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  1. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    And concerning the newly discovered fraud at the University of East Anglia ... Lord Monckton weighs in with a hard hitting article: excerpt: Emphasis mine.
  2. The new USS New York

    That's a great story, Betsy! Congratulations!
  3. Here is a low brow review of the two biographies and what I'd call a hit piece on Ayn Rand. I couldn't read very far into it, myself.
  4. You know it's a left wing show when you get one snarky question after the other. That was a less than enjoyable and pseudo-intellectual experience. Liberals, Yech!
  5. Zip's Intro Thingy

    Hello Zip. I know you well! Btw, we also have a Piz, here.
  6. Memory / SuperMemo / Piotr Wozniak

    After reading the article, I didn't get a sense of what his real insight was. Yes, they discovered that the best time to reinforce memory is at the point just before "forgetting", but I see no indication of that point having been figured out. Or maybe this is the answer. I see this statement: "Then I found a mnemonic to enter in SuperMemo: clear/clever. Now I never misuse them." He found a mnemonic, but I guess he isn't going to say what it is. He also says: This goes against everything that has worked for me, unless there is something I'm missing here. I find this highly interesting, but there seems to be quite a bit missing here. Brute force memorization is only one aspect of learning. Logical integration of the information you process helps with memory quite a bit. Context, hierarchy and tying things down to reality are all vital and reinforce ones knowledge, as Objectivists are well aware. I don't know if the work of Wozniak takes those sort of things into account at all. I'll probably try some of this software out to see where it take me!
  7. Criminalizing Carlos

    Alright, this is a funny thread. Anybody with the name Carlos must either change their name to Not Carlos or suffer the consequences. And No Soup!
  8. Cinderella Man (2005)

    I just saw this movie via NetFlix Friday night (10/9/09) and loved it. I gave it a 9. Russell Crowe's character had great integrity, honesty and courage in the face of long odds. He also had real confidence in his abilities. The fact that it was based on a true story made it all the more uplifting for me, because it was a real accomplishment. I deliberately did not look up the boxing history so that the outcome would be a surprise to me. However, if Max Baer was portrayed contrary to his actual character, then that is truly an injustice. This was a time in American history when boxing was the biggest sport, baseball being number two. Everyone knew who the World Champion was in that day. So it was a big deal back then. Today boxing is barely on the radar screen. I have no idea who the champion is today. Btw, I don't think it's an accident that actors like Russell Crowe do so well at box office. He has a knack for picking inspiring parts to play. I think this is a knack Gary Cooper and Harrison Ford also had/have.
  9. Criminalizing everyone

    Diabolical. These people sicken me. Any time you see a "do gooder" environmentalist, punch them in the mouth.

    Happy Birthday, Betsy! This is my second time saying it, but I guess that's okay.
  11. Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

    Their foolishness is born of ignorance and deliberate narrow mindedness (political correctness promotes narrow mindedness). Funny how so many of these modern intellectuals are as close minded than the ignorant masses who believed in things like witch burning, but that is who we are dealing with, and the reason we have nothing to fear from them. Btw, I think the Nobel Peace Prize should be dubbed the Nobel Peace Riddle. They announce the winner, and we have to figure out how it all makes sense.
  12. Funny Videos

    Star Wars A Capella:
  13. Lady Brin

    Truly sad and shocking news. She was a great person, who died far too young. She's one of those people I'd missed seeing around here. She had a real zest for life, you could tell. RIP, Lady Brin, you will always be remembered fondly.
  14. Cass Sunstein's Argument for Taxes

    Addressing the first posting, the purpose of government is to uphold individual rights so that men can live free, not to tax people. Individual rights are the only moral justification for government. Taxes are an obstacle to the primary goal of government and if they can't be eliminated, they should be made as small as possible so that men can be free as possible. Still, I think that voluntary taxation would be very doable in a truly free society for a few reasons. First, people would be far, far wealthier, and thus better able to give money. Second, the function of government would be far more limited, so that it would require far, far fewer funds to run it. Third, military spending would be spent on actual self-defense, and not on an unwieldy, irrational foreign policy set up to appease and serve our enemies. Drop a few massive high tech bombs and it's over. If voluntary taxation is doable, then it is our moral obligation to make it so. There is another point here, which is that it is rights violators who make it necessary that we have such costly things as a police force and a military. For that reason, it may be that the rights violators should pay fines which could fund most of these things and the rest could be done voluntarily.
  15. The Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill

    Yes, I agree with that analysis. I've long said he is a pragmatist. He’s hard over on not being "extreme" and I think he sometimes comes across as a bit paranoid as a result.
  16. The Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill

    I just visited Little Green Footballs, and wow does Charles Johnson have a negative take on all of this. The pictures he is showing are pretty bad, but I wonder if he is being selective here.

    Well done, Bill. "Those who try to ride the back of the tiger end up inside." I love that! The sheer size of that protest is amazing to behold. Can the mainstream media ignore this?
  18. 9/11 Tribute

    Oh yeah, I know that well. It's been around for several years.
  19. He's really learned a lot from all of his communist and post-modernist influences over his life. He's a walking, talking value-destroying machine.
  20. Funny Videos

    I'm surprised no one linked this yet! The Government Can, by Tim Hawkins:
  21. A welcomed greeting

    That is a really cool story, Ray. When someone says he fought at Iwo Jima all you can think is wow and all the more so because that was a long time ago.
  22. Regarding the letter I sent, I received a response from my representative, republican Blaine Luetkemeyer, weeks ago. He said that he does not think more government taxes nor mandates are the answer. He has some idea for a plan where small businesses can pool resources to get the same deal as corporations on health insurance, and he also believes in tax credits and benefits to allow Americans to buy health insurance. He is a small business owner. I also got a response from republican Senator Kit Bond last week. He is against national health care. He said it would “ration care and deny Missourians access to the latest cures and treatments”. He also said: “To propose such a huge expansion of government at a time when our deficit is spiraling out of control would require big tax increases and saddling our children and grandchildren with even more debt they will have to repay. Perhaps the biggest fear is that American will be forced to leave the health coverage they currently have. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), that is a very real concern.” Bond said he wants to “work with” democrats on some sort of bipartisan solution to the health care problem. One thing he has in mind is reforming malpractice laws to get rid of junk lawsuits, and he wants to encourage “wellness, prevention and disease management programs” Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has not yet responded. Anyway, I thought I’d give an update. I wanted to post the quote from Bond, because it has confirmation of the concerns of many of those protesting at town halls.
  23. Built a Home Theater for $2500

    That is beautiful! Watching a movie has got to be a blast!
  24. Culture of Corruption

    From what I gather, Michell Malkin's book focuses on corruption and not on the anti-freedom ideology of the left. While it may be valuable to point out how corrupt they are, it's not the crux of the matter and it's not going to convince anyone to abandon the left. I have respect of Michell Malkin, but I don't think she is philosophically savvy. There is also a question about what is meant by “corruption”. I’m not entirely sure what it means.
  25. I have seen that Bill, and it is fantastic! Moral clarity, passion and absolutely right!