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  1. Ewv, I wasn't making a summary of what you wrote. I was judging the forum quality from your replies to curi. His flood of posts show inspiration and interest.
  2. So the only evidence you are willing to give me is that this forum is no good for discussion? I prefer the term "fangirl" to "follower", btw.
  3. You can't point at a person and say: "You say this man is good? Ha! This man is a criminal, I saw him commit attrocities, you can say what you want of him, I have seen him do evil!" and expect to be taken seriously without further evidence. Give me an example. Quote something he wrote (outside these posts, since you say he does it all over the Internet) where you think he made a major mistake interpreting Ayn Rand and explain what is the correct interpretation.
  4. I think you're wrongly accusing curi of being malicious and trashing Ayn Rand. He likes Ayn Rand and he always defended her fiercly. He calls on people when they misunderstand Ayn Rand. He helps people understand her work. I probably would not have known about Ayn Rand (and be trapped forever in leftist nonsense) if not for curi. I also managed to start sorting anger issues by reading his stuff. Can I suggest you try to be more positive in your interpretation of him?
  5. If there aren't any mutual friends, what's the best course of action?
  6. What could lead an Objectivist to cut off all means of communication with a romantic partner? Is this a silent breakup?