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  1. I'm looking for an experienced 3D graphics programmer for an engineering software project that I want to start up. If you have experience in Open GL and windows programming, please let me know so I can give you more details on the nature of the project. The software wil be used in mechanical/aerospace engineering, but you don't need any knowledge or experience in those fields. Also, I will be at OCON (both weeks) so that might be a good opportunity to discuss the work if you are going to be there. --Joe Moderators: I assume this type of announcement is accpetable here; if not, please let me know!
  2. Hannes: Thanks for posting! Do you have any info as to the prospects and long-term future of the company? I'm seriously thinking of applying! From their hiring web page, it looks like they're very rigorous from a technical stand point; the fact that they are investing in the development of not just in a product, but also <i>development methodology</i> (notably engineering software) is impressive. Stephen: There's a severe shortage of experienced, knowledgeable aerospace engineers right now, which might explain why they have so many openings. Also, perhaps they were waiting for the success test flight of of this prototype before committing to a full development programme.
  3. Are we almost ready for a third political party?

    And that was after that bizzare situation, if I recall correctly, in which he withdrew -- claiming the secret service threatened to disrupt his daughter's wedding -- and then re-entered the race.
  4. Dimensions

    OK, so why are there exactly 3 physical, spatial dimensions? I.e. what are the implications of there being 3 dimensions? (For example, if there were only one dimension, for any entity to move, it would have to pass through its neighboring entity -- i.e. it would have to simultaneously occupy the same space.)
  5. The Philadelphia Story (1940)

    I liked the 1956 remake, High Society, better. Much of the Philadelphia Story's dialogue was retained but the mood seems brighter and warmer than the original. And some great music was addeed (Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, and Sinatra; music/lyrics by Cole Porter)
  6. MAM = WOW

    It may be visually beautiful but it is not good architecture. That it is designed to look like a bird is just as irrational and arbitrary as if it were designed to look a greek temple.
  7. Classical Recording Suggestions?

    Unfortunately I don't listen to the most of the pieces or composers you listed, so I can offer only a few specific recommendations (listed below). In general, I highly recommend the Penguin Guide to compact disks (not sure what the latest edition is; don't know if they have an online presence). Their ratings of performance quality and recording engineering quality are usually pretty helpful. Also, for reviews and recommendations, try the online archives of the various "high end" audio magazines such as Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, UHF Magazine. Liszt, Complete tone poems, Vol. 1, Haitink/LSO, Philips 438751-2 This is a pretty good recording and performance. Chopin: Piano Concertos, Szekely/Nemeth/Budapest SO, Naxos 8.550123 This is a usual good value from Naxos featuring Eastern European performers. Argerich has a well-known recording of the Chopin Concertos on DG, IIRC.
  8. Ray: thanks! - those are the passages I was looking for. TRM does not explicitly cover the principles of esthetic science, as AR mentions in the quote from TRM. Esthetic science studies the esthetic faculty, specifically, how we respond to certain external sensory-perceptual stimuli (for example determining the principles of color harmony). Esthetic science should not be confused with esthetics, the philosophy of art -- although the elements and principles of esthetic science are the building blocks of art.
  9. Hi -- does anyone know where AR mentions esthetic science? I seem to remember a reference in TRM, but I can't find it. Does LP mention it in OPAR? Thanks in advance.
  10. legal music downloading

    Are any of the services recommended above good for discovering music (as opposed to downloading or listening)? Do they let you quickly flip through different pieces? Do they suggest other artists who may be similar to ones you liked? For the radio stations mentioned: can you skip to the next song, or do you have to sit through every song, as with conventional radio? My interest in music on the internet is limited to discovering music that I like; for subsequent listening/enjoyment, I prefer to buy the CD, since CD sound quality is much better than MP3 or other internet (compressed) formats. My current method for finding music is to surf through amazon, cdconnection and other music sites, and listen to short clips while reading about the artist and recording; if something sounds interesting Ill go to the artist's web site to hear longer excerpts. Is there a better process?
  11. Writing a heavily documented draft

    Burgess: unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, its pretty easy. What word processing software are you using? MS Word has footnote/endnote capabilities that store the note as an entity separate from its referring mark in the text; a footnote will follow its referring mark in the text no matter how much the text evolves. Is this what you're looking for?
  12. Poetry and Rap

    Fear of a Black Hat (1994) is a brutal satire of gangsta rap. It follows mock rappers Tone Deaf, Ice Cold, and Tasty Taste. If I recall correctly, its very, very funny. Here's the link at IMDB: Check out the hilarious quotes page (scroll down for link) "We anti violent, anyone says different, I'll bust a cap in their ass. "
  13. Spybot

    I second the recommendation for those two software (SB and AA). I also recommend the Google Toolbar which, besides having a lot of nice search features, has a very good pop-up blocker.
  14. May I recommend...

    Great list, Writeby! Here's mine - we have quite a few in common: DRAMA Queen Christina, 1933 Gone with the Wind, 1939 Citizen Kane, 1941 Casablanca, 1942 The Fountainhead, 1942 All About Eve, 1950 Cyranno de Bergerac, 1950 The Quiet Man, 1952 African Queen, 1957 12 Angry Men, 1957 Separate Tables, 1958 The Manchurian Candidate, 1962 The Great Escape, 1963 Doctor Zhivago, 1965 The Sound of Music, 1965 Breaker Morant, 1979 The Right Stuff, 1983 Amadeus, 1984 Tucker, the Man and his Dream, 1988 The Shawshank Redemption, 1994 Courage Under Fire, 1996 COMEDY Twentieth Century, 1934 Ninotchka, 1939 Looney Tunes cartoons, 19?? Unfaithfully Yours, 1948 "EPIC" El Cid, 1961 Spartacus, 196? HITCHCOCK Dial M for Murder, 1954 Rear Window, 1954 To Catch a Thief, 1955 Vertigo, 1958 North by Northwest, 1959 POSTWAR BRITISH Life and Death of Col. Blimp, 1943 Passport to Pimlico, 1949 The Man in the White Suit, 1951 Genevieve, 195? WESTERN High Noon, 1952 Shane, 1953 The Magnificent Seven, 1960 POWELL AND PRESSBURGER Life and Death of Col. Blimp, 1943 I Know Where I'm Going!, 1945 The Red Shoes, 1948 DANCE MOVIES, ASTAIRE AND ROGERS The Gay Divorcee, 1934 Top Hat, 1935 Follow the Fleet, 1936 Swing Time, 1936 Shall We Dance?, 1937 DANCE MOVIES, MGM An American in Paris, 1951 Singin' in the Rain, 1952 The Band Wagon, 1953 Funny Face, 1957 Silk Stockings, 1957 "DISSECTIONS OF EVIL" The Godfather, 1972 Goodfellas 199? Unforgiven, 199? ETC: My Cousin Vinny A Fish Called Wanda Name of the Rose Life of Brian Bridges of Madison County Hunt for Red October Glory, Gettysburg In the Line of Fire Quiz Show Life is Beautiful The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill True Crime You've Got Mail Analyze This Old School
  15. The Space Elevator

    How is the system supposed to work? How much tension is in the tether?To what extent is the mass at the end in held by the tension vs. held by gravity?