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  1. Question For The Internet Savvy

    Contact NSA.
  2. Smartest Crow Ever?

    That may be true. They do mention that the bird was familiar with the individual tasks.
  3. Smartest Crow Ever?

    This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You've Ever Seen
  4. Smartest Crow Ever?

  5. Aloha

    Glad to meet you Myno. 10 days ago I was in Aruba and now its 12F here in Maryland. I'd take warm weather if I could find a job there. I've been involved with Objectivism since the early 70's. It's hard to believe that time flies to quickly.
  6. How Free is Your State?

    An interesting ranking of freedom in the states.
  7. Massachusetts' shortage of doctors that has resulted from their universal health care system has initiated some innovative health care techniques: seeing groups of patients at the same time. Bend over, everyone. Now cough!!
  8. Induction

    IMO, one way to validly claim All A is B is when B is causally related to the identity or nature of A. All atoms are matter; all men are mortal, etc. If one says that All crows are black, one is on shaky ground because color associated with most objects varies significantly for many reasons. Simply observing All A is B without causality is not going to get you there.
  9. Emergence

    I don't think the video is claiming that emergence results in the ordering in the universe. It clearly states that normal processes result in decay - lower entropy states. The video asks about process that result in groups of individuals, no where near the size of galaxies or solar systems for that matter.
  10. vs.
  11. 1. To pay back the debt as quickly as possible. 2. Of course. 3 & 4. In the same manner as one would in any situation, whether one was in debt or not. The debt simply limits how much money is available.
  12. Every Loneliness Is a Pinnacle

    What does it mean to you?
  13. Funny Videos

    Most unusual play: Player steals first base.
  14. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    I found this highly praiseworthy commentary on Gotthelf's life: DEATH/OBITUARY: In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf 1942-2013
  15. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf
  16. Edward Snowden

    Now we see why they want to keep the internet "free" and not have a pay-for internet.
  17. Edward Snowden

    Another very troubling point is that if the NSA can do all this, so can foreign governments and agencies. Imagine how easy it will become to frame you and then blackmail you if they can get into your email and bank accounts.
  18. What Happened on September 2?
  19. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    Yes. Seems like the publisher is out of business or purchased by another organization also.
  20. In Memoriam: Allan Gotthelf

    You can still get it on Amazon.
  21. DoD Manual says Founding Fathers were Extremists