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  1. Where is he?

    So the concept "where" implies not only location but a specific time at that location. Would you agree that all action verbs require those two elements?
  2. Where is he?

    Wacko nonsense.
  3. Please help me find a mind...

    Change "love" to "mind" to express ruveyn's situation.
  4. Introspecting

    Agreed. No more debating about the mindless with the mindless for me.
  5. Where is he?

    I think the question clearly delimits the context, so bringing in moving at the speed of light or near that speed is outside of the context of this discussion.
  6. Funny Videos

  7. Introspecting

    Well put.
  8. Daniel Dennett on Consciousness

    And you consider what Dennett presented as objective evidence? To begin the discussion of consciousness with illusions and then claim these illusions indicate how consciousness works is patently absurd. I'm amazed that this patently false method is not readily apparent. Who created the computer images? Was that person having illusions? Was the computer code illusory? Who designed the computer? Was he having illusions? Etc. about every perceivable object available during the presentation. Not to mention that all of what Dennett presented are conceptual conclusions of the perceptual images he presents. His, and your, claim that is being "empirical" is unempirical.
  9. Daniel Dennett on Consciousness

    "Your own consciousness isn't quite as wonderful as you thought it was." (8:04) Now that's a great way to get a science of consciousness off the ground. I'm convinced already. Waiting for your data... Oh wait. Consciousness is "just a bag of tricks." Dennett obvious has you fooled.
  10. Daniel Dennett on Consciousness

    HA. He's been fooled by the wrong half. Reminds me of Descartes evil genius argument, except this time it our brains, not something else.. And Dennett is supposed to be original?
  11. Where is he?

    But what is the philosophic (epistemological) explanation? You question can simply be answered by saying he is in whatever location he's in when you ask the question (He's in Las Vegas).
  12. Introspecting

    Where's your scan of that? How do you know it's your brains and not your facial muscles? Sounds like you're doing too much introspecting on this one.
  13. Introspecting

    Presumably this should be directed at ruveyn The Solipsist.
  14. Introspecting

    Of course I agree with you, if I were a rock or some form of inanimate matter. But I'm not. And your inability at introspection makes it impossible for you to grasp my intentions, which was to show how absurd your position was by reductio ad absurdum. One would think that if you really believed what you say, you'd stop arguing the same point after all these years of repetition. Your argument is a refutation of your position.
  15. Introspecting

    I have made efforts to detect apples in trees. So far I have failed. When I see the scan all I see are pits, cells, juice and connective tissue. All I detect are electrochemical events, caused by ions osmosing through semi-permeable substances. The apple was the subject of and was worked on by PET scans, fMRI scans, EEGs and such like. No soap. No apple, only matter doings its physically dynamic thing. I am aware things happen inside the thing, but I attribute them to chemicals, juices, hormones, and connective tissue. No apples, no fruit, no taste, and especially no awareness or life. I believe in neither.
  16. With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral

  17. With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral
  18. With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral

    Have you forgot about self defense from government invasion? Any rational person who wants to own "area weapons" would know not to use them when a single armed burglar breaks into his house. But why shouldn't I be able to own weapons that will engage either a foreign enemy or an internal enemy when they are invading my town/city?
  19. Les Misérables (2012)

    I wonder how Bill feels about opera as an art form since virtually all librettos and scores are based upon previously written words. Goodbye Otello.
  20. Why are some people fascinated by cars?

    ruveyn dream car: Gets you from point A to B and give you physical exercise.
  21. Why are some people fascinated by cars?

    Perhaps you should try racing at 200 mph. From what I've heard and seen, it takes quite a bit of physical strength to control and maneuver cars around the race track. Race car drivers have to be in excellent physical strength.
  22. Jokes

    Very funny.
  23. Some Dupes are Just Plain Dopes

  24. No more "Islamic Terrorism"

    Or, ECPAB for short?
  25. problem of induction

    "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary..."