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  1. Jihad in cyberspace

    Thanks Coire. Alright, I misunderstood the nature of your example. I thought you meant that some of the products become poison without warning because of the product, not some outside force. I understand how Microsoft can "spoil" under attack, but I know near nothing about computers and even I knew this caveat before I bought Microsoft. That's why I account for it in other protective measures. I don't think this caveat makes it a bad company, especially considering how useful their product is when used properly (as demonstrated by the huge demand). And though Microsoft could potentially increase the demand for their product by resolving this caveat themselves, I don't think the potential for betterment makes it bad now. Are you evaluating the companies product by your own professional standards; is that how you call it bad?
  2. Heroes

    My mother - who bravely protected herself and her children from a creeping insidious disaster, who has made the life she wants and earned her happiness, who answered my childish questions honestly, and who only enforced her decisions if I disagreed when it meant my safety. She nurtured the independence I have come to expect as given. I'm lucky to have such a good woman and role model so close to me.
  3. Club Status

    We were never a very large club, our membership was ... select ... rather than copious, but since spring 2006 even those die-hards have left [graduated, transferred, married, or out of school for other reasons]. Thus our club has become non-functional due to lack of membership. We had been having trouble finding members to fill necessary officer positions last year anyway. There are still a couple of us around town, whether in school or not. So if you want to contact us about the club or just to chat you can e-mail me and I'll see what I can arrange. As the former secretary I'll keep the club's papers for a few years, but the website will no longer be maintained as the domain is Purdue property [and I have no idea how to do that anyway, it was Nick's job]. ~Amanda Carlson [A.K.A Aurelia]
  4. Wedding

    It was a happy and personal wedding, made elegant by its sincerity. It was an unforgettable joy to see the two of you get married. Here are a few of my favourite photos: Ashley getting her hair and nails done Nick beaming As reported, the two of them dance well together
  5. Oh the suspense!

    Could you tell me, please, how much time do the classes take in outside work? I heard mentioned that the actual lecture is 1.5 hours per course, but I don't assume that includes homework, studying, essays, etc. Also, related to the previous question, about how difficult would you say they are? There is a lot of things I am considering doing next semester, so I am trying to decide what I can reasonably accomplish. I am having difficulty judging this through lack of information because all these potential activities are new to me, my knowledge is second-hand at best. In your opinion, is a course through OAC equivalent to the time taken/difficulty of a course at a university, or more so (maybe equivalent to an advanced course)? Or less, though, by their course descriptions that doesn't seem likely? ~Aurelia
  6. Take Your Pick

    My best friends are getting married in 3 weeks and you make it difficult, Brian, to contain my excitement!
  7. Pictures

    Using IMG tags Clicky Using URL tags
  8. Happy Birthday to PhilO

    Happy Birthday Phil!
  9. How Observant Are You?

    I thought the answer was that all the words have repeating patterns of letters. It didn't occur to me that they would also spell the same backwards. So, I guess I'm dull in an observant way.
  10. I Am

    I would be glad of your short stories. From your single post you seem to have a jaunty style, so I'd like to see what stories you write. Welcome to the FORUM.
  11. It's nice to be among you all!

    Hello Justin, I agree that was a fantastic scene. After the weariness of the first part, where every other human is an obstacle rather than an ally, it felt so very exhilarating to see people live and trade rationally together. I especially enjoyed when Dagny unconsciously begins designing a rail system; she seemed so happy, lively, and at ease. I'm a good 2 hour drive from Chicago (2 1/2 - 3, if you're an adherant of speed limits) so no coffee for me. But I might be able to reccomend some sights if you have time. Above all, I recommend you avoid driving in the downtown area. There are easier ways to get around.
  12. Nature nazis:

    Lol, this is the best part: I suppose it hadn't occured to him that we might exert a little control in preventing the disasters by cutting down the trees. Honestly, the stubborn idiocy of it! I don't envy Mr. Welch his battle, talking sense into a board is nigh impossible.
  13. Thank you. It's always a treat to witness happy people making their lives happier together. All my best to you both.
  14. Stephen's Health

    Stephen Speicher was my example of what happiness is possible in life. It is my great misfortune that I only knew him as an acquiantance. Cheers, good man, life was beautiful.
  15. The Job Killers

    That's the best laugh I've had all week! It's simply ridiculous to picture an entire group of men so seriously scared of competency. I'm glad you gave them hell.
  16. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    [expletive denoting surprise]! That one went way over my head. Thanks, MartinC.
  17. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    I've made it to 18 but ran into a wall in trying to get to 19. I'm sure I've figured out the right address to enter, but when I enter it I just get redirected back to page 18. This isn't how the game normally handles a wrong answer so I think it's something else. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know if this is supposed to be a part of the game or an error?
  18. Who Needs Luck?

    Thank you, Brian, for adding inspiration to a prospectively gloomy day. Your story is so electrifying that I had to pause for several minutes just to enjoy the urge to laugh!

    Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray! also makes some shows available online. Of special note is Jericho, reminds me of Lost without the polar bears and killer black clouds [i.e. insane wierd stuff]. Although of NBC, CBS, and ABC I think ABC has the best interface format. It's very smooth and lays everything visually out in front of you.
  20. My god, don't tell me that you didn't run a credit check on her!
  21. No, not yet. I downloaded DirectX but it didn't have any effect. So, I tried poking around to figure out more about my drivers and discovered that they are probably out of date. I'm trying to figure out how to update it.
  22. I'm running on Windows XP. The error message appears while it's loading and says "failed to initialize drawing surfaces". It says to make sure I have an appropriate graphics card and that my driver is up-to-date, then advises to try a lower screen resolution. I switched to 16 bit and a 800x600 resolution, made sure to restart, and I still got the message.
  23. What are the graphics card requirements? I'm getting a weird error message, odds are it's my system not your game.
  24. French to lead Revolution against Global Warming

    I've been looking for a politician I can support, but I haven't found any politicians whose stand on issues are consistently principled. So the best of what I've seen are the guys who extoll property rights on one issue, but then violate them on another. Seems to be hit-and-miss. With that in mind here's a list of summaries and documents on Senator Inhofe's work and policies.