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  1. An Incompete Project

    This was set as part of the background of my homebrewed Traveller Universe and was intended to serve as part of a Science Fiction novel: http://mopu.blogspot.com/2014/11/step-forward-part-1.html http://mopu.blogspot.com/2014/11/step-forward-part-2.html http://mopu.blogspot.com/2014/11/step-forward-part-3.html http://mopu.blogspot.com/2014/11/step-forward-part-4.html LB
  2. A Demolition Of Dorsai By Gordon R. Dickson

    I recently posted a short story on Amazon Kindle. TUESDAY, is a direct parody of the secret agent genre that involves the Church of Scientology. If I had the nerve to write it I should have had the nerve to openly admit it. <a href="http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E6766UQ">HERE IS THE LINK!</a>
  3. Zimmerman Verdict

    A slight tendency? Trayvon Martin was a physically mature individual who chose to carry out a deadly force assault. He chose his own fate. As to those who are pushing a racist narrative? To answer that would require the extensive use of barracks language.
  4. Zimmerman Verdict

    In the state of Florida, a jury refused a demand for a human sacrifice. The Left stands by and cheers as every new manifestation of barbarism rises and slaughters good people and innocent children. The chattering classes willingly support and serve the enemies of mankind and viciously slander and condemn those who dare to raise a hand in defense of the defenseless. They sit in their coffee houses cooking up conspiracy theories about how Conservatives are planning to exterminate their own particular fringe group. But if the conspiracy theories of the Left were true they would all be dead. If Conservatives dealt with the adherents of Liberalism the way the Left has dealt with humans in general whenever the Left has obtained power, there wouldn't be any Liberals left standing. Of the universities and the urban centers of Liberalism there would be nothing left but smoking ruins, and there would be mass graves from coast to coast. We need to face the fact that the present day Left, like the barbarians who plagued civilization before them, are essentially parasites. Control of the productive population is essential for their survival and well being. Compulsion is inherently necessary to the parasite manner of existence. Those who resisted had to be killed as an object lesson for others. The Left Marxist barbarians, not only need material support they also need spiritual support as well. They need to feel that their victims are not only submitting to them today but will do so tomorrow as well. Barbarian chieftains and tribal witch-doctors demanded degrading and often dangerous acts of worship from their subjects, up to and including human sacrifice, in order to assure themselves that they would still have a roof over their heads and food to eat the next day. Those refused to obey were assaulted or killed. In the meeting places of the Left the demand is for unquestioned agreement without regard to the actual facts of reality. The Leftists are the first to demand censorship lest they be identified as frauds and subsequently bounced out of their comfortable fantasy worlds, no longer insulated from a real world that demands real thought and real labor. The Left, being dependent upon others for their sustenance, must stand in opposition to the society of rational consent and openly support systems of compulsion, because to do otherwise is to condemn themselves to death.
  5. Skyfall (2012)

    I have the DVD, I could not be bothered to finish viewing it.
  6. Marathon Bombing

    The running of the marathon commemorates the defeat of an attempt by the Persian Empire to conquer Greece. The battle took place on the Plain of Marathon in 490 BC. It was a victory of Western Civilization over Asiatic Despotism. As such it may have the most important battle fought in history.
  7. A Demolition Of Dorsai By Gordon R. Dickson

    I tried reading Solaris. I did sit through the Soviet film of it. They may have been 165 minutes short on the SF quota on the five year plan.
  8. A Demolition Of Dorsai By Gordon R. Dickson

    I'm afraid i was a little bit sloppy on the copy editing there.
  9. Or how not to write a science fiction novel. As part of my project to write a science fiction novel I am re-reading DORSAI! Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. This is the first novel in a series of ubermensch fantasies by Gordon R. Dickson. I am reading it with the intent of deconstructing it as an example of military science fiction with mercenaries. My goal as a novelist is to create a depiction of the a similar band of mercenaries and show how a rational nation would be deal with them. Here’s the first paragraph from the chapter titled MERCENARY III: Returning again up the corridor toward the bow of the ship, Donal allowed himself to wonder, a little wistfully, about this incubus of his own strange difference from other people. He had thought to leave it behind with his cadet uniform. Instead, it seemed, it continued to ride with him, still perched on his shoulders. Always it had been this way. What seemed so plain, and simple and straightforward to himself, had always struck others as veiled, tortuous, and involved. Always he had been like a stranger passing trough a town, the ways of whose people were different, and who looked on him with a lack of understanding amounting to suspicion. Their language failed on the doorstep of his motives and could not enter the lonely mansion of his mind. They said “enemy” and “friend”; they said “strong” and “weak”–“them” and “us”. They set up a thousand arbitrary classifications and distinctions which he could not comprehend, convinced as he was that all people were only people–and there was very little to choose between them. Only, you dealt with them as individuals, one by one; and always remembering to be patient. And if you did this successfully, then the larger, group things came out right. Can you understand that? Was Dickson an English Literature major at the U of M? ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION, the periodical that published this serially in 1959 did pay a penny a word. But this amount of barely incomprehensible verbiage is simply absurd. Dickson attempts to recreate the European political environment prior to the Treaty Of Westphalia (1648), a time when the use of specifically raised and organized mercenary units was commonplace. Civil wars within what should be sovereign nation states are commonplace. Dickson also creates a moral nightmare. A universe where the Right Of Life is legally negated. An individual may be conscripted by the state and forced to work on another world in trade for another worker with knowledge in another field. Or die as cannon fodder in a foreign war. And the penalty for an individual who broke this so-called contract is death. Dickson may not have understood the concept of government. But then he was a graduate of the University Of Minnesota. What is very apparent when reading this and the other works in the series is that Dickson adopted a Platonist metaphysics. What passes for philosophy is a gibberish of Eastern Mysticism and Racial Collectivism along with the open practice of magic. In fact the overall plot of the series, such it was, is completely dependent on the occurrence of magical events. It would more accurate to describe this series as a work of fantasy instead of science fiction. In THE FINAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, Dickson actually wrote a scene set on the Platonic World Of Forms. And at the end of the initial novel Dickson has his protagonist literally commanding the antagonist to suffer. And the antagonist magically does so. If reality is unreal in a fictional universe, why bother to write about it?
  10. Muslim Abuse Of French Citizens

    As part of of the background of a novel I was writing I included an act of appeasemnet by the French Government: Al continued to lecture his mother. “John and I both got offices in the old SAC command bunker. And we were working the late shift when the Final War started.” Mother was left speechless. “So what happened?” Said Al. “The president of we now call Frogistan had a problem. There were a mob of Muslim immigrants rioting in the streets of Paris. He could have called out the army and machine-gunned the rioters. After all, their first emperor had put down a riot by essentially doing the same thing with cannons.” “And, of course,” said Al, “Islam is an ideology that calls for the enslavement and murder of nonbelievers. Killing a Muslim would be no more an act of murder than killing a National Socialist or a Communist.” “A what?” Said his mother. “Otherwise known as the Nazis and the Reds, the motherf***ers who wrote the history of the last century in human blood.” Al continued the lecture. “But their president decided to act like a typical present day Froggish leader and appease the mob. He did this by nuking the State of Israel.” “John and I were in the office when the alarm went off.” Al said. “I made the call to Prime Minister Netanyahu to notify him of the attack, and I made the promise that his people would have a sanctuary here in the United States.” Mother’s eyes widened. “If you want to know why we had the sudden intake of Jews, that was my doing.” Said Al. “And President March put me in charge of the project.” Al decided to skip the part about the nuclear retaliatory strike on the French.
  11. Muslim Abuse Of French Citizens

  12. A "must see". Bill Whittle on gun control...

    If you want to predict what will be said by the democratic Party and their media prostitutes, all you have to do is take any statement by an old school Nation Socialist, cross out the word "Jew" and write in the words "Gun Owner." That's how depraved and predictable they have become.
  13. The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Modern Academia

    I took a night school course on drawing at the U of Mineesota. I dropped out after I discovered that I already knew more on the subject than the intstructor. (He was into the scrap metal and welding school of sculpture.)