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  1. Tutoring Other Students in College

    Thanks for your response. Yeah, one of the reasons I think it will be good is I will be able to review core concepts. Also, I'm sure I'll get some satisfaction from helping people learn.
  2. Have any of you ever been hired by your respective universities to tutor your peers? If so, could you tell me what it was like? What did you enjoy, what did you dislike, and what (if anything) was challenging about it? I interviewed for a position to tutor either accounting or economics, and I'm pretty sure they will hire me because I was recommended by two professors, and I got really good grades in both courses. I am just curious to hear others' experiences with this kind of work. Thanks in advance.
  3. New Double Major- Somewhat Intimidating

    Thanks for all of your responses. I am gaining confidence as time goes on, particularly because I know I am passionate about both subjects. And I like the "just do it" mentality. That's my main motto with regard to school work. So long as I avoid distractions (which I am getting much better at), I should be fine.
  4. Foreign Exchange

    Do you want to know about Keynesianism in general, or as it relates to something specific?
  5. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    It is still value. The standard may not be life or wellbeing, but it is value nonetheless. All consumed goods result from the creation of value, which is economically productive. I am not sure where some of you all get your definitions of value from.
  6. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    If they weren't providing value, they would receive none in return. Toohey provided value to someone in his writing. The fact that he caused "destruction" does not take away the value some socialist sitting on their porch received when reading his writings. So it doesn't matter if you see the valuation of athletes as rational, the fact that others clearly value them suggests they are productive. The thread title is redundant, and answers its own question. The fact that someone is a "professional" means their work is productive so long as their revenue is $0.01.
  7. I explained this in the above post. Because it is "of your own conception" it's really your own standards and values. In this sense it would make a person who previously did not live according to their values make a decision to strive to do so. Getting sober and working an AA program is the best, most rational thing I've done in my life.
  8. I have been a sober for a little over a year, largely as a result of working an AA program. You all should consider the fact that addicts and alcoholics who are dieing from drug/alcohol addiction are less concerned with dissecting the intricacies of a plausible solution to the problem as they are giving it a shot, and hopefully restoring themselves to health. Here's why I think it works for myself and many others: (whether there is a God or not, which I personally think there is) By "creating one's own conception of God", what you essentially do is define your values. By giving your life and will to that "God", you are deciding to live according to your values, which to me is rational. As Ayn Rand says (paraphrase) "Happiness results from the achievement of one's values." Not to mention taking suggestions from those who have been able to do something that I have not is rational. I don't agree with everything in the Big Book of AA, though. Particularly on relying less on my thinking. I do my best to expand upon it today, and I am doing well.
  9. Do Unions Play a Role in Economic Development?

    They don't create productivity. They use coercion to achieve means that (usually) could be achieved rationally.
  10. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    The fact that they make money without the use of force is proof of their economic production.
  11. Teaching my son

    I'd let it go. He's in first grade and is becoming intelligent enough to be aware that there are world events outside of his control. He's not even old enough to be successfully indoctrinated by modern-liberal teachers. I wouldn't stress out over it.
  12. Do Unions Play a Role in Economic Development?

    Not much. If individuals acted more selfishly and objectively, e.g. walking out of their workplace with dangerous conditions, then the labor supply would be effected, and wages would increase as a result. The fact of the matter is that people generally act and choose relative to the choices of others. Hence, unions come about, and people are willing to make more rational choices because others are doing so. That's just my $0.02.
  13. How has your learning about Objectivism, reading Ayn Rand novels, etc. altered/molded your work ethic? What Objectivist principles do you try to employ (no pun intended) in the workplace? It's late, and I apologize if my questions are too vague. I am curious to read your responses. Regards,
  14. New Double Major- Somewhat Intimidating

    Oh I absolutely agree. I apologize if I gave the impression that I do not value learning. I LOVE economics. My only true concern is overloading my course responsibilities. To sum it up, I have a fear of failure (which is rational, I suppose). I appreciate the response.
  15. New Double Major- Somewhat Intimidating

    Thanks for your input. The reason I added an Econ major (aside from my passion for the subject) is that I am required to take 150 credits to take the CPA exam anyway, so I may as well get two degrees while I am at it. Otherwise, I would have an accounting degree and take a lot of classes that I really don't need.