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  1. He doesn't really have it right, but he's trying. I like the fact that he is trying and he is quoting Ayn Rand. Egoism is the big thing to push and so I like to see this. You can tell Rush is enamoured of Ayn Rand's work. This is really great.
  2. Rush Takes a Stab at Self-Interest

    Good idea, Mercury. I've seen links by him to articles by Objectivists on selfishness. It was at David Kelley's site, but the article was good. That was, maybe, four years ago. Btw, if you click on the Rush's link you can listen to the audio. It is very rare that he puts the audio on the free side, so clearly he thinks this is very important.
  3. Another Voice of Reason

    This may be the silver lining in the black cloud that is Obama. Hey, I just thought of a good Indian name for Obama: Black Cloud. hahaha.
  4. It's amazing how much that guy playing Spock looks like Leonard Nimoy.
  5. This talk is a must listen! The speaker, Evan Sayet, is a comedian out of Hollywood who was a liberal (small 'l') until after 911. While I usually don't give such liberals great credit, because it took them much longer than others to figure it out, this guy is very insightful. He has modern liberals nailed to a tee, and will give you insights you may not be aware of. Many of his conclusions are ones I've arrived at independently, such as the fact that Liberals (really postmodernists here) don't care about the facts and know they're being untruthful, but he has other points I wasn't so aware of and I think he brings a unique perspective to the whole issue. I don't want to spoil it, though. Here's the talk on youtube: Note, I originally found this talk via the following nifty website:
  6. Drawings

    I like those renderings, Bryson. I'm doing some pencil drawing myself, so I appreciate what that takes. The saxophone is the best one from a stylistic point of view. I love the detail on the surface of the hand.
  7. Jokes

    Joke 1: So a grasshopper walks into a bar, hops up on a stool and with the bartender's back to him, orders a beer. The bartender turns around stunned, doesn't know what to say except "Hey we gotta drink named after you!". To which the grasshopper responds "You've got a drink named Steve?" Joke 2: Why did the crowd start shouting letters while a criminal was being hanged? Because he was an amputee. Joke 3: "It is reported that Dorothy Parker was once asked to use the word 'horticulture' in a sentence and promptly said, 'You can lead a horticulture but you cannot make her think.'" --Isaac Asimov Joke 4: A crocodile walks into a bar and bites a huge piece off the marble counter. Sits down and orders a beer. The bartender says "Sorry but we don’t serve drug addicts". The crocodile says "I'm not drug addict". The bartender says "What about the bar-bit-you-ate". Joke 5: Three blondes were celebrating their success in a pub. The bartender asked them: "Girls, what's the reason for this celebration?" One of the blondes responded: "Well, we have just finished this marvelous jigsaw puzzle. It took us only a month, although the box indicated `3 to 6 years'." Joke 6: Theorem: A cat has nine lives. Proof: No cat has eight lives. A cat has one life more than no cat. Therefore, a cat has nine lives. Joke 7: Why is the number 10 afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine and 10 is next. Joke 8: Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent. 7 ate 9, so that's as far as this goes.
  8. Change We Can Believe In

    Very clever, Betsy.
  9. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

    Love the poem, Brian! I'm definitely going to celebrate Human Achievement Hour, aka Edison Hour. Power surge city!
  10. Global Warming

    This is one of the most devastating analyses of global warming I've seen yet. There are four videos, about 10 minutes each, in which Professor Bob Carter, a geologist, pokes huge holes in the catastrophic global warming hypothesis. He does what GW fear mongers never do, provides perspective. I think you will also enjoy his passion. The videos are titled "Climate Change - is CO2 the cause?":
  11. It's a fantastic review, very positive. I highly recommend it. There are lots of glowing and positive comments. People are really charged up over this. There is no blandness here. As I'm typing the counter reads 342 comments. Also, note, I found this article via Little Green Footballs and it is already one of the top link vote getters on little green footballs over the last day. 33 updings as I type. The link is here:
  12. Happy Birthday to Ed from OC

    Happy Birthday ! to you Ed! Three years old and still going!
  13. King Kong (2005)

    Since no one has commented on this film yet, I thought I'd do so. I saw this film probably in 2005, so it's been a while, but here is what I remember. The first half of the film is not all that great. The acting and characters didn't seem all that interesting and the endless fights with creatures on Skull Island were, I thought, over done. However, it does pick up the second half, when King Kong is in New York and with the Girl, because King Kong develops a personality and you get somewhat engrossed in the film as a result. I'd recommend this as a good film, but certainly not a great one.
  14. Enchanted (2007)

    I saw this movie about a month ago and enjoyed it from a sense of life point of view. The plot was very simple and not very engrossing, but I was never really bored with the story itself. I'd say that the theme of this movie was don't be cynical, or, at least, don't be too cynical, because good things can and do happen. I like that message, because we do live in an overly cynical society. For artistic merit I give it a 6, for sense of life a 10. I recommend this movie!
  15. And You Thought College Football Was Safe

    Amazing! I heard Mike & Mike in The Morning, ESPN radio, in January, make mention of Obama doing something about this and I thought they were just joking around. Yikes!
  16. Hmmm ... I think he may be confusing the American sense of life with Christian values. Ayn Rand supplied the explicit moral code that was implicit in much of the American tradition, i.e. work hard, be honest, pursue your dreams, and get rich. Or, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I really think that many Americans confuse Christianity with the American spirit, when the two are incompatible.
  17. Jimmy Fallon's odd Ayn Rand bit

    "Odd" is a good word. I didn't think it was negative toward her, it was just strange. I have to tell you, the popularity of Ayn Rand is clearly greater than it has ever been. Everybody is just expected to know who Ayn Rand is and even the word “Objectivism” was used. We are living in interesting times!
  18. TIA Print Delay

    Surely you've heard of The Objective Standard! It's a great publication.
  19. Amusing irony of the day

    Still in search of the elusive global warming creature, I see. Will they find it? I'm super cereal.
  20. Happy Birthday to Scott A.

    Happy Birthday to you, Scott!
  21. I thought this would be a great opportunity for Objectivists to help promote capitalism with the bonus of earning a little bit of money if your video is among the top three. Here is the text of an email I just received:
  22. Dr Brook article in the WSJ

    It's likely some data corruption causing the problem. There are lots of great comments up to that point, however!
  23. Dr Brook article in the WSJ

    The comments section is worth taking a look at as well. Some negative comments, but most are positive.
  24. Your Tax Dollars at Work

    Giant inflatable banana over Texas? Is that some sort of political message that Bush is a monkey?