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  1. Jonathan Hoenig

    Before Nov. 2nd I was watching a Fox financial show on which he was one of the guests. All the guests were asked to name who they supported in the upcoming election. I heard Jonathan Hoenig explicitely name Badnarick as the candidate he was rooting for. Sorry I do not have the name and date of the show. Just going from what I remember, for what it's worth.
  2. Petals around the Rose I'll admit to being stumped for a bit, and a bit incredulous upon figuring out the answers. It was fun however. Nothing like a little mental stimulation to sharpen the mind.
  3. Understanding the Gold Standard

    I appreciate the replies. In fact have already read Greenspan's piece, and will look into Gold and Liberty. Thanks again.
  4. Understanding the Gold Standard

    Can anyone direct me to material (online or otherwise) as to why Objectivists prefer going back to the Gold Standard? This particular issue in economics is one which I seem not able to fully understand. Something that could answer the following questions. Why Gold? What makes Gold the best commodity to back currency versus anything or everything else? Why is it both practically and morally more accepteble? And, how does it, if implemented, actually function in a free economy? What is it that we have now in place of the Gold Standard, and how does it function? And why is it worse? Feel free to answer them yourself if you like, but if there are any definitive and instructive resources regarding this topic feel free to push me in there direction. Thanks in advance, Ted
  5. The Right Stuff

    This movie may not be as current as most, if not all, of the movies currently suggested for consideration, but I feel it still deserves mention. Indeed some of the younger members may not have even been alive when it was released. I believe it was released sometime in the early Eighties. This movie tells the story of part of an era in which brave and visionary men sought to break the chains that literally and metaphorically tied us to Earth. Of doing that which many believed could not be done. Breaking the sound barier, going into space, and orbiting the earth to name a few. It tells the story of men who had vision, drive, courage, and passion. Men who dreamed big dreams and ultimately achieved them, and that reaching for the stars was no mere infantile or naive fancy as many at the time charged.