crew of Rand or her ideas and that any one caught doing so will face serious punishment. Just to set an example he finds out who originally brought the books on board and has him confined to the boat's brig on bread and water rations for 3 days. Led by the XO the crew revolts. The first thing they do is take that bible thumping fundie of a Captain and shoot him out one of the forward torpedo tubes. Next they move the boat out of their assigned patrol area so they can't be as easily found and launch a cruise missle strike on that massive nest of proffesional looters and amoral swine that has accumulated in Washington DC. Next they decide to roam the high seas (a' la Dagnar) meeting out summary punishment to any one who attempts to initiate force against any one else who is trying to use the worlds oceans to engage in free trade. They should definetly sink a few Somalian or Nigerian pirate vessels before steaming majestically off into a tropical sunset. A=A Oh yeah, some where in there after the revolt the boat gets re-christend the USS Galt (SSBN-57)
  10. What did you think of the Vice Presidential debate?

    Well ruveyn, when you put it in the context that Objectivism has had to work to over come a couple millenia of that poisonous altruist dogma that the worlds religions have worked to infect people with I don't see where it's doing all that bad.
  11. ARGO

    Hey Shipmate, In 79 I was an HT stationed aboard the nuclear submarine tender USS Dixon at the San Diego sub base. The Irainian hostage incident caused us to get deployed to the Indian Ocean and I got to spend several intense months sitting in the lagoon at Diego Garcia waiting on the out break of war. We even had a few (un-official) posters up around the ship depicting a mushroom cloud with the words "Hey Iran, Remember Japan" under it.
  12. ewv, Thank you, that was what I was trying to get at. And you're right in that unless you would get to know Felix better on a personal level (and there by get a better grasp on his over all view of existence) it wouldn't be correct to judge him to severly over this. After all it could just be an "innocent error of knowledge" on his part that led him to phrase it the way he did. One thing I can say in Felix's defense regarding this matter is that at least he didn't do a "Tebow" when he landed or have any Bible verse references on his suit or helmet. If I would have seen any of that I'm afraid it would have worked to cause me to judge what he said (and him personally) quite a bit more severly. And to help with context I'd like to know at just what point he said that. Was it on the ride up, right before he jumped or at a press conference (before or after)? If any one knows at what point in the proceedings that got said please let me know.
  13. Not to diminish Felix's accomplishment (or the joy most of us seem to have taken from it) but didn't he also say something along the lines of "sometimes you have to go really high to realize how small you are" ? There's something about that, that bothers me and personally I think I could have done with out hearing that kind of setiment in the midst of what was otherwise one hell of a tribute to the human spirit and the greatness and grandeur of what's possible to man.
  14. Working in groups

    TEAMWORK A group of people doing exactly what I tell them to.
  15. Timeless clock

    Another crude time measuring device that was recently erected along the River's Edge Trail in a Great Falls Montana City Park.