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  1. I think I understand what you're trying to say, and RayK phrases it much better. It's good to know that a man you're interested in is actively seeking a relationship because a.) he pursues values b.) he might be interested in pursuing you. Blase is a big turnoff for me. But, depending upon the context, this is probably far too forward far too soon. Meaning that if she doesn't already know this, then this is not a good way to tell her. That said, many people, including myself, may overemphasis something and give the wrong impression in the beginning. I myself tend to consider that and overlook such early awkward slips. It makes for a funny story later if the person does turn out to be perfectly fine and you become closer. But still, this statement says to me that you are not interested in my whole person. You're interested in my traits which fit your list. You've already created a woman in your head and this relationship will consist in me trying to live up to that. No, Thank you!
  2. Improved personal hygiene

    If you do it yourself, I find it less painful if you do it after a hot shower.
  3. Improved personal hygiene

    Congratualtions, Groovenstein. Nothing is sexier than a man who obviously cares for himself. Don't forget to exfoliate and moisterize your lips as well! It's an often forgotten or avoided part of daily clensing, but is skin all the same. Just give it a bit of a rub with an old tooth brush to exfoliate and don't forget to wipe over it while you're moisterizing the rest of your face. I use Neutrogena all the time and though it may feel funny at first, there's no reason to worry about it getting in your mouth as long as you're not shoving it down in there.
  4. Club Status

    This is also how the club ended at the last university I attended [Arizona State University]. Objectivists, especially those in college, are difficult to collect; they keep running off doing their own things!
  5. Interview with Provenzo on Activism

    I'm not sure what you mean by creepy. I'd specify overly, eyebrow-raisingly enthusiastic.
  6. In addition to the excellent advice given so far, you might offer to pay for part of her schooling. If the choice between a secular and Catholic private school comes down to its price, and you have the available income, you could offer your brother to pay the difference. Considering your love and concern over your niece, I don't think it would be too forward or assuming too much to make such an offer, even though you're not a parent. And, I don't know their feelings, but the parents may be grateful for the help. Good luck! I can say from experience, your niece is most lucky to have loving rational family in her life.
  7. Pre-Objectivist Political Leanings

    I selected strongly religious, but that was a bit of a tricky decision. When I was young [~12-14] and first began to think about god I immediately separated the idea into two questions. Do I trust god in my day to day life? Does god exist? I thought about how my grandmother sincerely prayed for green arrows when turning left at stoplights and decided I didn't have any faith, nor apparently needed it. Then I spent a year or so agonizing over the second question before I decided it was unanswerable and I didn't care. It didn't occur to me that this view of god conflicts with the teachings of the church because I had always seen god treated like a metaphor anyway. I thought I simply didn't need the metaphor, and people who took it literally were kind of scary and very dull. I considered myself deeply religious because I loved church. I looked forward to it every week as an hour rest from regular duties/distractions set aside just for me to think. Think about truth, honesty, family, theft, belief, goodness, reality, anything that was interesting me or that the priest was touching on in his sermon. It was easy for me to do this too, because I attended a very modern sort of pragmatic Catholic church; my mother and Father John both encouraged discussion. Religion was very much a necessary part of my life. I was uncommonly active in the church, and [based upon the people I'd met] I eschewed atheists as taking a disgusting delight in not knowing anything. Even after being involved with the works of Ayn Rand for some years, it was very difficult for me to leave.

    I think it's an intriguing idea. I'm wondering how you would classify income. Would you consider it a production of the corporation, or would you [and possibly your wife] be considered donors [who happen to donate your entire income]. I'm thinking the former is the most reasonable, but I'm not sure where that would put you as individual taxpayers. Normally the individual employees of a charitable organization files their own tax form, but since you're also a recipient of the charity I don't think you'd actually need to receive a salary from the organization. Any tax lawyers on hand?
  9. Happy Birthday to Lord Poppycock

    Happy belated birthday, Lord Poppycock! I hope you found a way to celebrate the occasion.
  10. Multi-Monitor Usage

    I don't yet use a computer in a career capacity. I'm still a student ... ish. I have a single monitor at home with my box and use it for everything. It's a rather cheap ~2.5 year old 17" CRT [FS7550 @ 1024x768] I had gotten for my 18th. I also have a 15" Dell FP to which I may upgrade, if I can't sell it. I've never used multiple computers, and I don't see its applicability to me, but I've heard a lot of praise for the setup. If my second monitor doesn't sell, I'll try it. I use firefox almost exclusively: to write, get the morning news, listen to the radio, read editorials/blogs/books, to retrieve any sort of information from "who said..." to "what is the proper definition of...", communicate [especially with those outside the U.S.], watch television [in a limited fashion], etc. My relationship with my computer is summed up by its name, "Hands"; I might add to that "Eyes, Ears, and Mouth". I always have at least 3 tabs open, sometimes up to ~15. I use Microsoft Office Word to format and print documents, but all that I have on my computer is a few unfinished projects lying around on the desktop for ready access [comparable to loose paper on a desk]. All my work is saved to an online storage account that is constantly open in firefox. Actually I'm quite proud of my system, it's very efficient and allows me to be completely mobile without a laptop. I also periodically use Adobe Reader, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media. I work in VPython frequently, but my pc doesn't handle the program very well, so I use the faster campus computers. In which instance my system comes in handy so I can make quick edits at home if I need to, then run the tests whenever I'm on campus. I keep all these programs in a permanently displayed bottom bar So everything I need is always right in front of me on one screen, with the click of a tab or an icon.
  11. Congratualtions on your new expansion! You've got a great product here.
  12. Jokes

    Thanks David, that skit never gets old.
  13. And here I thought you were being mysterious.
  14. Chilling (and illuminating) film

    The website has a trailer and a few clips from the movie. In one of which, "The War Against the West", Daniel Pipes makes an appearance. Apparently he was interviewed for the movie.
  15. Thank you. I didn't attend the conference and was hoping there was something online.
  16. I've looked for information about next year's OCON but hadn't found any. I assumed it was too early yet. Could you say where he made this statement?
  17. Tattoos...would you ? have you ?

    Congratulations, KendallJ, that was a very well stated argument. And thank you. I had not previously realized the connection between volition [both on the part of the knower and the valuer] and the invalidity of intrinsicism.
  18. No more Playing with Dead Fish

    Piffle! The sacred savages of the environmentalists use animals in every manner [for playing, shelter, tools, etc.] as the crazies' would so readily point out in any other instance. I can just imagine their ironic use of "inhumane" in such an argument.
  19. Happy Birthday to mwickens

    Happy Birthday, Mark. Have fun today.
  20. Hello Community

    Good day to you, Daniel. This is indeed a fulfilling community and I hope you find friendship as well as intellectual stimulation. Might I ask, by way of introduction, what you read for pleasure? Have you ever heard of Gaiman or Pratchett, or are you strictly a non-fiction man?

    I can't think about that statement and Edward Norton's dead-pan face without giggling.
  22. Who should be called an "Athlete"?

    I agree with you mostly, Carlos, but I don't think we must define "sport" before we can move on to "athlete". Actually, I came upon "sport" by thinking more closely about "game" after I had already decided upon my preliminary definition of "athlete" And therefore, I propose that there are three things which, in conjunction, separate an athlete from other humans. An athlete is a person who (1)competes professionally (2)in a game using (3)primarily their body. In this sense a game must have rules for a way to win, and competition [if one of theseis missing, I'd consider it an excercise]. Note that a game could be backgammon, but a backgammon player could not be a athlete. I say primarily uses their body because, even though an athlete does indeed use their mind, they do so in order to discover how to use their body and equipment more efficiently. If you wanted to say that a sport is a game in which one primarily uses their body then you could shorten the definition of an athlete to one who (1)competes professionally (2)in a sport. Now, as to whether an athlete must use their body ideally is an interesting idea because I can think of, and you have pointed out, many examples of a person who competes professionally and physically but who I wouldn't consider an athlete as such. There seems to be something I'm missing and the manner in which a person uses their body may be it. I'm not sure of it yet but if it's true, then we'd have to establish a standard for what is an excellent manner of using one's body. On a final note of attributes, I use the general rule of -ic. If I wish to describe something in a manner which doesn't entirely fit its definition but which shares some attributes then I'd add the suffix -ic to the end of the not-quite-accurate word. For example, prose can be poetic in its description and a surgeon can be athletic in his operation. The rule's general because the English language is rarely so consistent in its constructions.
  23. Happy Birthday to Manjari and Joss Delage

    Happy Birthday, Joss.
  24. Elle's music

    I second that. I somehow missed your performance the last time you posted it.