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  1. I've relocated to Las Vegas (just in time for OCON) and was wondering, in addition to Mr. Kilmer, are there any Forum members in the area?
  2. Question For The Internet Savvy

    My suspicion in this potential boondoggle is that a prominent local developer is behind this. I've only just begun looking for the proverbial smoking gun. There's not a great deal of transparency here. To my knowledge, Keith King is not officially connected with C4C. He is the president of the Colorado Springs City Council. I was at the same dog and pony show the Gazette reporter Laden was (I'll have to find the video of the mayor making a plea for ideas for getting the economy moving. Rather amusing.) Thank you, sir, you went way above and beyond.
  3. After performing a WHOIS search of a US registered and hosted website, the result came up as "Private Registration." My question is: Is there a way of getting past this to find out who really owns this or any other site?
  4. Evolution v. Creation 'Debate'

    Thanks for the references.
  5. This link posted by a FB friend. It's driving me crazy, but, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of a particular scientist I think would be better for the science side.
  6. Question For The Internet Savvy

    Thanks. The site of interest is here.
  7. Evolution v. Creation 'Debate'

    Thanks for the reference. As it happens, I was unable to access the debate anyway. Oh well.
  8. Happy Birthday Betsy Speicher

    Happy Birthday and thank you for The Forum!
  9. Happy Birthday to Brad Harrington

    Semper Fi', Mac!
  10. Who is. . .

    Out of the ashes of the Black Forest Fire comes:
  11. Happy Birthday to mcvideo

    Thanks for the kind wishes. With "Goodwill Ambassadors" such as May, Clarkson and Hammond, who needs enemies?
  12. Immortality

    What if immortality, in the here and now, was genuinely possible? I came across Biotime which is Brings a quote from "Young Frankenstein" to mind: "Hearts and kidneys are Tinkertoys. . . "
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The imperialist, war-mongering DoD are marshaling their resources to spy on a mostly harmless mythological character. CBP are after him for not declaring and not paying duties/tariffs on the millions of 'gifts.' ICE don't like that he neglected to get a visa prior to entering the US. DOJ have issued an arrest warrant for violations of the Endangered Species Act. DOL, and their union allies, are seeking an injunction against the use of 'scab' elf labor. TSA are seeking to 'question' Santa for failing to be groped prior to boarding his sleigh. DOT want to impose a ban on flying sleighs not certified by the FAA. HUD and HHS are furious that St. Nick is cutting in on their handout racket. The ACLU are filing suit alleging that a 'Saint,' who makes millions of people happy in the course of his rounds, is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause when everyone knows that it's the governments job to provide happiness. Happy Holidays everyone!
  14. 476 Rome, 2008 Washington D.C.

    Sir: Do you really think that this "Republic," with which you are underwhelmed, could have been cobbled together with the demand that slavery be abolished in one fell swoop? IIRC, the southern contingent would not have agreed to approve the Declaration of Independence had Jefferson stood firm on retaining his original language regarding slavery. There was more going on than just the issue of slavery which lead to the Civil War. After all, Great Britain abolished slavery without a war and thirty years before the US did at that. In politics, one has to achieve what is possible, when possible, in order to reach a larger goal without losing sight of that goal, in this case, the Thirteenth Amendment. This is not hypocrisy. It is an acknowledgement of political reality.
  15. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Romney will need to win by a large enough margin such that any recount efforts would not be worth the time and expense. I can easily imagine that there is a legion of Democrat lawyers waiting to swoop in to any state where there is a slim victory for Romney. Anyway, while my earlier certainty that Zerobama will win is not as great as it was, I still think he will. I've been wrong before, I hope I'm wrong now.
  16. Working in groups

    This reminds me. . . years ago, the company I worked at, had started what was known as "Quality Circles." I was asked to participate in one. It sounded interesting, so I agreed. As the project wore on, I started to become less enthusiastic about the prospects for a meaningful outcome. I don't recall the particulars as to how the process worked. The end result of the weeks of meetings, brainstorming, etc? Trivial improvements to cafeteria lunch menu. This wasn't even a government job! Anyway, after reading the previous posts, it has occured to me that perhaps the intended purpose of these group exercises is to subsume the individual to the group. As demonstrated by a few posts, there are individuals who aren't interested in going along with all the silliness. As for myself, I generally don't like to join anything, preferring to find my own path.
  17. Happy Birthday to Betsy Speicher

    Belated Best Wishes, and, thanks for the Forum!
  18. Embassies

    There used to be Marines stationed at US embassies. If they're still there, the rules of engagement seem to have preemptive surrender at the top of the list.
  19. Is there a government agency that does not have armed agents?
  20. Happy Birthday to mcvideo

    If people would only stop reminding me. . . Anyway, thanks for the kind wishes and the pic. Where do you find these?
  21. Apparently, a Pueblo, Colorado middle school does as well:
  22. Funny Videos

    I'm not a Star Trek fan, but, Monty Python? Bring 'em on! (Ihope this hasn't already been posted.)
  23. Wow, just. . . wow.

    There will be an encore showing of Casablanca Thursday, 26 April. More info can be found here. It is a whole different experience seeing it on the big screen. Enjoy.
  24. Wow, just. . . wow.

    I fully meant to post this earlier in the week, but, well . . . Anyway, I went to the local 70th anniversary screening of Casablanca. I don't know how many times I've seen the movie, but, there were so many details I had never seen nor heard before. It was quite the experience.