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  • Interests I enjoy physics, robots, computers, reading, camping, fencing, movies, playing guitar, and much more. I am an inventor at some level, and plan to move my company forward to the point where I would consider doing it full time. Most of my time, in respect to philisophical thoughts at this point, are internal sortings.
  1. The so-called "infinity" in mathematics

    Not all decimal numbers are rational eg. sqrt(2), sqrt(3).
  2. Intro to Mark

    Hi, my name is Mark. In highschool I was being taught about altruism in my psychology class and realized that it was garbage, and that the only way to live was to take care of yourself. Then, my sophomore year of college, my uncle suggested I read Atlas Shrugged. There were at least 4 months following my first time reading it where I read the speech at least once a week. I have since joined the Objectivist Club here at Purdue, and next year will be forming an 'Objectivist House' with some other Objectivists. I still have some trouble integrating all of the ideas into my own life, but I continually make progress, so I'm sure I'll get there.
  3. Why does a match go out when you blow on it?

    You should also note that while there is an increased amount of CO2 in the air you breath out, there is still a significant amount of O2. Otherwise the 'Rescue Breathing' part of CPR wouldn't be very effective.
  4. I think writeby summed up my thoughts on the previous suggestions very well, so i won't comment on them, but I do have a suggestion of my own. I've never really had someone that I would refer to as a 'girlfriend', but if I did, I think I would be more inclined to call them 'my companion'. It avoids the 'friends' feeling, and also implies that the person is someone you are sharing the 'journey of life' with. com·pan·ion 1. a. A person who accompanies or associates with another; a comrade. b. A domestic partner. 2. A person employed to assist, live with, or travel with another. 3. One of a pair or set of things; a mate. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company