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  1. Your Cake

    Either way, I've always found that quote confusing and I've never seen a good explanation. What does having a cake have to do with eating it and why are the two in conflict? Can you please provide one? Thanks.
  2. Moral Dilemma #1

    This is not much of a dilemma for me. I'd call up the company and let them know of the problem. The basic reason is that I don't want to receive an unearned value from anyone if I can possibly correct the situation. However, there would be a limit to how many times I would call them if they didn't fix the problem. After one or two attempts at contacting them, if the problem was not corrected, it would no longer be my problem. One time I found an umbrella in a restaurant and figured I could either take the umbrella or leave it assuming that the owner may come back for it. I left it there. Another time, I had to go on a canoe trip on a river. I didn't want to get my sneakers wet, so I took them off and left them hidden near the beginning of the conoe ride. When I got back from downstream, my sneakers were gone. Too bad there aren't more Objectivists in the world.
  3. What are good introductory economics books?

    Three books by Von Mises are an absolute must for beginners: Planned Chaos, Planning for Freedom, and The Anti-Capitalist Mentality. I'm not sure if they're in print these days but they're worth tracking down.