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  1. I thought I'd start a thread in hopes that people here would post funny videos they find on the web. This could be a mini source of the funniest videos on the web and could complement the excellent jokes thread. I have a couple to start it off. These both had me rolling on the floor. I hope you enjoy them: Life and Death of a Pumpkin
  2. Eichler Homes

    Betsy, Your home is awesome and the art is inspiring!! I've seen pictures of your home, but that picture with the vaulted ceiling and the art on the wall I love. haha, and I see you have the Bryan Larsen painting with the father and son in front of rocket.
  3. In Memory of Janet Busch - "oldsalt"

    I'm truly saddened by this news. I really loved her postings. She was a genuinely fun person to read and I had hoped she would show up to post again. That's two whole years ago! I have been missing her and now I'll always miss her. Thanks for that letter, Betsy.
  4. Idiotic criminals

    Ray! Well handled! and very funny. Funny how many of the guys "we" elect are more worthy or prison than that petty thief. And I'm serious.
  5. Jefferson was far more secular and in line with natural law. He was a Diest, at most, and was passionate about reason and science. Also, I think John Locke should be given credit for looking to nature to identify rights. The text throughout his "Second Treatise of Civil Government" is full of arguments based on observations of nature. John Locke continually emphasizes that the "law of reason" is important. Jefferson was hugely influenced by Locke. I think Miss Bachmann was emphasizing the god point because she is religious. In this link she is leading a prayer: That's someone who is serious about religion. Also, the Washington Monument was designed in the 1840s, when the founders were no longer around. In that clip she said it was created by the Founders, which doesn't sound right.
  6. I saw her give a talk at a tea party rally on tax day. She was standing near the Washington monument. She was great saying that they will repeal the Obama health care bill, but then at the end of the talk she pointed toward the monument and emphasized religion. Here is the key part of the talk I'm referring to: I've read/heard things from her prior which also made me think this of her, but I don't recall specifics.
  7. But Michelle Bachmann is far too religious! A secular Michelle Bachmann would be what we're looking for.
  8. John Ridpath on "Robin Hood."

    Aha! This is what I thought Robin Hood was about! I'm happy to see that point bolstered by such an esteemed mind as John Ridpath.
  9. Congratulations, Ray! I always love to see someone succeed, especially someone who values Objectivism as I do.
  10. I think everyone should be curious and read widely just to learn what's out there. Explore the world of ideas. Who knows what gems you'll find.
  11. Here is the letter I sent to my two U.S. Senators and Congressional Representative for Missouri on the issue of health care and individual rights. I mailed this U.S. mail, since mailing in letters is supposed to have more impact than emailing. This filled out exactly one 8x11 inch sheet of paper. I did name the person specifically sent to in each case to make sure it was somewhat personal.
  12. Blue Öyster Cult

    Blue Oyster Cult is a very popular group, so I definitely know about them. In fact, there was a Saturday Night Live skit on the song "Don't Fear the Reaper". Christopher Walken is their manager and wants "more cowbell." A very funny skit.
  13. "No--drop it in the recycle bin!!"

    At my friends company, American Power Conversion, --- where he says the are really big into environmental propaganda -- they have to throw cans in one bin, paper in another, etc. But, the funny thing is as the end of the day the garbage collectors throw it all into the same bin, so it does nothing. Even knowing this, they still must comply.
  14. Poland Decapitated

    We know Putin is capable of such things, so there is good reason to be suspicious.
  15. This is a talk Lindzen gave at CEI in late October. This is the fullest and most complete refutation of global warming I've seen, since it hits at the heart of the matter so directly. Lindzen is simply the best critic of AGW, because he's a top flight atmospheric scientist who is strongly grounded in the facts, and is far too smart to be taken by charlatans of any stripe. The talk is about an hour long, but considering how dangerous the issue is to our freedoms it is time well spent. I'll give the rest as a spoiler, since I'm guessing some of you would rather hear Lindzen speak in his own words, because he says some great things. This talk should be given the widest possible distribution!
  16. Elian Gonzales - for those who remember

    The evil of Bill Clinton was clearly on display. These leftists don't care about human beings.
  17. Famous Pikes Peak Short Film

    Hey, I loved that!! What a rag tag collection of vehicles that was. Oh, and excellent video fade out at the end. Very clever.
  18. I found this somewhat typical left wing argument by Barbara Streisand on the issue of health care and the republicans. I think it's interesting, because it gives you the mindset that is possible to someone who is immersed in the same country and surrounded by the same facts. Here she is in the same country we're in, yet her conclusions about what is happening are completely different than ours. I didn't see a copyright, so I'll just post the whole thing here. It's pretty short. And Americans are discovering how much they don't like what they are getting. Obama's popularity isn't what it was during the election. This tells me either she is not getting the facts about what is happening in America, or she is trying to rationalize her position. Sometimes I think it's helpful to submerge yourself in the perspective of your ideological enemies, to see how their minds operate. It's interesting to see how they are able to maintain a fiction so strongly in face of the evidence arrayed against them.
  19. "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

    Now that is beautiful.
  20. The esthetics of modern motor vehicles.

    I'd like to see some break downs here, because in all cases it's not obvious to me why one style is better than another. I can see it with the suit styles, one looks tight and uncomfortable, while the others look more tailored to the body, but I'm not sure I understand why the aesthetics of one yacht is objectively better than another, or why one watch is superior to another. When it comes to engineering, you want things that work efficiently. You don't want style to crowd out what works. As to music, well music is a very tough thing to evaluate. I have my criterion, and while I love symphony music, I also love rock, and I've never been able to figure out how or why to love one over the other, even though I see the brilliance of a Mozart or a Rachmaninoff.
  21. Earthquake in Chile

    It's a mistake to wait around hoping the MSM will suddenly becomes objective. It's not going to happen any time soon. It's not their forte.
  22. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    Yes, this is what I meant. I didn't mean the peer review process as such, but the peer review process in this case, due to corruption within. We simply can't trust it here, because it's being used as a tool for advocacy, not science.
  23. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    The peer review process has been severely compromised wrt the issue of GW. Remember, we have out right fraud in that process. Many scientists have long complained about this, but now we have absolute proof, thanks to Climategate.
  24. Lindzen on Global Warming, once again

    I have never heard this, where do you get it from? Lindzen is a climate scientist, one of the foremost experts, not a medical scientist. Anyway, Lindzen's reputation as a climate scientist is through the roof. I have read him for a long enough period of time to know he is solid as a rock.