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  1. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    The link above is broken. You can find the talk here:
  2. I've Had It!

    They destroy the job market and then tax you to death. Great people, these statists. It's lose-lose all the way around.
  3. I've Had It!

    It is the philosophical justification, which had been thought about for a long time prior. John Locke is the primary thinker who spurred the revolution. And, to be sure, it upheld, and upholds, freedom for all men. What a brilliant political document!
  4. I've Had It!

    I'd say it's more important and fundamental, because it's the very justification for America's existence.
  5. The book is good, and worth the read. I haven't seen the movie, but I understand it did not follow the book closely.
  6. Great Man letter to the editor

    Wow! I love that letter, too. I can see people cutting it out and putting it on their refrigerators. Way to go, Brian!
  7. Record Cold To hit Global Warming Conference

    I just noticed the quote tag thing. That was my quote, i.e.: "What warming trend? I mean, you're engaged in propaganda by repeating the lie."
  8. Record Cold To hit Global Warming Conference

    I've checked this a million times. Maybe a million and one times. In terms of statistical significance, there has been no warming since the late 1980s. That was in a recent talk by Richard Lindzen before Climategate broke out. Yes, of course I am well aware of the warming since the little ice age, and of the Medieval optimum, and of the even warmer Roman period. And I'm aware that going back thousands and millions of years we are in an over all warm period that is very much in the norm. I know these things quite well, so much so that I'm really tired of the matter. At the end of the day the people pushing global warming are using every trick in the book, from cooking the books to overwhelming you with endless reams of data from every odd direction in an attempt, I believe, to muddy the waters. Scientists like Richard Lindzen and Patrick Michaels, otoh, present clear and concise arguments focused on essentials.
  9. Record Cold To hit Global Warming Conference

    What warming trend? I mean, you're engaged in propaganda by repeating the lie.
  10. One Hundred Thousand Posts!

    That's great, but the special thing about The Forum is not the quantity, but the quality of postings. That's where this place shines!
  11. Yes, I've heard him several times. We need guys like that in the world!
  12. In memory of Lady Brin

    Thanks Betsy. I have nothing but fond memories of her. She was a great lady and she went too young.
  13. Happy Birthday to the Incandescent Light Bulb

    All of that is well known to me, and had been before the gov't decided to force us. Taking away our freedom to use them is unwise. Freedom is essential to life. E.g., look at how much more practical they are for traffic lights, where the infrared radiation from the incandescent bulbs melt ice and snow so that they remain unobstructed, thus saving lives and the headache of keeping them clean by hand.
  14. Happy Birthday to the Incandescent Light Bulb

    140 years ago! Happy Birthday to a great invention by a great inventor. And soon we will see its demise thanks to those today who are so damned unwise.
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!
  16. A different candidate

    Here he is on Hannity's show. He's good here as well:
  17. A different candidate

    I'd have to learn more about him, but right there he was awesome!
  18. Homework

    Hey that's great! I like the way you accented the painting with a poem, Brian. Now all we need is some musical accompaniment!
  19. John Locke by Edward Cline

    The United States was not responsible for slavery. The United States ended slavery. That is its legacy and that is Jefferson's legacy. America deserves moral credit for being so amazingly forward looking. Among nations, America was and is the greatest force against slavery the world has ever seen. Slavery has existed at least as long as recorded history, and the US came into existence when slavery was world wide. Of the slaves transported from Africa over seas the US had about 4% of them according to a documentary I saw a couple of years ago. And of the slaves exported from Africa, far more went to the Arabs than went overseas to the Americas. That was African slaves only. Slavery has existed around the world throughout time among all races. Honesty, I find it strange that anyone would vilify America for slavery. It's especially odd to blame Aristotle. It's like blaming someone in the Dark Ages for building trebuchets wrong because they did not knowing Newtonian mechanics. It just makes no sense.
  20. John Locke by Edward Cline

    Right, Aristotle lived in a time when slavery was not understood to be wrong, that took 2000 years. The debt we owe to Aristotle is not in politics (although he had great insights there), but in metaphysics, epistemology and even ethics. Aristotle is the one who defined man as "the rational animal", which was central to John Locke's argument for rights. In his "Second Treatise of Civil Government", Locke continually emphasizes that "reason is the law" that is central to rights. Aristotle and other Greek thinkers made possible the Renaissance, which made possible John Locke, which made possible America. Just to be clear, Aristotle's politics were very sophisticated. He did not believe that men had the right to do anything to one another. He believed that a person was a slave only because he could not survive on his own. So, he gained benefit from being in that condition. At foundation he had a benevolent view of man, unlike, for example, Thomas Hobbes.
  21. Scary stuff. I'm hoping Rush picks up on this event Monday.
  22. This is unbelievable. Standford Professor Stephen Schneider, like a deer in the headlights of an on coming car, has a journalist removed who dares to ask a question about Climategate. The video is here:
  23. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    Climate Scientist Dr. Tim Ball weighed in on this matter:
  24. Islamism 2.0

    Islam is a virus. Postmodernism is the immunosuppressant drug that is allowing the virus to flourish. There will likely be more viruses to follow. My point is that our primary enemy is from within.
  25. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    The following backs up Maarten's point about the "peer review" process. Tracinski has the following article on the issue: excerpt: So these guys are now shouting about "peer review" and that no longer has any clout in this situation. Btw, Rush Limbaugh has really been hitting this issue hard this week. He's been very effective. They're doing exactly what Ayn Rand said back in the 1970s. They are using the "prestige of science to scare people." They didn't care about the science, they just wanted the powerful prestige that comes with it.