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  1. Snowflakes

    I'm sorry Stephen, for misspelling your name.
  2. Snowflakes

    Thanks Stepgen, I'll check it out! I've long wondered about the basis for the idea that no two snowflakes are alike.
  3. New York Skyline to Change

    Supposedly he's inspired by fish and the way they move. He likes his buildings to be shiny [usually plated] with funky contours. The best I can say about him is that I've seen worse architecture than his. Much worse.
  4. Funny Videos

    That's astounding but, my god, his poor ligaments! You almost don't want to watch.
  5. Happy Birthday to piz

    Happy Birthday, Birthday-Boy! How did you enjoy your day?
  6. Ender's Game

    Happily. "literary cotton candy" is a phrase I use for fiction that doesn't have any substance. You read it thinking it'll be a novel treat but you quickly get bored with the cliched writing style, lack of coherant theme, and sparse plot. In fact, the whole story seems nothing more than a showcase for the characters and setting which are developed meticulously. Recently I've been trying to identify what exactly about these novels makes them so dull. I'm thinking that it's a lack of substantial conflict to drive the plot. Either there's no obstacle for the hero or the obstacle is a mole-hill when it should be a mountain. I've found the genre of science fiction and fantasy is littered with this stuff which is why I'm "always looking for authors that do the genres justice".
  7. Jokes

    How many surealists does it take to screw in a light blulb? [scroll] Fish.
  8. Would there be a demand for Transcripts of UO?

    I'd love to be able to buy a transcription rather than an audio version since I'm strapped for cash. It's an excellent idea and I thought of it once myself. I sent a letter to ARB making a case for transcriptions [especially in regard to college students, who seem to make up a sizable chunk of their customer base], asking what they thought about the idea, and indicating that I'd be willing to help do transcriptions if they were interested. The response I got was a pretty generic "thank you for your suggestion, we'll forward it to the appropriate people". I don't think they're interested. But Phil's idea is much better. Care to share? Sounds intriguing!
  9. Game: Catch 33

    Booyah, 37 seconds! Since they spring from the middle at the beginning of the game, you can usually get the first few by just hovering the cursor there. And that's about all the attention I want to spend on that.
  10. Game: Catch 33

    Best time: 46 seconds [out of 8 attempts] Thanks, it's a clever flash! The little buggers change their trajectories.
  11. Perfect Pancakes

    I've spent the past two years perfecting my pancake recipe, making minute adjustments every time I get that pancake urge [the best off-to-college present I ever gave myself was a griddle]. First of all I add sugar [lots of it] because syrup is too thick and messy to be dumped on delicate pancakes [contrary to popular opinion]. No, a pancake needs the sweet and savory blend of butter and sugar, but in a more subtle way. So, what you need to do is add sugar to the batter, then eat the finished pancake with just the butter. That problem solved, the dilemma has always been the pancake's consistency. If you follow the recipe on the box you get thin batter and week pancakes with no fluff. If you try increasing the batter to milk ratio [i don't even want to discuss using water instead of milk] then your pancakes simply get more and more dense until they're indigestible. No matter how subtle the change, increasing batter/milk adds no fluff. So keeping batter/milk constant if you add an egg to induce fluffiness what you get is better than the previous two but it becomes this weird cake-pancake hybrid that's not so much dense as in need of frosting. But now, I have received a momentous bit of advice from Nick and Ashley. By separating the egg whites from the yolks and whipping them to a fine froth before folding it into the batter you can achieve fluffiness. So this is my newly revamped and ever evolving pancake recipe: Basic Pancake 2 cups pancake mix 2 eggs 1 1/4 cup milk [i use skim, which works fine. If you use a different type you may need to adjust.] Measure out pancake mix into a large bowl. Separate egg whites and yolk, pouring the white in a separate small bowl and dumping the yolk into the batter. With a whisk mix milk and egg yolks thoroughly with the batter. The whisk is very important! Not only will you need it for the whites, but if you don't beat the batter thoroughly with a beater or whisk you will get a lumpy batter with bits of undissolved powder, which you will then need to sift out. The whisk makes pancakes happy and easy. Next, rinse your whisk, and beat the whites until as frothy as possible or until there are "stiff peaks". That is, when you pull the whisk out some egg white froth follows, breaks off, then stays in a cone-like form because of its stiffness. Blend into the batter. Fry at 350 degrees, preferably on a griddle. A few tools I consider indispensable: one big and one small bowl, whisk, rubber spatula, extra thin extra wide metal spatula, my cheapy Presto griddle from Wal-mart. Some variations on the basic pancake that I've experimented with and like [just add the listed ingredients to the basic recipe]: Plain Pancakes - 1 cup sugar Banana Pancakes - 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 black mushy banana, thawed. To handle the mushy black banana, peel open the tip, squeeze the other end, and let it slide out into a small bowl. Use the whisk to mash it up and beat it into a semi-smooth puree. Spiced Pancakes - 3/4 to 1 cup sugar [to taste], 1 tbsp cinnamon, and possibly a dash of other spices [e.g. clove, anise, mint, nutmeg].
  12. Funny Videos

    British rakes:
  13. Perfect Pancakes

    What is "folding"? I had assumed that it was repeatedly scooping the mixture from the bottom to the top, but that doesn't seem vigourous enough to bring plenty of air into the whites. Do you find that it works as well as or better than the beating?
  14. Substitute for onions revealed!

    If not a vegetable, then I would hazard that it's an herb. Though I'm not sure why or how one would make such a distinction.
  15. Jokes

    Dispatch from The Onion:
  16. Sushi

    You must be the next prophet! Anytime that horrible stuff has been forced upon me I'm amazed at how accurately it can portray its smell in a taste.
  17. Donnie Darko (2001)

    I've watched this movie over and over again mostly because I didn't understand the story line; I've heard a few others say something to that effect. If you get interested in this movie it'll probably be because you're sure there some meaning to it and you've just got to figure it out. There isn't, he's just hallucinating, it's best veiwed as a kind of 80's-angsty-melancoly-comedy. Given that, it's quite funny!
  18. Heroes (2006)

    For various reasons I don't have a TV, but I caught a glimpse of the cheerleader episode while on vacation and was intrigued. I found this on the NBC Heros website: "All episodes now steaming online". This trend to put television online is fantastic!
  19. Recipe book/software

    You'll want a copy with you while you cook, unless it's something you make regularly and have memorized. As for online storage, why not just e-mail them to yourself?
  20. Ice Cream

    ... except the Peanut Buster Parfait. It's the salt. Peanut salt + DQ's famous smooooth ice cream + hot fugde = perfection. It's a simple equation.
  21. Favorite Xmas Songs

    With your interest in specific songs and versions, have you ever considered buying the songs individually and creating your own album? I think it could be cheaper and more rewarding than buying many pre-made albums for a few songs. iTunes has a very nice [comprehensive, respectable] service, with a going rate of about a dollar per song. The songs can be played on windows media player, or burned onto a cd. I know some albums are so seemlessly integrated that one should really listen to the whole album all the way though, but most aren't such and I find I can make lovely themed albums of my own. But I did look up all at 'King' Cole's holiday songs in the iTunes music store and didn't find Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
  22. In praise of the man I love

    Though it's sad now, may you both be better for it in the end and better luck next time.
  23. Remember ye to always keep the Friday Sabbath good and holy with plenty of delicious pasta. Parmesan be upon Him!
  24. Happy Birthday to Aurelia

    I'm sure the twins will play nice with their brother Brent. To tell the truth, we've been separated recently and I miss him. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Stephen. And thank you everyone for your beautiful wishes, and for being a part of what makes this lovely little space feel like home. It's been a fun day: a little sweet, a little nostalgic, a little heart-stopping, and a little like I feel older in a good way. By the way, I still have my entire twenties to look forward to. Nick's the one who should start watching his hip.
  25. Benjamin Netenyahu

    Netenyahu would make a fine president. He'd be the only candidate I've ever really been for, as opposed to not so much against. Does anyone know the reasoning behind that ridiculous law. I figure it was because the founders were afraid that a british sympathizer could make it to the presidency and wreck havoc.