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  1. Who Would Play You?

    Tee Hee!
  2. Alex and Sarah get married!

    This is absolutely delightful news! My most hearty congratulations go to you on your marital happiness.
  3. Happy birthday, Gideon. I don't believe we've met, but your blog is a great condensed source for news; thank you for sharing. I hope you fully enjoy your day.
  4. Who Would Play You?

    Matthew Broderick is a great actor who's played some amazing characters [usually with his wonderful sincerity], but I never knew he did Feynman. Thanks! As to who would play me ... difficult. I considered Christina Ricci because of her face and Jewel Staite [Kaylee Frye is remarkably similar to me] but Anna Chlumsky is the best I can think of.
  5. Ender's Game

    I figured, the last scene was really suggestive. I was told that the Shadow series that traces Ender's friends was a lot better than the Ender series. Any opinions? I really like SF and fantasy and am always looking for authors that do the genres justice. Card is a great writer, so I'm hoping he wrote some heroic stories, not just self-defeating ones.
  6. I agree with Burgess. I was in this same situation recently and found that an indication that Objectivism is a philosophy with a general one sentence statement of the main theme was just enough to satisfy an interviewer's curiosity. They aren't interested in discussing philosophy, so I would stress one sentence if you're given to explication.
  7. Happy Birthday to JeffT and AdamM

    Good day to you, Jeff, and welcome. It is indeed a wonderful phenomenon. I love how the Internet can make such a disparate community close!
  8. How Not to Thank the Military

    The Colonel's comment that this is the most honourable mission the pilots will ever serve reminds me of The Long Watch by Heinlein. Both are brathtaking stories of heroism, the Colonel's letter all the more so because it is real.
  9. 1776

    Thank you again, yes it was helpful.
  10. 1776

    Thank you, Dan. If you don't mind my asking, I heard that it mostly covers military tactic and battles, do you think it does so to the detriment of politics?
  11. 1776

    Stephen, would you please add this novel for rating?
  12. This Perfect Day

    I read this book on Mr. Bucko's excellant advice. Then read some of Ira Levin's other work, and the only thing I have to add to Mr. Bucko's comments is to emphasize the brilliant plot-work of Levin. You will never see it comming but it will make sense when you get there. This is the kind of book I happily lose sleep over.
  13. Ender's Game

    Card is a pretty good writer, definately much better than the vast majority of those in science fiction who spin out gobs of literary cotton candy, but I didn't really like this book. [admittedly this is the only book of Card's I've yet read] I think it's worth a read if you like SF and you have the time but I wouldn't spend more than $5 on it [gave it a 7]. Allow me to quote myself in reviewing this novel: Warning: There are spoilers about this book in this post
  14. Happy Birthday, America

    To the men who understood, believed, that liberty is more than an aerie abstraction, that it is the absolute sovereignty of every man to live by his own thought and action, I salute you, Sirs. You have my undying admiration for the simple, glorious, eloquence of signing your name and swearing to "pledge to each other [your] lives, [your] fortunes, and [your] sacred honour" in the name of your principles - those that founded America.
  15. Al-Zarqawi killed in air strike

    An AP article that my local student paper ran noted an online statement from al-Qaeda [emphasis added]: "We want to give you the joyous news of the martyrdom of the mujahed sheik Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The death of our leaders is life for us. It will only increase our persistence in continuing holy war so that the word of God will be supreme." I'm glad they think so, it makes our job so much easier. Maybe they could give themselves more "life" by shooting their own heads. Sounds desperate and silly to me.
  16. Al-Zarqawi killed in air strike

    ARI may not have anything prepared as of yet but yesterday Cox and Forkum posted a cartoon about it.
  17. Rate My Professor is popular here at Purdue and I find it helpful. It's a good idea, but I think it would be difficult to implement with such a small group of students. In my experience few Objectivists attend the same university, and rarely have the same professors. But it might work at some of the more populated universities like in Chicago, New York, or the ones in Socal.
  18. The Marketplace of Perceptions

    Thanks a bunch, Philip and Paul's Here. Now that school's out I have lots of time to plan intellectual projects that have been on the back-burner, like learning a little economics. I'm building myself a little liber legendus [books to be studied] and this helps. I meant it in the sense of the type of things one learns in an economics course; the general consensus among economists and to whom/where those theories are attributed.
  19. The Marketplace of Perceptions

    Sure! It's that I actually know very little of what traditional economists say. Most of what I know is based on discussion with friends and my own observation, and thinking; but I hadn't realized before how very ignorant I am of standard economic theory. I understand very easily why Economic Man is a Ptolemaic fallacy [that is, constructing a self-sufficient system that has nothing to do with reality]. Humans are volitional and as such aren't automatically rational. But you're right, he doesn't give any evidence, cite any economists, that this is the basis for their theories. Either way, it's bad writing on the author's part. Mostly I take issue with where behavioural economists go with that observation. Like being rational or irrational are both in man's nature so if they can just figure out the right proportions they can predict what men will decide and how to exploit those decisions; without recognizing that it is an individual choice and statistics only tell you what has been decided.
  20. The Marketplace of Perceptions

    Thank you, Paul's Here, for sharing your analysis. It helped me to identify something about my own understanding of economics.

    I love this qoute because it reminds me that it isn't enough to just be able to do something, nor is it enough to want to do it. In order to accomplish something I need both. That's taking the qoute out of context since Feynman's discussing hypnosis at the time, but I don't really mind. I like the way he says it.
  22. The Marketplace of Perceptions

    I have somewhat of an amateur interest in economics and have my own ideas about that article and the things it discusses. But I'd like to know specifically what about it you find discouraging, if you care to share.
  23. Gary Hull founding a college?

    I found this article in a google search ["founders college" hull]. A couple noteworthy points: The Board of Education has appointed a five member committee to review the college's request for degree-granting authority and ... Hull seems to have picked Maine because the property in question is "perfect", but he doesn't address the culture of Maine.
  24. Jokes

    Only if they finally get it over-the-counter approved; here's hoping!
  25. Search Battle of the Philosophers

    it seems like in the war between Plato and Aristotle, Aristotle just can't win.