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  1. Fitna

    I am hosting the file here. You can download the flash movie from my site.
  2. "Warp Speed"

    In both cases the wikipedia articles themselves provide convincing arguments against the possibility of these technologies. Given our current knowledge of physics and the limitations of human physiology, I think the inevitable conclusion is that it is simply impossible for human beings in their current form to travel to other stars - or even the outer reaches of our solar system. The more interesting possibility to me is that human beings will transform not only our environment, but our physiology, and shape ourselves into beings capable of thriving in deep space. I find that possibility not only more likely, but more appealing than the prospect of short, fragile lives trying to cope with an alien, timeless environment.
  3. Airframes and lunar tidal forces

    The B2 bomber has a tolerance of approximately 1/4 inches over a 172 foot wingspan. It was one of the first aircraft to benefit from computer-networked automated machines. By contrast, the old Mig jets had gaps you could stick your finger in.
  4. OpenSource Software

  5. OpenSource Software

    This forum actually runs on MySQL, PHP, Apache, and Linux (the former two, at least, being undeniably and quintessentially open-source), and it does so fairly well, so I think you have to admit that there are some benefits to its development/licensing methodology.
  6. Stephen's Health

    I'm very sorry to hear the news. Stephen and I had our differences, but I deeply respected his knowledge, insight, and experience. He's a great loss to those who loved him, but also to the Objectivist community.
  7. Response To Charges Against THE FORUM

    A number of people have used my forum to express dissatisfaction with THE FORUM because, as they told me, critical posts about THE FORUM tend to get deleted. I don't see anything inherently wrong with discussing the policies of other sites on my forum (just as the policies of my site are being questioned here) but I have deleted unfair attacks on THE FORUM at Stephen's request every time he's asked before.
  8. Response To Charges Against THE FORUM

    Just for the record, when Diana confronted me with that statement, I clarified and rescinded it on that same thread a few pages later and explained that I have the greatest respect for Dr. Peikoff. By the day of the election, further research and a conversation with Craig Briddle had changed my views enough that I was rooting for the Democrats - at least in my state.
  9. Object-oriented programming

    As Ray pointed out, object oriented programming is a method, not a just language implementation. In fact, it is possible to use object oriented programming methods in ANY high-level language (including C and Pascal) – but some languages support it to a better extend than others. Likewise, it is possible to use entirely procedural programming in a object-based language, though it annoys me to no end when my coworkers do so. Also, it’s important to distinguish between the properties (nouns) and methods (verbs) of objects. The key difference is that methods change the state of an object, while properties do not. There have been a number of good and bad ideas on naming mentioned in this thread. I would like to recommend a great book on proper naming and structure (and much): Code Complete by Steve McConnell. Anyone who wants to be a great programmer HAS to read this book, as well as one on design patterns in your preferred language.
  10. Wireless Networking

    Speaking of wireless and cool toys from bosses, my Verizon wireless card allows me to go online anywhere I can get a cell signal. It works virtually anywhere, so I was able to go online during my trip to NYC and even in traffic driving around Texas.
  11. Nightfall

    I read this book a long time ago during my “Asimov phase” so my impression may be a bit colored, but this is one of my favorite science fiction novels because it is exactly what an adult science fiction novel should be – an examination of the implications of a new technological or environmental element on individuals and their society. The numerous discussions between the characters were both serious and authentic and exactly what I like most about Asimov. I also appreciated the lack of distraction common with other scifi writers who introduce all sorts of new terminology and technology to make the settings more “authentic,” but end up distracting the reader.
  12. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

    I somewhat liked that book too, but I think TMIAHM has a sophisticated humor to it that I really enjoyed. I didn’t read it as a political treatise, and I think that taking the political ideas in the book seriously is missing the point. Like his later novels, this book is essentially about the central characters and the society they shape, and I think that it excels in that regard.
  13. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

    Don't mean to get sidetracked here, but I think within the context of their wild-west society, and the nature of their colonial government, such courts may be entirely appropriate. As their society matures, more formal courts could be organized, just as they were in the American West.
  14. The Door Into Summer

    Classic Heinlein. I picked up a dated 1959 first edition of this book after someone recommended Heinlein to me. I guess the best compliment I can give it is that after reading the book, I dedicated myself to reading everything Heinlein ever wrote, which is fortunately enough to keep one busy for many years, since Heinlein wrote dozens and dozens of books. I am currently reading Heinlein's very first book, “For us, the Living” which is probably the model for this book, and introduces some of the ideas mentioned therein. Not everything makes sense here, and not all the characters are well developed, but essential Heinlein is here: a guiltless pursuit of happiness and productive activity, and the three essential Heinlein character types: “markers, fakes, and takers.”
  15. Fannie Mae & FNMA

    Another revealing article on Fannie May: http://www.financialsense.com/editorials/r...c5.html#Englund