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  1. New York U.S. Congressional Representative, Tim Bishop, is met with protestors over the issue of an ever encroaching government. These people are well informed and they are really letting him have it. These things are happening all over the country. I have never seen this level of anger from this many U.S. citizens over a sustained period of time. Also, New York is a solid liberal bastion, which makes it more surprising.
  2. The reason I created this topic is because I want to emphasize a difference between socialized medicine and medicine under a capitalist system that I almost never see emphasized or even mentioned. While it is true that the most important thing we have to emphasize today is rational egoism, this point is also important and is in harmony with rational egoism. I often hear this argument from those who support government health care: "But what about the poor who can't afford health care, how do they get care?" But this whole argument is 180 degrees backwards. The fact is socialized medicine works against survival. It provides poor care, results in shortages, and thus long waiting lines and many people simply go without care. The idea of "universal coverage" is an absolute lie. What about the poor? Socialized medicine denies care to far more people than a free society would, and it provides a stagnant, uncaring system of low quality. Furthermore, and this is an even more vital point, when it comes to capitalism you get as close to universal coverage as can be expected, the quality of medicine is high, and the costs remain economically reasonable. Furthermore, the quality of medicine keeps rising in a free system, as innovators are motivated and free to innovate. Our chances to see great advances in medicine are improved dramatically. This point should be emphasized with passion! I as a capitalist realize that a truly free society means an AWESOMELY better place to live. We're really MISSING OUT! Tell people that. Tell them what we are being denied by being denied our freedoms. Socialized medicine is death. Medicine in a capitalist society means a thriving, ever improving, life promoting industry. Leftists don't even have the universal coverage argument. That needs to be taken from them. We, otoh, have it, and we have so much more!
  3. Socialism Kills and Capitalism Gives Life!

    Excellent point about "brotherhood". Citizens in the USSR were anything but brotherly, and in comparison the citizens in a free society have far more good will toward one another. So, I guess at the end of the day the only thing they really do better is sacrifice.
  4. Intruducing myself :)

    You can get them by ordering back issues of the Intellectual Activist. HERE is the url.
  5. Intruducing myself :)

    Welcome! Martin. Out of curiosity, have you read articles on math by Ron Pisataro, in The Intellectual Activist? I highly recommend them, if you haven't. His 1994 "Foundations of Mathematics", Part 1 and Part 2; and his 1998 "Mathematics in One Lesson", part1 and conclusion. They provide an inductive foundation for many math concepts.
  6. Xenopolitics

    I'd say "communism" wouldn't exist successfully, because it's based on altruism, which is a code of death. An alien species that is successful won't survive and prosper on a code of death!
  7. Rush reads John Lewis on air

    I happened to hear that today around lunch time. Funny, I listened to Rush reading Professor Lewis' paper quite a while, but it wasn't until the end that I realize that he was referring to the John Lewis! It just didn't click right away, but when it did I got a little charge out of it. Terrific!
  8. Bach and Vivaldi on Sax

    That was a unique and enjoyable experience! Thanks much, Brian.
  9. I felt the same way! Thanks for the Arlen Spector town hall. It's great to see people not buying the phony rhetoric of these politicians.
  10. Funny Videos

    The Rockwell Retro Encabulator ... this is an amazing machine!
  11. That is short and punchy. Very good!
  12. Happy Birthday to styg50

    Happy Birthday! styg50!!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday to alann

    Happy Birthday, Alann!
  14. The racist Messiah

    If I were making notes, they would correspond with yours. About "extremism", he seems to use that word as if it alone is a valid argument. Several times I have tried to make it clear to him that extremism per say is not right or wrong. It depends upon what you are extreme about. I thought he'd finally pick up on it, as some of the regulars did, but I guess I was mistaken.
  15. The racist Messiah

    I used to be a fan of Charles Johnson, but I've come to realize that at times he is dogmatic about his positions. For example, he slanders those who believe in the gold standard, and most especially those who want to get rid of the Fed. He calls the idea "nutty". Anyone who presents reasoned counter arguments he attacks without real argument. Anyway, there are premises in his thinking that are clearly wrong, although I've not identified what they are. He's good on some things, but not as rational a person as I originally had thought. For this reason I no longer post to his site.
  16. Thanks, Bill! That's a real complement coming from you. I realize that condensing it would help. I'd really like to see yours when you're done with it.
  17. Favorite rousing songs?

    That movie was pretty entertaining too!
  18. Favorite rousing songs?

  19. Rimsky-Korsakov Piano Concerto

    Great! Brian. Thanks.
  20. Rush on C-SPAN

    None of that represents Rush's views. Rush often uses these type of arguments to show leftists what their ideas really mean. It's a way to get people to wake up to what the left is doing. It's definitely out of context. Myrhaf probably doesn't listen to Rush anyway. I have read Myrhaf’s blog before, and he can be good, but he’s completely wrong here.
  21. Apparently Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand had talked to each other. I get the impression they both liked each other and admired each other. Amy Wallace interviewed Farrah on the subject of Atlas Shrugged about two months before she died. "Farrah's Brainy Side", by Amy Wallace: Here is an excerpt: Well worth reading! I've always loved Farrah Fawcett, because she represented feminine youth and beauty, and was always so full of joy. I suspect that Ayn Rand liked her for the same reasons she liked Marilyn Monroe. RIP Farrah!
  22. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

    I know this is an insanely late reply, but this movie was recommended to me with glowing praise by one of my Chinese co-workers. So, I guess there are all kinds of people out there. Btw, I've not seen the movie to this day. :-)
  23. Porco Rosso (1992)

    This was a superb movie. For artistic merit I gave it a ten, because the work is entirely original and very beautifully rendered. For sense of life I gave it a nine, a heroic and enjoyable movie.
  24. My Standup Comedy Debut

    That was better than I was expecting. You looked comfortable on stage considering you were doing your first routine and I genuinely laughed. Thanks, Betsy! and Good Show!
  25. There is another actress that I find to be extremely beautiful, sexy and feminine: Catherine Zeta Jones. And