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  1. Iran's Counter-Revolution

    It's possible to be honestly mistaken. Lots of people fall into that category. Although, I don't think Obama is one of them.
  2. Iran's Counter-Revolution

    Wow ... absolutely not. He continually works to deceive people. For example, he claims he is not proposing socialized medicine, when that is exactly what he is proposing. He continually engages in double speak, which means he lies all of the time. He is not better than Bush, btw. Bush is a halfway decent human being, with bad ideas. Obama is a bad human being with bad ideas. McCain, yeah, he may be better than McCain, but these things are hard to judge. None-the-less, if you look around you, you will see that Obama is destroying America in huge swaths on virtually every front. The guy is anti-American at core and deserves no credit otherwise. He is our post-modernist president. Let’s hope America survives.
  3. Objectivist ethics and a political career

    Well, certainly McKeever is seeking a political career, though I doubt he expects it to actually happen given today's context. I think it's interesting the niche he has cut out for himself. He makes talks, goes on talk shows, and uses his youtube site to educate people on and advance Objectivism. Now, I think it's too early for an Objectivist to make any significant headway, but Paul McKeever has the personality and desire to use this avenue to spread ideas, so more power to him.
  4. Objectivist ethics and a political career

    I haven't looked at the party, per se. I've listened to several of his videos and have read his postings on He is not a libertarian, he's an Objectivist. As to his unique approach, check out posting # 7 here:
  5. Objectivist ethics and a political career

    Paul McKeever is a Canadian Objectivist who has gone into politics. He has a unique approach to the whole field and has debated on many Canadian television programs. You can check his youtube account out, where he has lots of videos.
  6. Well, yeah. I admire much about Rush, but Ayn Rand is far deeper than Rush could ever hope to be. She is an originator of a whole philosophy that rivals Aristotle's work. Who else can say as much? Nobody! So, really, the comparison is a bit unfair.
  7. My Standup Comedy Debut

    Hey, Betsy, hope you did well!
  8. Funny Videos

    "Keith Olbermann Smashes Steven Crowder!"
  9. Obama is the new American god?

    Michael, Keep in mind that's the main stream media. Rush Limbaugh now refers to them as "State Run" media, which is an apt title. These media people are very corrupt and are losing support continually! They are hopelessly lost. I never listen to any of those shows and I'm not alone. Where is the outrage? Remember the tea parties? There you saw a massive out pouring and as this goes on the outrage will surely grow. Btw, Rush referenced exactly that "god" statement by Evan Thomas.
  10. Happy Birthday to ifatart

    Happy Birthday to you ifatart! Good luck with your art and school! Hope you have a great day!
  11. Yes Man (2008)

    I gave this a 7 for artistic merit and an 8 for sense of life. I'd call it a good movie, worth seeing, but the concept behind it makes little sense. Despite that, I did get value out of it. I loved the risk taking and adventurous aspect of the movie and the love story was pretty good as well. There are definitely laughs along the way. Warning: There are spoilers about this movie in this post:
  12. William Tell Overture

    Haha! Funny! Love this piece. This is where the trumpets are the stars!
  13. One of my favorite babes today for beauty is the Finish singer Tarja Turunen. It's not just for her looks, but also for her voice. I love her eyes as well. She sings both opera and metal. I discovered her when I saw the band Nightwish and I realized what I liked about the band was her. Then later I discovered she sings opera. Here she is singing Ave Maria: This is an amateur video of her singing Nirvanna's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at a modeling show: Thanks for that link, Ed. Can't help but dig Kristen Stewart and what a body Jurnee Smollett has.
  14. Another Symptom

    Ideally, the roads should be private and the land should be private, and it should be up to the owners whether or not billboards go up.
  15. Peter Foster: "Atlas shrugs, leftists rage"

    Wow, you aren't kidding. He might even be an Objectivist. That is great!
  16. TSA stands for Transportation and Safety Administration. This is really not good. Apparently, Ron Paul supporters are considered to be potential terrorists! So this guy is harassed by the TSA. He refused to tell them why he had the cash he had with him. He had his cell phone recording the whole incident. I'm sure they'll make sure cell phones are off from now on. Here is a video:
  17. Inspirational Videos

    This is a fantastic idea for a thread and I hope it stays around for a long while! Here is one I found inspiring. It runs 22 minutes and 56 seconds. Ray Kurzweil: How technology's accelerating power will transform us:
  18. How the rest of the World evaluates the Obamas

    Point taken. However, I can see someone thinking these sorts of formalities are not important. In a certain sense they aren't, because it's the bigger policy decisions that really count.
  19. Man Harassed by TSA at St. Louis Airport

    You mean you would have considered the possibility they weren't really airport authorities, but, rather, crooks? I hadn't thought of that, but I think this is much worse, since it's officially sanctioned action, it would appear.
  20. Happy Birthday to Oakes

    Oakes, you've gone awol! I'd like to see more of those videos you were making. Happy Birthday to you!
  21. Happy Birthday to Mercury

    Hey, Mercury, it's always a pleasure to read your postings. Happy Birthday! to you! I Hope you have a great day!
  22. How the rest of the World evaluates the Obamas

    I mean his perspective could be something like, it so nice, being gracious and respectful, what could that harm? Then again, it is quite possible he knows full well the implications of what he is doing and is showing disdain for Western values and America deliberately.
  23. This dove tails with Bill's posting. Obama actually said the following to bank CEOs: The story from Politico:
  24. How the rest of the World evaluates the Obamas

    I saw this last night. Multiculturalism in full display. Pathetic, but Obama thinks he's being gracious and respectful.
  25. How the rest of the World evaluates the Obamas

    There is a certain -- albeit large -- segment of the American population that don't see the ideas underlying the actions of our politicians. Rather, they see men in suits that seem to be doing the right things for protocol. They see things at the most superficial of levels. These are the people who actually think Obama is doing a good job, despite the fact that he is taking us in the direction of fascism. But, of course, I don't think Obama is all that friendly either. He's targeted men like Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh and even his own grandmother.