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  1. Favorite Xmas Songs

    I nearly forgot! Thanks to Rose for reminding me with her comprehensive list. I adore the entire Nutcracker Suite, especially the Russian Dance and the Arabian Dance of the divertissement. In the mid-1980s, I think, right after I was born, my mom taped a version of it off PBS. I watch it every year at Christmas and have never found a version that compares. After a bit of search I discovered it's Nutcracker: The Motion Picture (1986) by Pacific Northwest Ballet. In this version the Russian is performed by painted warriors in what appears to be a spirited war dance, fire and all. The Arabian is done by a dancer caged and costumed elaborately as an exotic bird. She's released for her dance and struts sadly and elegantly across the stage, both reveling and mourning her temporary freedom.
  2. Math and Physics Books

    Thanks for the link! I'm working from this book too. Also, I second Ed's reccommendation for Calculus Made Easy by S. P. Thompson. It's a good way to start calculus.
  3. Photography

    Not the White Tank Mountains, right? I've seen the same thing there, but hikers/campers go there all the time, so it's not exactly secluded.
  4. Happy Birthday to Nicolaus Nemeth

    Well it's your birthday and I wouldn't want to embarass you in public. Hey, I found something Catan-ish, Xplorers. You wanna play? Name the time and I'll let you hand me those victory laurels.
  5. Happy Birthday to Nicolaus Nemeth

    The snow is sparse this year. Still, I think I can wing it! I'm so sorry I can't be there for your birthday and you can't be here, but I'll be thinking of you today while you're celebrating, so let me give the first toast: You're my best friend and my brother, I love you dearly. So here's hoping the slow decline toward 30 is not so bad. Cheers!
  6. Funny Videos

    Not so much funny, but subtley silly here's Ok Go:
  7. Favorite Xmas Songs

    Bryan, that's gorgeous! It encapsualtes exactly what I loved about that song as a child. Thank you so much, I have a new favourite.
  8. Favorite Xmas Songs

    The best Christmas song ever is Carol of the Bells. I like the versions done by choirs and orchestras [especially The Robert Shaw Chorale version] but Mannheim Steamroller's version ... . Ripping guitar chords and drums are nice but how anyone can combine them with such a delicate song, one that feels like silver bells chiming, is beyond me. Some other favourites [in particular order]: It Must Have Been Old Santa - Harry Connick Jr. Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas - Frank Sinatra Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee Jared, I love O Holy Night also. It's very powerful, dramatic. It's beautiful in any language. Although I think there's a little to be said for the English lyrics. When taken completely out of context they're quite beautiful. The phrase "the soul felt it's worth" has always thrilled me.
  9. Onions Are Evil

    Oh, yeah. Haven't you ever taken a huge crisp bite of a savory onion bulb? The tangy aroma filling your senses. It's slightly sweet with a sharp after-taste that's warming all the way down.
  10. Onions Are Evil

    No, I hadn't heard of those before. Do tell, how do they compare to the regular white garden onions?
  11. Onions Are Evil

    Have you been eating white onions Piz? I know, they're tasteless and sour, only good for cooking with other things. Try some green onions [otherwise known as chives], they're sweeter with a flavour all their own.
  12. I'm with you on this one, Piz. Especially since it's "inspired by a true story"; bad mojo. After seeing the preview, I'm a little impressed by the main character, he's somebody I'd like to know. But I can just see it: he comes within 2 inches of reaching the big-time [i.e. the pretty cherry red beaut he admired], but he backs down and takes something else that, while it will provide economic stability, is lesser, because of his son. The kind of thing that is not exactly idyllic or heroic because he didn't actually acheive the heights of his goals, and not exactly immoral because he may have perfectly legimate reasons for backing down, but will none-the-less be praised as selfless. I hope dearly to be wrong, as I have about a few this year.
  13. Thanksgiving Dinner

    I don't know about that ... Aunt Sharon does a spicy sausage stuffing that outshines the turkey. I'm really hoping it makes an appearance at dinner this afternoon. Seriously, congratulations on your dinner. It sounds so spectacular my mouth waters, especially those green beans! I think a recipe section or thread [like the joke thread] is a good idea. I have a tecnique for fruit pies that I've been wanting outside opinion on.
  14. So, how's YOUR November weather?

    So much for human industry since the road to Hell is apparently paved with good intentions. In Lafayette, Indiana we have a weather buffet, take your pick. In the past two weeks we've got temperatures everywhere from 20's to 60's [F]. It's been blue-skied, windy, rainy, sunny, overcast, and not-quite-snowing. Right now it's nice: low 60's, cloudless, with a little fog; a sit-on-the-patio-admiring-the-veiw-with-apple-cider kind of night that smells like winter. But it's been nice for too long [nearly a week], I'm suspicious and thinking there's going to be rain/snow soon.
  15. FIRE

    There are quite a few different versions on YouTube where the video quality is better.
  16. The Office (2005)

    Agreed. I'm still astonished by the fantastical things that come out of Dwight's mouth. And Michael! He's a walking embarassment in slow motion. His foot has gotten comfortable and raised a family in his mouth.
  17. Funny Videos

    Oh, that's good!
  18. Thanks, Redwall has a special place on my shelves. The series saved my love of books from ashes. Also good for the independent reader who is looking for that bridge from picture books: The Neverending Story, Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nihm, and summaries of classical mythology.
  19. For children who can read novels for themselves I reccomend Martin the Warrior. It is a part of a much larger series [18 novels and counting] by Brian Jacques and is, in my opinion, the best. It's about a young mouse who is brave, independent, and has integrity who gathers an army and leads the charge against the tyrant who tried to enslave him and many others. The novel can be emotional and graphic at times [there's a torture scene and more than a few tragic deaths]. I read it at age 11 or so and was deeply impressed at having discovered good literature with heroism and drama for the first time [after I had Sweet Valley High and it's ilk continually shoved down my throat].
  20. Club Status

    The reason Purdue no longer has an Objectivist club is because there is only one person left who is 1) a registered student, 2) in good standing and 3) willing to be an officer. By university regulations we need two. As far as I know that situation hasn't changed over the summer. I think our club is still in the registers, it's probably in a sort of haitus status. So we wouldn't have to restart it completely, and if I remember correctly it'll probably keep that stauts until next semester. I'll talk to Coire and see if we can find the officers to restart the club; not to maintain it here, we don't have the numbers to accomplish that. Just to give us offical club status so we can have access to university resources for the larger club. Even so, I'm hesitent to want to use university facilities. In my experience in coordinating these meetings, the location matters to the tone of the meeting. We tried a couple different locations for our meetings here. When they were held in classrooms the participants were shy and unwillingly to speak when not directly spoken to. We eventually moved our meetings to the student union lounges and the meetings went much better and more openly. I think the classrooms felt too much like school. I don't know about a library, I've never seen it.
  21. Club Status

    That sounds wonderful, Phil. As far as advertising to students, not only could we use the club structures already there, but Facebook makes contacting any students possible. Non-students might be more difficult. Before we start anything though, I'd like to be very clear in what objective you and Taylor have in mind. I was thinking just a small social gathering, coffee or something, but I'm game for more if that's what you have in mind. Do you envision a lecture, a regular moderated discussion, a one-time social event, a regular social event, or some mixture of these? I'm up for making the trip once or twice a month. I might even be able to drive a few people.
  22. Club Status

    Sorry I hadn't replied sooner. I'm always tickled to meet other Objectivists and I'm only really familiar with the inside of the Indy airport. So, I'd love to come, but I can't speak for any other people hiding out here. I'll see who I can round up. Were you thinking of making it a regular thing? I'm not in school this year so my schedule is more flexible than most, but still ... iffy. As long as I get a couple weeks notice I can take the time off work. How's October 14, I'm assuming the weekend is best for students? I'm not much into us-against-them school spirit thing either. But don't come to Purdue wearing IU gear, unless you fancy taking your life in your hands. ~Amanda [A.K.A. Aurelia]
  23. Hope you two had the best of birthdays, ate lots of ice cream, and saw lots of friends!
  24. Cat Flush

    Well, we're not talking about some dog here. He's got patience and no natural inclination to toilet-drinking.