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  1. The Logical Leap and criticism

    I take it that properties and characteristics are synonymous. Are you saying the generalization applies only to the essential characteristic(s) of a concept's units and all others are excluded from the generalization? If so, is it because the other characteristics are only implicit within the definition?
  2. The Cheyenne Herald: Is The War ON?

    First of all, Mr. Featherly need not be "too" worried that all "former sailors", or columnists ("paid"! or not) will be "lumped" with him. Characterizing his writing as bilge was spot on. As I see it, this "former sailor" put a lame shot across your bow and was met with the appropriate reasoned broadside of well selected and accurately delivered intellectual ordinance. Thanks, shipmate. Jim Grabowski, CPO United States Navy, Retired
  3. Wordplay--called a word chain?

    Sorry. Not being familiar with this type of puzzle, I was using Mindy Newton's explanation (above) that the transformation was to be made "one letter at a time", with no other provisos. Consider my submission withdrawn.
  4. Wordplay--called a word chain?

    matter > batter > better > vetter > venter > venery > energy
  5. Wordplay--called a word chain?

    MC^2=E .......... E/C^2=M ?
  6. Puzzle for Rand fans

    When constucting the matrix, is the object to use each square once only? This scheme held true up to move 24 (D1), which was the square landed on for move 22. This threw me off balance, and I thought I had messed up at that point. I would think that using a square once only would make the creation of the matrix puzzle extremely hard, but easier to solve.Thanks for the "Bravo!!". It was a nice break from cryptoquotes, and perhaps I should complete the quote. "...as man is a being of self-made wealth, so he is a being of self-made soul..." From Galts speech in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
  7. Puzzle for Rand fans

    "As man is a being of self-made wealth..."
  8. Organic Foods

    This got my attention. For as long as I can remember, I had suffered from severe, dibilitating indigestion until I eliminated this additive from my diet (a hard thing to do because it is in just about every kind of food product imaginable - from breads to processed meats). I've brought this up with my personal physician, and he was not very receptive to my conclusion that corn syrup was the culprit. I told him that I had severe reactions to products such as Prego and Ragu, which contain corn syrup, and he said it was probably due to the tomatoes as they were very acidic. He had no response when I told him that I had no problems with fresh tomatoes or Classico tomato sauce, which has no corn syrup, other than there "was no literature on this." I have tested many products, taking note of the active ingrediants, and there is no doubt in my mind that ingesting any form of corn syrup is a problem for me. I had concluded that this was unique to me as allergic reactions to such things as peanuts are to others. So, I wondered why you said "high fructose corn syrup is a bad thing." Could you elaborate on this?
  9. Why G.M. is going down the tubes

    And more. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122645159441719325.html?mod=djemEditorialPage
  10. Dr. Binswanger on Alan Greenspan

    I got access to it at 1800, 15 minutes ago, no problem. I clicked on it after I read your post and got "This page can not be displayed." Perhaps if you try a little later? It's a comment well worth reading.
  11. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    I have read a lot of philosophy but it's never been in any kind of a structured way (just willy-nilly over the years), so I'll follow up on your recommendation and order those lectures tomorrow.
  12. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    Yes, I agree. And thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot to me. With a little hard work and more visits to The Forum, maybe I'll be able to reach those stars of yours.
  13. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    Thanks, Betsy. Yes, you're right, but I do expect more of myself. I'm not exactly new to Objectivism, and it seemed to me to be such a fundamental error. I'm mostly angry at myself for not presenting my disagreement in the form of a question; just my view of good character. I do not dwell on negatives for long, and I do see this as another step toward a fuller understanding of Objectivism.
  14. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    When I read this it was as if I had been knocked on the head with a bat. Had you said, Obama had no soul, I would have agreed! Evil people have no souls. I have always thought that rational self-interest implied a self-interest that was irrational, and the latter I always applied to the "bad guy." I created definitions to support that. Your's and Paul's Here's responses made it quite clear that is not so. Rational, in this case, is not a modifier but a clarifier; actually it is redundant. Egoism is to selfishness as Altruism is to selflessness. Many things now fall into place. The soul is the self. I'll end this with a sincere apology. My reaction was an emotional (subjective!) one, and I should have posted with a question, not with a lame and what I now know was an incorrect correction. My understanding of Objectivism is not as solid as I thought it was. I find that very disturbing. I don't know if it's a lack of integration, baggage from the past, depth of understanding, or something more fundamental. It's something for me to discover. Thanks for giving me your time. Jim
  15. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    Again, I agree. Thanks for your correction.
  16. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    I used buying a house for such a huge sum--for me anyway--as an example that he and his wife, with her six-figure salary, have spent their adult lives accumulating wealth, not "spreading it around." The reference to Keating is lost on me. I think that Obama truly believes that everything he has done, is doing now, and will do in the future, were, are, and will be "actions true and beneficial" to himself and his family. Those actions are indeed selfish actions, to him. You and I may think his actions will eventually hurt him, but he doesn't. Selflessness is the absence of concern for fame, position, wealth, etc., and I think that all of these are at the top of Obama's wish list. The only concern he has for other people's lives is telling them what to do, i.e., perform selfless actions and make sacrifices. If you were to do what he is doing, knowing what you know and knowing that you would suffer, then it would be a selfless act. Do you think that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were selfless? Would you say Castro, Putin, and Chavez are selfless?
  17. Republican Failure

    Reads like the curriculum for public education, which is the only explanation I can think of for the commonality of these thoughts in America, especially considering the huge backing of relatively young voters for the Dems and Obama.
  18. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    [emphasis added]Buying a million dollar plus home is not selfless and, so, Obama is not selfless. There is no law that says he can't "spread his wealth around", yet he doesn't. One could call him a hypocrite, but he's more than that. He's a genuine Harvard educated street hustler, and what he wants is power and all that power can give him, his family, his cronies, and the inevitable gang of boot-lickers who will do his bidding. His adult life can only be characterized as one of irrational selfishness.

    What if we change it to read: If you refuse to fake reality because it is the best policy, then your honesty is corrupt. Would you still consider it pragmatic?
  20. How your computer works

    Yes, I know, thus my intent at humor. Try running Windows ME with McAfee anti-virus, hoo-boy. You said in another thread that McAfee was a very intrusive program;you were right on. I unloaded McAfee and half my problems disappeared. Thanks. I purchased an XP upgrade when I bought the computer--my first--in 2001, but, shame on Dell, it wasn't compatible with the installed hardware. The attempted upgrade was a disaster. The end result was reformating the computer and reinstalling ME. I have expended endless hours searching various help-links to iron out the other problems. Although it does have the occasional crash, I think I've tamed the monster. I can live with it untill Vista makes it on the market. I'll see how that goes and keep fruit in mind.
  21. Happy Birthday to James Grabowski

    Thanks, Rose.
  22. Happy Birthday to James Grabowski

    Thanks, RayK.
  23. Happy Birthday to James Grabowski

    I haven't logged in to THE FORUM for a while, so this was a pleasant surprise. And you remembered the cats. Thanks, Betsy. And thanks for sharing Betsy's Laws.
  24. The Nature of the Universe

    Respectfully, why doesen't that quote fit the definition of the fallacy of composition?
  25. The Nature of the Universe

    No, it doesn't, because "...since everything possesses identity...", is the same as, using your words, "all the individual existents possess identity." I see no difference. "If something exists, it must possess identity (or be finite)" is not her argument in the context of her quote.