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  1. Although the confirmation will confirm the address is valid, ewv is right here -- in the case of, e.g., SpamAssassin, although the confirmation will go out, in the event SpamBox is enabled, and the message is tagged as spam, the recipient will never see that email. John
  2. Looking for a top-notch email tracking service? There's none better than this one -- and you can try it free for two weeks. Here's a brief summary of its features: Immediately from the time you send any email for which the service is enabled, the mail is thoroughly tracked. First, an email delivery confirmation, to confirm it was delivered successfully to the destination server: "The original message was received at Fri, 8 May 2009 02:37:51 GMT from localhost.localdomain [] ----- The following addresses had successful delivery notifications ----- <> (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer) ----- Transcript of session follows ----- <>... relayed; expect no further notifications" When the email is opened by the recipient, you will immediately receive a thorough "Read Notification" (potentially including the following, and more): - The location where it was opened - A map of the location - The probability the location is accurate - The IP address of the computer on which it was opened - For how long it was read - Any links in the mail that were clicked You'll also have access to a summary webpage that contains a listing of all mails you've tracked, with the status of each: -- and, for mails that have been opened, thorough and continuing tracking information: And enabling all of this couldn't be simpler. Simply add a brief suffix to the end of the address you're mailing. That's it. The recipient will have no knowledge whatever of the thorough tracking that's underway. And you can try it free for two weeks. After that, for the premium service, you'll pay $3.99 per month. Try it -- you have nothing to lose. Click below to sign up through my affiliate link: Click on "Start Here!" to get started.
  3. Please add The Winslow Boy (1999). Thank you. John
  4. The nature of evil

    Hi Henrik, You may find this post interesting, from the thread "A question and analysis relating to evil": Be well. John (organon)
  5. Hello Jeff, Note that the first step of the tracking, the delivery confirmation, is received immediately, even should the recipient not have examined his mail. There is an image of some kind in the mail sent through ReadNotify, the downloading of which is required for tracking. I did not know this until testing it this morning; the image is invisible, and likely extremely small. If image blocking is not enabled, the recipient would have no obvious manner of realizing that there was any tracking tool whatever in the mail. Even if image blocking is enabled, the recipient still has no way of discovering what precisely is going on -- the image, again, is invisible and likely extremely small, and there is no clear indication of what it is being used for. Should the recipient choose to see what's there by downloading blocked images, there is no change whatever in the visible mail. John (organon)
  6. Hi Paul, I know of no way of preventing the sender from receiving the delivery confirmation. When this is received, it indeed confirms both that the destination mail address is valid and the delivery to that address. This occurs, to my knowledge, before any anti-spam action by applications such as SpamAssassin. John
  7. Hi Paul, I know of no way for a recipient to block the successful delivery notification (see above) that the sender receives; and this does confirm it is a valid address. John
  8. iPhone

    So many! But here's the app of the day -- AroundMe, by Tweakersoft. Locates your position with GPS, and then provides a thorough directory of nearby businesses, including Banks, Bars, Coffee, Movie Theaters, Pharmacies, Taxis, and many more. And it's free.
  9. My Poetry

    But One Day More In every life, there comes a day When he that breathes, will breathe no more -- When heartbeat's rhythm at last fails, When pale death stands before his door. And eyes no more to know the sun, And arms no more make love's embrace -- No longer laughter will he know, No longer see the earth's fair face. Then might he wail, “But one day more!” “One day to know fair life again!” But one more day, to know this world! One day, to know the work of men! “For there are things I have not done! A man that I have never been! O never have I lived life full! O but one day to live again! “To live with Passion, Joy and Pride! To be the man I once dreamt of! Who did not yield his soul to loss! Who in his soul matched gods above! “But one day more, give me but this! To see the deep blue of the sky! To know the Joy of life well-lived! But one day more before I die! But old eyes fail, and heartbeat stops, And into death's embrace he goes, Crying throughout, “But one day more!” But the grim scythe he does not slow. You men who live and breathe today! Recall his wail, “But one day more!” And know each day, of years, of life, That guiltless Joy that life is for. And let there be, on death's black day, No crying wail, “But one day more!” Look back upon a life well-lived, And pass with pride that final door. Copyright ©2009 John Rearden.

    Some great ones from Robert G. Ingersoll (attorney, orator, soldier; 1833-1899): "I will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds if they accord liberty to me. If they hold thought to be dangerous - if they aver that doubt is a crime, then I attack them one and all, because they enslave the minds of men." "A fact never went into partnership with a miracle. Truth scorns the assistance of wonders. A fact will fit every other fact in the universe, and that is how you can tell whether it is or is not a fact. A lie will not fit anything except another lie." "It is a blessed thing that in every age some one has had the individuality enough and courage enough to stand by his own convictions." "Surely there is grandeur in knowing that in the realm of thought, at least, you are without a chain; that you have the right to explore all heights and depth; that there are no walls nor fences, nor prohibited places, nor sacred corners in all the vast expanse of thought." "We need men with moral courage to speak and write their real thoughts, and to stand by their convictions, even to the very death." "What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
  11. Concept formation involves measurement omission in relation to attributes of existents. Induction involves measurement omission in relation to the demonstrated inherent properties of the units of a concept, i.e., to that which these kind of existents can do, or have done. Bill died at 97. Gretchen died at 99. David died at 102. In forming the induction above, one asks: what actions have the entities taken? Answer: They died. They are mortal. The omitted measurement is the age of death in any given case. Then: Is death inherent to the units subsumed by the concept? And the answer is, Yes, it is so. Their demonstrated capacity for death, for ending existence as a living being, is an inherent capacity given the nature of the units subsumed by the concept. Every entity thus subsumed can, in fact, die, as the three above demonstrate. It is not possible for a man to exist, and not be mortal. This is inherent to what he is, to what men are. And thus the induction is valid. All Men are mortal. And Socrates, being a man, is mortal, as are all men. Thoughts?
  12. The emergence of consciousness

    Ayn Rand wrote in GS that (paraphrase) "a consciousness conscious only of itself is a contradiction in terms -- in order to identify itself as consciousness, it must have first been conscious of something". Can it be said that an infant achieves consciousness when it grasps the light of the delivery room? And, as a living member of our species, then has all the rights that apply to that species? You may be thinking, "What of sound? Doesn't a baby hear things in the womb, and becomes conscious then?" I am unsure of this -- the baby is contained in the womb, and (if memory serves) is further contained in the amniotic sac. Comments welcome.
  13. On Motivation

    One more to add: - The conviction that should the sought value be achieved, its possession will be secure.
  14. 'Men smoke cigarettes' is not a valid induction. 'Some men smoke cigarettes' is true. Why? Because smoking cigarettes is not a property inherent to the concept's units.
  15. Would anyone know of a source for stats in relation to human adult male muscular strength? Anything you've got; if available, United States preferred. If the statistics offer a narrower analysis of adult male criminals, that would be valued as well. Thank you. John
  16. On the Necessity of Monopoly Government A government properly creates a stable political universe over individuals where the terms of one's interaction with other men are clearly defined (properly, by fixed, objective laws relating to individual rights). That sense of security, of living in a stable political universe, only exists so far as the reach of that government,and so far as the reach of those laws extend. It is only within the context of hat "stable universe" that interaction of any kind, including trade, can securely occur. Government only serves its function so far as its monopoly extends. Men can securely interact, can feel confident in relation to other men, only so far as thas they grasp that those men are in the same political universe, the same universe of laws as they are. If one cannot look across the street without knowing whether those who live there are in the same political "universe" as he is, and wheentther those men are governed by the same legal and fixed, constant principles of the law, as he is, he gains no sense of security whatever m the government under which he lives. Political confidence is impossible in such a case. Government only serves its function so far as its monopoly extends. The purpose of government is to provide security in relation to interaction with other men, and to ban unwanted interaction. Only so far as the range of that government's power reaches, does that sense of security extend. Where its power is nonexistent or uncertain, it ceases to provide that sense of security.
  17. Meet Juliet :)

    Below is a link to a photo of a painting that I own, purchased in an antique store in Ocala, Florida, that I value deeply. I do not know the artist (the signature is unclear), and I know virtually nothing of the painting. My own name for the woman depicted therein, is Juliet. :-) Such a soul brings to mind this, posted in another thread today. In any case, perhaps you, as I, will fall in love with her -- be you woman or man -- at first sight. :-)
  18. What is Integrity?

    Two questions: 1. If a man were to act in accordance with rational principles, identified as rational by another who has validated these principles, yet not hold, himself, an autonomous, validated belief in them, would one say he has integrity? 2. If a man "believes" something to be true, that is in fact not so (e.g., that socialism is the ideal political form), and acts in accordance with that belief (e.g., risks his life in a revolution to achieve that form), would one say he has integrity?
  19. What is Integrity?

    I would offer: The quality of one whose thoughts and actions are integrated -- i.e., whose actions are in accord with what he believes to be true and right (right, relating to truth in an evaluative moral context).
  20. Please add The Karate Kid (1984). Thank you.
  21. My Poetry

    “To She Who Walks In Light”, by John Rearden. ------------------------------------------------------- To She Who Walks In Light Were Light endowed with human form, Were Joy endowed with Life, Upon the earth, in matter wrought, Would stand my love, my wife. A priestess she, of Earthly creed, Her vows to Thought, and Light, Her cathedral, Reality, And I her love, her knight. Her form, alive with radiant joy She knows that she is Good – Her soul, a thing immaculate, Be less? Ne’er would, nor could. For what to gain, through sacrifice? Of one’s own supreme joy? What cause, to seek out suffering? Why Gold, with lead alloy? What choice is there, to one as Her! ‘Tween Reason, Life – and pain! What choice to her, ‘tween Life and Death! When Life’s her life’s refrain! And what to me, this radiant form? This Angel of the Right? And what to me, this shining soul? Wrought of nought but pure light? But this, and all – I see in Her All that I love in me – And as I know whence that love comes, Cannot less love, than see. And were I to ask of myself To name that which I feel, When my eyes meet her form, her face, When we with act, love seal – I would reply, Were all the stars That are, or ever were, To shine with all their strength as one, They would seem dim, next Her. And all their light, nought but a trace Of that Joy we endure, When comes that burst, of two as one, Each of our glory, sure. Good God, I love her as my life! I love her as the Earth! All that is Good in female form! Pure, incandescent worth! And were ten thousand years to pass, Ten thousand times, or more, My love for her, each day, would be No less than that before. Ten thousand years, ten thousand times? By all the stars above! Not time enough to see her face! Not time enough, to love! For as I love this Earth, and Life, Such is my love for You. Ten thousand years, ten thousand times? Each dawn, dear wife, I Do. Copyright ©2007 John Rearden. All Rights Reserved.
  22. My Poetry

    “Three Months”, by John Rearden. Author’s Overall Rating (0-10): 9.4. ------------------------------------------------------------ Three Months “Three months,” today he said to me, “Expect but three months more. “By then, it will have spread too far, “And death will win our war.” I stared at him, thought and speech failed, Then rose, and turned, and left; My mind, engulfed by grief and pain, I had but three months left. Nearby, I knew a quiet park – I walked there, as I could – Each step, an ordeal met and faced – My legs, seemed formed of wood. I reached that park, sat on a bench – Raised my head, and looked ‘round – And then, from my eyes came a stream Of tears, from grief profound. Good god, this sunlit sky, this Earth! This Paradise below! This realm of joy, for Men who live! For those, who Passion know! By all that is, but ninety days! But three months more remain! But three short months, of sight and thought! Of Life’s holy refrain! My soul then filled with thund’ring pain – With dark, o’erpow’ring grief – Good god, I have but ninety days! When ninety years, too brief! And then I felt that sacred love I know for thought, and sight, And thought, that were I to, with ink, Inscribe Life’s glowing light – The words with which that love was named Would blaze upon the page! The sunlit Passion, of Life Lived! Defying common gauge! And in but ninety days, to leave! This Heaven here below! In but three months, to leave this Earth! To no more, Life’s bliss know! And yes, I’ve lived, and I am proud, Of that dear, lustrous gem – Of my own soul, self-forged in light – Of all that which I am – And yes, it’s true, that I’ve known Joy – The Passion of Man’s Life – The vibrant light, of Thought and Work – Of Reason, my mind’s wife – But yet, good God! If I had Lived! Ten thousand years, or more! I would have loved each day no less! Than any lived before! By God! I do not want to die! I do not want to leave! For when one loves the Earth as this! May soul from flesh ne’er cleave! But if this world, I must depart, In three months, as he said, Had Earth a voice, when my heart stops, Her shriek would wake the dead. Copyright ©2007 John Rearden. All Rights Reserved.
  23. I write with the following ethical question, in the context of the acquisition of wealth; I did not want to put this in the Ethics area. Assume an individual has the potential to acquire wealth, perhaps a significant amount of wealth, in the following manner: 1- Find a motivated seller of real estate. 2- Put the property under contract for a fraction of its market value. 3- With no improvements whatever to the property, flip the contract to another investor, in a very short period of time, for a profit of several thousand dollars or more, even much more. Is the wealth thus obtained a value in any way to a rational man? If so, why? What virtue was exercised in the achievement of that wealth?
  24. Does a rational man feel a legitimate obligation to his parents because they gave him existence? Does he believe he owes them thanks, or moral regard, or financial support, by virtue of nothing other than the fact that they were the agents of his existence? -- For a rational individual, from where does legitimate obligation derive? From contract. Specifically, from a contract one has entered into deliberately, where consideration was or will be exchanged, and where fraud was not committed by the other party or parties. This applies to both spiritual and material contracts. In the context of material contracts, the exchange of goods is governed by the agreed upon terms. In the context of spiritual contracts, e.g., regard, admiration, friendship, love, the exchange of these values is in the underlying, implied terms of: honesty between the involved parties regarding their respective identities, as grasped through evidence including appearance, behavior, work, and speech. One's obligation in regard to other men, in regard to spiritual matters, is: honesty, or the lack of deceit. Should a man, for example, lie about any aspect of identity, such lie causing a woman to sleep with him, he has committed fraud. If she sleeps with him because she thinks he was responsible for some productive achievement, that was in fact accomplished by his sister, and he knows this as he is performing the sexual act with her, he has committed fraud. So: Do you have a legitimate obligation to your parents in any regard whatever? Answer: No. Why? Because you entered into no contract, and could not have, not having existed at the time. Whatever the nature of your parents’ motivations, rational or irrational, was their own concern, and you were not involved. Now, consider parents who are wholly good, who were motivated by the desire to bring a human being into the world and see him or her grow into an actualized, radiantly healthy (in terms of both body and consciousness) adult (let us assume the offspring is female). Would they expect gratitude from that woman for: conception; carrying the fetus to term; raising the child to autonomy? No, the choice to make that investment was wholly theirs, and followed from a cost/benefit calculation: the money, time, and education needed to bring the child up – in exchange for the pleasure of watching that being of pure light grow to adulthood, and the hope of the eventual contemplation of the thoroughly healthy, authentically happy, productive, autonomous woman who would one day walk upon the earth. Do they derive pleasure from their role in the actualization of that adult, and in the grasp of an actualized human being and her work? Without question. But were she to offer them her moral regard, or financial support, or thanks, out of duty, regardless of what they are, simply because they are her parents, they would reject the offer. She values them immensely, and loves them dearly -- but because of who they are, because of the identified nature of their motivation for conceiving, bearing, and raising her, and what this implies about who they are.