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  1. Daniel Dennett on Consciousness

    Data is one thing, how it is integrated is another. They are trying to integrate with "flawed minds" that 'fool' them. Their results are therefore fooled. Did they not say their brains fooled them? It is the stolen concept in action. You cannot make claims as facts while at the same time admitting they may not be correct because their brain may have fooled them.
  2. Daniel Dennett on Consciousness

    I never figured how they can claim flaws in the mind, whilst using that same mind to make the claims as unflawed.
  3. Where is he?

    Fix the time and you fix the position.
  4. Christian von Koenigsegg (two videos)

    If only the deal to buy Saab had gone through, what wonders he could have done for the make.
  5. Sublime Non-Interventionism

    No policy or program will work the way you hope, until it is anchored in the sanctity of the individual. I have spent countless hours trying to get this principle over to the pragmatists I encounter. I am staggered at the number of people who gladly throw their liberty principles away for altruistic compromise. They do not see the rights of the individual as absolute.
  6. I had to give up after 14 minutes. His speech is so slurred that I struggle to make out what he is saying. He needs lessons in speaking clearly.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Congratulations on your son's proposal Betsy, and may peace and wealth and health come to all who visit here this festive season.
  8. The Narcissist in Chief

    Don't you have one of those dolls you stick a pin in?
  9. I had never heard of this one. It always amazes me how smart people can be and yet at the same time, some humans have not progressed beyond the stone age in thinking.
  10. Government ownership

    Collective ownership can be in the form of a share holding by a collection of individuals where a share is individually owned. However, I think you are referring to ownership of government property that has no individual title to it. Government needs property to function, but that property is not for economic use, but mutual 'defence'. If land, buildings and machinery is leased to the government, then actual property owned would be insignificant. The government would be subject to the law of the land as trustee, and not run by "cliques". Buildings could be donated, and so could other property. If a group of citizens buys the local cop a gun, the gun is held in trust by the cop and not owned by him.
  11. The Source Of Violence In Islam

    The difficulty for most is to untangle the toxic, blended brew of religion and Fascist thuggery politics. One is trotted out to shield the other. Religion is used as cloak of 'morality' that few dare question. People are afraid to criticize anything related to religion, and won't do the work to separate benign belief from a declaration of war.
  12. Pat Condell on peace in the Middle East

    Clarity seems to have no effect on muddled minds. It just gets twisted in the chaos of their thinking.
  13. Les Misérables (2012)

    It wasn't that long ago that this came out with Geoffrey Rush as the inspector. Prior to this there was a version with the French actor (dupreve? sp). I an surprised to see this done again.
  14. A brilliant speech by Bill Whittle

    I have posted this on the Pentax Forum (There is a thread on this camera forum set aside for religious and political discussion, and it is unbelievably left. I know I won't change their views, but I enjoy cutting the moral ground from under their feet.)
  15. Skyfall (2012)

    The effects of so many action movies are so far fetched that I just can't stay with the fantasy that this is not supposed to be fantasy. I lose interest.
  16. How do you explain this?

    Has the effect of gravity changes had an effect on the speed of light? My understanding is that time measurement is related to the speed of light, and that the speed of light is affected by gravity. Besides this the very concept of 'size' when it relates to the universe seems meaningless; what does one measure it with?
  17. Not from the fishes you don't.
  18. If she wants to cool it, then best respect that. You can still remain your cheerful self without putting pressure on her.
  19. ARGO

    I gather that they were slack in crediting the Canadians sufficiently.
  20. 476 Rome, 2008 Washington D.C.

    The problem is that there are not enough limits on Democracy. Some things should never be subject to a vote. Things like confiscating property for example.
  21. On Agenda 21

    All those alphabet codes - I am trying to picture what mental processes drove them to do all that work. Did any of the writers have a genuine belief in their ideas, or were they driven by hatred? Evil doesn't require planning, it comes easily enough without it. Moral action always requires planning which means we can never relax if we are not to be swamped, as you point out.
  22. Judgment. A sometimes elusive quality for even the most educated and intelligent.
  23. Initiation of Force: When is it permissible?

    Some people have been killed crossing the road. Their data assessment was wrong, yet they bet their lives it wasn't.. Is it OK to cross the road, after all there may be traffic we didn't see?
  24. I was thinking along these lines: The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object only the traits which favor that theory. Thomas Jefferson Read more at http://www.brainyquo...rwMzUQwgV3ut.99
  25. Most people. How else could they live with the contradictions they hold in politics and religion? My comment had more to do with the subject of this thread though. Someone who figured if one didn't vote Democrat, one didn't understand principles, namely the principles of Objectivism. This was justified by another set of principles he had derived from a theory of his. For many critics, the "material suffered from omissions of the indispensable, inclusion of the unnecessary." Of course one could put it down to simple error, and I make no personal accusations despite my suspicions.