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  1. My next read

    I've read all the Ayn Rand fiction that I know about. Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead, We The Living, Anthem, and Three Plays. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm 4 or 5 chapters into "Objectivism, The Philosophy of Ayn Rand", and I'm really enjoying it. I think I'll finish it. Thanks for the recommendation on "Philosophy, Who Needs It?", Jim. I think I'll do that next, unless I'm in a mood for fiction. If I am, does anyone have a fiction recommendations?
  2. My next read

    So, I've read "The Virtue of Selfishness", "Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal", all of Ayn Rand's fiction work, and Yaron Brook's "Free Market Revolution". I just bought "Objectivism, The Philosophy of Ayn Rand" by Leonard Peikoff, but I'm not sure if I should read it next or get something different. I was considering "Philosophy, Who Needs It?" by Ayn Rand. Suggestions anyone?
  3. Personal Activism

    Messed up the link, sorry. It's http://www.20thcenturymotors.com .
  4. Personal Activism

    Ok, so here's my plan. I can use all the help I can get. As I said in a different topic. I just bought 20thcenturymotors.com. I don't really like the domain name that much, but it's almost 20th Century Motor Company, but a bit shorter. If someone can think of a better domain name that's available, I'll get it. I've spent a few minutes setting up a drupal site, and I'll get some content up there soon. I'm gunna make get a bunch of signs designed. I'll probably start by making them myself. Yes, I'm giving them to panhandlers on street corners. The signs will all have a the website and when I get all high tech, I'll throw in a QR code to it. The website is there to expose rational people to Objectivism. Long term, since I'm a capitalist, I'll sell signs, and all sorts of "Who is John Galt?" type merchandise there. I really believe if we get people talking about Mrs. Rand, it's a good thing. So yeah, any good writers? I'm not horrible, but I'm no Mrs. Rand Any designers out there? I'm very open to ideas for what to put on the site. Yes, it's up now, but I've only spent a couple hours on it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Website is http://www.20thcenturymotors
  5. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    Not to speak for either of you, but it sounds like you agree. We have to fix our advertising. Look, the stupid are going to vote stupid. It's that simple. You can't force a man to think. Those who won't are a lost cause. In my opinion, one of the problems with modern politics is that BOTH sides try to sway the stupid, and blindly assume that the rational have already made up their mind. It's my very strong opinion that there are still enough rational people in this country that we can solve this problem. We need to target them. We need to have our own ground game. It sounds silly to put "Who is John Galt?" signs up all over, to give them a panhandlers $5 to hold one on the street corner all day, but I'm doing it. Those who can be swayed by reason will move our way, they just lack knowledge. On a rational being, curiosity is the doorway to knowledge, and "What the hell does that mean?" is a great segway to a google search, and google is a click away from a kindle download of Atlas Shrugged. I've personally convinced 4 people to read the book this month. Even though the majority of them already voted GOP, they didn't have the intellectual ammunition to really sway other rational people who where more inclined to vote for Obama. Maybe, just like Dagney Taggert, I'm fighting a lost cause but I'll be damned if I give up without a fight. I just want to fight in the most efficient way possible.
  6. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    Reading out the figures in a shrill, rapid voice, he proved to them in detail that they had more oats, more hay, more turnips than they had had in Jones's day, that they worked shorter hours, that their drinking water was of better quality, that they lived longer, that a larger proportion of their young ones survived infancy, and that they had more straw in their stalls and suffered less from fleas. The animals believed every word of it. Truth to tell, Jones and all he stood for had almost faded out of their memories. They knew that life nowadays was harsh and bare, that they were often hungry and often cold, and that they were usually working when they were not asleep. But doubtless it had been worse in the old days. They were glad to believe so -- George Orwell, Animal Farm.
  7. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    I'm not sure I agree with that. That statements makes the assumption that everyone who voted for Obama thought the role of government to be one thing, and those that vote for Romney another. I honestly think the problem is worse. I think that many that voted for Romney agree with many of the altruist nanny state principles that Obama espouses, just to a lesser degree, or they agree with Romney on religious principles so they vote GOP. I, like so many others in this forum, still think the battle is worth fighting, but I think we need to understand that the problem is not only on the "liberal" side of the house. It's on the other side too. Until we fix the GOP side, we'll ALWAYS get "out altruisted." We need to fight the real battle, and it can be won, with reason. The easiest soldiers to enlist are going to be on the GOP side. They need to embrase the principles of Objectivism, and stop with the apologetic capitalism. They have to stand up for the morality of self. I just had a hour long conversation with a good Nigerian immigrant friend who voted Obama. He's your typical liberal who thinks that most of those "1 percenters: are greedy and should be regulated. He's my friend on facebook, and also started martial arts because he sits by me at work and overhears me talking about it. We talk frequently about many things, and he brought up the politics this morning. After a "Objectivism 101" discussion, He's downloading Atlas Shrugged. He fell in love with what he called "my term" rational selfishness. He comprehended the point that it is rationally selfish to be benevolent to people, and government intervention compounds the problem. He's not ready to say he voted wrong yet, but his veil is lifting. Reason is a very powerful weapon. We need to use it. We can do this, and we must!
  8. Teaching my son

    Yeah, so we just got done training Jiu Jitsu together, and doing his homework. Wow... Betsy, I may back down. Not because I agree that it's too complicated. I'm actually pretty sure he'll understand. I may back down because I don't have the strength to show what a horribly depraved society we've become. He is so innocent, so proud, full of life, not a bit altruist, yet totally benevolent. I will find the strength to do this, because this IS the world we live in, and if we're still free enough to fight when he's old enough, he'll fight by my side. I'll be damned if some looting "public servent" makes my son into one of them. -- I swear by my life and my love of it, that I will never BLEEPING EVER live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine
  9. Teaching my son

    Thanks Betsy. I think my main concern is that without manufacturing situations, politics do not affect my 7 year old son. They ARE however being discussed in his school. He doesn't say much about it, but it's clear that the current president is idolized by the way his reaction is when he sees him. Like it's Santa Clause or something. It turns my stomach, and I don't want to just tell him "Obama is evil" without having him trust what Daddy says on faith. As far as the complexity goes, He's pretty good with math. In fact he trains Jiu Jitsu with me and we have fun calculating the score. One day he went to school and tried to convince his teacher that they should do Jiu Jitsu since it was math. Quite funny actually. While I don't think he'll "have fun" figuring out how much money he earns but doesn't get to keep, I do think it'll prompt very valuable discussion. I want to put concrete actions on the face that they're showing in his class. So that when he sees it, he understands the truth. Not the dribble that's being fed to him. That's the most important thing to me. My wife and I are discussing pulling him out of school, and possibly home schooling him. We have some Objectivist friends who do that, and I was home schooled from 6th grade. That wouldn't happen until he's done with this school year though.
  10. Teaching my son

    Love the compound interest idea. He abhors saving right now, in fact, I usually have to make him. He's always happy that he did, when he gets to buy a bigger lego set, but to him, the wait isn't worth the reword. A decently aggressive compound interest scheme might help change that.
  11. Teaching my son

    I like how I said I'm good with math, then screwed up the numbers. You folks get the idea though, I'm sure!
  12. Teaching my son

    This is my most recent blog post... I'd appreciate some input... http://oharaell.blogspot.com/2012/11/teaching-economic-freedom-to-my.html I have never explained anything political to my 1st grade son. However, I've recently noticed recently that he is quick to exclaim "Dad! There's Obama" anytime he shows up on the news. At dinner last night I heard a child that looked to be my sons age (1st grade) at the next table loudly proclaim, "Oh, I voted for Barack Obama!" It's very apparent that my son is learning something about this subject at school, the problem is, I'm not sure it's a lesson I approve of. He's like his Daddy, and pretty quick with the math, so I guess it's time for a lesson on economics. So here's my plan. He has a list of tasks to do, and he gets a "bonus" for his report card. His payment isn't flat, he actually gets paid for individual activities, so if he accomplishes more, he gets a larger "paycheck". I want him to learn the value of not just "hard work", but more importantly the value of accomplishing something. "The Obama Plan" For his next paycheck, I'm planning on implementing a progressive tax system. I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I want to make it so, with a decent amount of effort, he can and exceed the highest tax bracket in a pay period. I'll make the tax reflect a simple version of the system set to take effect in Jan so that he'll pay 39.6% tax in the highest tax bracket. I will keep things simple, and label this the "Obama Plan". I want him to put consequences on the face he sees. I want him to understand that the picture they'll showing at his school and clapping about does things to HIM personally. To keep the numbers simple, and not need to change his current pay scale I'm going to make the brackets like so. $0-$3 - no taxes $3-$7 - 10% $7-$10 - 30% $10 an up - 40% This means that if he makes $7 (a pretty normal week), he'll "take home" $4.90. If he makes $10 (he worked extra hard), he'll take home $6, an impressive $1.90 for the extra 5 or 6 tasks he had to do to "earn" the additional $3. He's a pretty bright kid mathematically, and I'd be willing to bet that he'll quickly learn that working for that extra $3 doesn't have the return that working for the original $3 does. Every payday, before he gets his money, I'll tax his taxes, and I will explain how the politicians decide to do this. I'll also run through the same gross pay under the other plan I discuss below. "The Other Plan" After a few pay periods of the progressive tax system, I'll implement Hermain Cains 9/9/9 plan with him. This is quite a bit simpler, since he's not running a business. I'll tax him 9% at payday, and 9% when he spends it. This means that he'll get $8.20 of buying power for that $10 he earns on a good week. I'm not yet sure what to label this plan since the Republican party never embraced this plan, only a lower version of the current progressive tax plan, so I'm open to suggestions. After he's gotten both tax plans, I'm going to ask him which one he prefers. This is gunna kill me, because I'm so proud of the way he runs upstairs to do "chores" and looks forward to "payday". But being a good parent is more than hugs and kisses, it's about teaching life lessons. It'll be a cold day in hell when I let the public school system teach my son their perverted version of morality.
  13. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    I'm fortunate to have a really good job with some very good options. I expect that in the next 2 years I'll make enough that I'll have the freedom to make much more bold decisions. I have a friend who is very wealthy. He does a lot of VC work for start ups now. At dinner on Saturday night, he, his wife and I where discussing politics with me and I jokingly asked if he was ready to go Galt. His wife looked at me with a straight face and said "Cayman Islands". I'm not being dramatic and saying "I'm out". My life, for the time being, is here. However, I am saying that depending on what happens over the next few years, this is something I may consider. I would make it a point to become a Francisco D'anconia.
  14. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    Well said Erik. If anything, I'm actually more motivated. The looters are a lost cause, there will always be looters, and they'll most likely always be the majority. I'm taking this opportunity to work more on my conservative friends, to show them that religious altruism is NOT the way to win the battle. We need to find the Reardons, the Wyatts and the Mike Donnigans, share our intellectual ammunition and can fight on.
  15. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    http://oharaell.blogspot.com/2012/11/whimsical-world-of-i-wish.html Critique me please!