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  1. Woodstock's Legacy:

    I'm not sure if this will help you, but what has helped me in learning foreign sounds is learning the International Phonetic Alphabet and gaining a solid understanding of phonology. Once I understood how the parts of the mouth are positioned when making sounds and how the sounds blend in a language, it became a lot easier to pick up the sounds. Also, immersion in the language whether through tapes or just living there helps. My linguistics professor has been able to learn Navajo, which has many unusual sounds, through these methods.
  2. Classical Tale of Wartime Heroism

    What's also interesting about the salary is that 55-60k is what they get paid after 20 years of service. The starting salary is on average $20K for enlisted soldiers and $40K for officers. These salaries hardly encourage the caliber of young men it takes to make SOF. I agree that military salaries should be revisited and we should completely eliminate wasteful programs like Peace Corps.
  3. Classical Tale of Wartime Heroism

    First, I am not familiar with the events leading to Lt. Murphy's Medal of Honor. Now, to your first question. Finishing School does explicitly deal with how and why the Seal's have changed. Explaining exactly why is a long answer, which is why I directed you to Down Range. The SEALs have always been involved in close-quarters operations that require precision tactics that require a great deal of training and expertise to pull off. For this reason, the SEALs have transformed from a group that was primarily concerned with direct action, unconventional warfare. Now they deal with much more counterterrorism and reconnaissance missions. They have, to a certain extent, become more similar to the group known as Delta Force. I'm not sure if this exactly answers your question, but any other answer would require a much longer response. I'm a bit unsure why your concern about 9/11 being a terrorist act has caused the SEALs role to change. Perhaps you could explain further what you mean by that.
  4. Classical Tale of Wartime Heroism

    True, but it appears that a few of the posters on this thread may not have been aware of how the SEALs train for every type of battle. In my experience, most people seem to think that the SEALs operate only in aquatic settings, which I think is caused by watching too many Jean Claude Van Damme movies. :-) Also, in reply to RickWilmes, The Finishing School talks a bit about how 9/11 caused a change in SEAL tactics, but for a more thorough treatment of how 9/11 has led to new SEAL missions, I recommend reading Down Range (also by Dick Couch). In case you can't tell, I'm a huge Dick Couch fan.
  5. Classical Tale of Wartime Heroism

    All SEAL teams have at least one sniper-qualified SEAL on the team. Often the teams are a mix of experienced SEALs who have served multiple deployments and rookie SEALs. The actual SEAL team will spend a year of pre-deployment training, which includes missions where the team supports and covers the SEAL sniper(s). As for the other questions, they are very valid questions that I imagine should be answered. For more information about what a SEAL team consists of and their skills, I recommend Dick Couch's The Finishing School. He follows SEALs through SQT, which is the phase after BUD/S and then through their pre-deployment training. It's an interesting read to see exactly how the SEALs role has changed from a primarily aquatic strike force to a now land-based strike force.
  6. Classical Tale of Wartime Heroism

    Zeus, perhaps you should read a bit more about what SEALs are trained to do. He wasn't "dieing to support the current Iraqi dictatorship", he dying to support his fellow soldiers. If you knew how the SEALs are trained, which involves a year of pre-deployment work with their units which makes them almost a family, perhaps you wouldn't be so cavalier in your dismissal of a true American hero. I suggest you go read some works by Dick Couch to find out what "this dead Navy SEAL" and his friends have gone through just to earn the right to protect their nation as a Navy SEAL.
  7. Dogville

    Please add Dogville.
  8. Please add No Country For Old Men.
  9. Juno (2007)

    I really enjoyed this movie. First, for a movie about teenage pregnancy, it avoided pretty much every cliche. Also, it managed to avoid sermonizing or having an after-school special feeling. Second, the dialogue in the movie was superb. The screenwriter Diablo Cody has a good grasp of how teenagers actually speak, thus avoiding making the characters sound too old or too young, as a lot of teenage movies do. Third, the settings always had some little quirk in the background that lifted them above just an ordinary movie set and made it feel like an authentic setting. There is a lot to like about this movie and I highly recommend it to anyone.
  10. One man's recent Apple experience

    Wozniak received an iPhone the day before it was released. He was in line to buy more for his family and friends. This was covered widely on Digg and Slashdot during the iPhone launch. Also, Apple's management gave an iPhone to everyone who worked at the company shortly after the launch, similar to what they did when they launched the iPod. I think the current Apple management is doing just fine running an amazing business. As for the hard drive problem, I don't personally agree with Apple's policy. However, it is their policy, and the guy who is complaining about it obviously didn't read his contract and now wants to be protected from his own mistake. It's tough to feel sorry for him. I don't think this is symbolic of Apple's customer service. There are many good stories about people who had a problem with their computer, and after sending an email to Steve Jobs's office, received a quick resolution to their problem. Apple does have the problem that any large computer business does, but they are much more aware of their public image and they try to quickly resolve PR messes like this in a way unlike most other large computer companies. Anyways, Merry Christmas to everyone.
  11. Happy Birthday to JRoberts

    Happy Birthday!!!
  12. Stephen's Health

    Stephen's posts always challenged me to think about an issue, and I will miss his input and vast knowledge. My condolences to Betsy.
  13. Final Fantasy VII

    I agree completely that this was a great game. However, it pales in comparison to the greatness that was Final Fantasy VIII, which is my favorite game of all time. The reason I don't like this game as much as Final Fantasy VIII is the characters. I never personally cared for Cloud or Aeris, so the game dragged on for me at times. Still, it is one of the top 10 games for me.
  14. Augustan Age Literature

    I would check Latin Literature: A History by Gian Biagio Conte. It covers the entire history of Latin Literature, and the introduction to the section on the Augustan age discusses the influence of Maecenas and Augustus, along with the instability caused by the civil war.
  15. Meditations

    Having read The Meditations for a paper I wrote about Roman Stoicism with an emphasis on Epictetus, I spent a lot of time reading this and various commentaries on it. I enjoyed reading it, although not for extended periods of time as it tends to be a depressing book. Still, it is probably one of the best examples of personal Stoicism that exists now.