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  1. Do Unions Play a Role in Economic Development?

    Unions deserve some credit but when they legally force the wage rates above market value, they are excluding other non-union, productive people from contracting with employers to work at lower wages. So the apparent help they give to some comes at the expense of others.
  2. A Reason for Faith

    An interesting read.
  3. A Reason for Faith

    Ruveyn, We've been through this so many times over years of posts, all you do is repeat what you've said in other threads and ignore all of the arguments that refute what you've said. You're unique method of combining rationalism and empiricism in a skeptical, pragmatic, anti-conceptual method has worn thin. NOTE to others: A lack of discussion on my or anyone else's part with Ruveyn does not constitute empirical evidence that such statements need to be vociferously refuted. Such refutation has occurred in many other threads. There is no need to beat a dead horse, specially after it's been made into hamburger.
  4. A Reason for Faith

    Yes, but he seems to be honest trying to make some understanding of the issues but his desire to "save religion from reason" sounds a lot like a Kantian we're familiar with. I found it interesting the way he attempts to delimit Christianity to only what Jesus said or what is in the Bible, yet we're supposed to ignore 2,000 years of Christianity's evil (suppression of men) and it's opposition to reason simply because he cherry picks quotes. Somehow, the Inquisition is not really part of Christianity because Jesus told us to love everyone.
  5. White Smoke above CERN

    Very funny. See ya later. Gotta split.
  6. A popular philosophical "documentary"

    Wow. Now that makes sense. Interpretations [of what] produce [how] a result [what]. This reminds me of the rationalism of the church leaders who all debate the meaning of various teachings of Jesus but none of them question the result of the process: faith in the supernatural.
  7. A popular philosophical "documentary"

    Once again, ruveyn's rationalism rears its head.
  8. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Thank you John. It's great playing king of the hill.
  9. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Thanks, Betsy. I've become a sexagenarian now. Life gets better and sweeter with time.
  10. Induction, generalizations, and causality

    I haven't participated much in this discussion for exactly these reasons. I couldn't figure out what Burke was referring to. His posting of so many consecutive comments made it impossible to figure out what he was saying and what was connected to what. I appreciate both Betsy's and Erich's many attempts at getting him to understand things and present them more clearly. It was a lesson at patience beyond the call of duty.
  11. Can scientific theories be certain?

    That is irrelevant to concept formation and grasping the meaning of the concept or what entities fall under a concept.
  12. Induction, generalizations, and causality

    All swans are white.
  13. Brooks comments
  14. Jokes

    New Tarantino MovieDjesus Uncrossed (from Saturday Night Live yesterday.)
  15. Truth And Toleration Twenty Years Later

    Truth And Toleration Twenty Years Later
  16. Truth And Toleration Twenty Years Later

    It would be interesting to discuss them here. But I'd be more interested in arguments against Kelley's ideas that he presented in his talk.
  17. Beautiful Women and Men
  18. Happy Birthday to Linda

    Happy Birthday to Linda!!!
  19. A bad movie, Identity Thief.

    Thanks. I wasn't intending to see it anyway.
  20. How would you judge this?

    Not being a lawyer, I can't judge as far as the law is concerned. One thing I'd do is fire and sue all the lawyers who negotiated a contact that could be so misleading. If a contract is so ambiguous that no one can properly interpret it, I'd void the contract.
  21. Ethics without consciousness: "altruistic plants"

    Conceptual chaos. A plant using energy to create more leaves is altruistic since it could be using that energy to sustain the life of the leaves already on the plant.
  22. Objectivism and the future

    How can a future event have no objective data? If something will occur in the future, it must be caused by events in the past, which can be known by investigation.
  23. Beautiful Women and Men

    Super Bowl Half Time Show
  24. Jokes

    Morris (the father) says to his son: "I want you to marry a girl of my choice." The son says: "I will choose my own bride." Morris says: "But the girl is Bill Gates' daughter." The son answers: "Well, in that case, yes, okay." Morris then approaches Bill Gates daughter : "I have a great husband for you." Bill Gates daughter answers: "But I still study and I do not wish to get married yet!" Morris says: "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank." And the daughter answers: "Ah, in that case, yes, okay." Finally Morris goes to see the president of the World Bank. Morris says: "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president." The president answers: "But I already have more vice-presidents than I need." Morris says: "But this young man is Bill Gates' son-in-law." The President answers: "Ah, in that case, yes, okay."
  25. Where is he?

    Where is the man when he jumps off a bridge? Some have said: "He's in the air." But that's where he is after he jumps. Others say: "He's on the bridge." But that is where he is before he jumps. So, where is he when he jumps?