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  1. Aloha

    Instructions for low cost commuting between Hawaiian islands.
  2. Aloha

    You started out saying you couldn't find anyone who shares your political views on activism on your small island of Hawaii. The University at Honolulu has an Objectivist club where you could go to look for contacts. It doesn't mean you need to hang out and socialize with college students. In a state of 1.4 million people your intial statement doesn't seem to be true. It seems you have switched the topic to "fractal chemistry of attraction" and "multihued iconoclast, sparked as much by spark as doctrine", which, whatever it means, isn't what we were talking about. But on the original topic you have a practical suggestion.
  3. Aloha

    ARI lists a 'campus club' in Honolulu at http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pagename=education_campus_findclubs Detailed contact information is at the website.
  4. Aloha

    The population of Hawaii is about 1.4 million, more than 11 other states. There must be someone there you can talk to.
  5. All that was called by name "Objectivist"? More than once? Where did the name come from as described in the story? Was it taken for granted that readers were supposed to somehow know what she was pretending to refer to? The false alternative I referred to was whatever ideology the author is promoting as the alternative to what she misrepresented. It is a common method attempting to dismiss Ayn Rand through misrepresentation while simultaneously presenting something else as supposedly the only superior moral alternative without having to defend it or address the criticisms rejecting it. What was the sense of life and view of a proper life promoted in the story through illustration or otherwise?
  6. Aloha

    If what they mostly care about is making abortion illegal it's not hard to see why they are failing to influence the culture there and no one should be helping them at all. The worst of it, politically, is that their packaging of religious impositions with the meaning of the tea party revolt, such as they claim to be part of it at all, only undermines the tea party and discourages consideration of it. Look for isolated individuals who aren't part of that.
  7. From the name alone it sounds like "Saul Rand" was intended at least as much a smear against Sen. Rand Paul as Ayn Rand, while understanding neither him nor Ayn Rand -- let alone the difference between them. The 'reviews' there, including the dominant gushing promotions left unexplained, indicate that it is a poorly constructed juvenile novel with a confusing contradictory plot, repetitious characters describing rather than illustrating, and a theme no one could describe, perhaps because there isn't one. What did the author do to identify Ayn Rand's philosophy with mass murderers and religion? Almost none of the commentators mentioned "Objectivism" at all -- that aspect seemed to have gone over their heads as irrelevant. Did you read (suffer through) the whole book? How is the author trying in the story to undermine good values in a package deal with the likes of Mao, and what did she promote as the false alternative?
  8. Aloha

    What were they advocating? If you have anything in common with them at all, maybe it's an opportunity to show them how much more is possible.
  9. Why Does Health Care Cost So Much?

    "Stakeholders" means the competing factions of the pressure group warfare of welfare statism, each with different desires, demands and claimed "entitlements", and is a notion deliberately concocted to avoid any consideration of the rights of individuals. Of course it makes things "cost more", to say the least.
  10. How Free is Your State?

    "Dispose of lives, liberties, and property" so long as it doesn't infringe on others "disposing of their lives, liberties, and property"? Locke, Kant, Nozick and "rule-utilitarianism" are interchangeable bases of freedom? Whatever their arbitrary weights assigned to various factors which may or may not accidentally provide a basis for actual comparison between states, they sure don't understand freedom or where it comes from, and cannot defend it by this arbitrary mishmash.
  11. Trying To Teach

    In general, review "What Can One Do?", The Ayn Rand Letter, January 3, 1972, reprinted in Philosophy: Who Needs It. There are many different directions you can apply this to. With your interest, apply it to combating pragmatism and its implications. First, keep learning everything you can, and learn how to explain it, i.e., connect it with what others already know so they can expand into what they want to understand. Choose your battles carefully. Don't assume that creatures who inhabit the depths of general philosophy forums have the same idea of what philosophy is that you do, or that a rationalist or mystical psycho-epistemology is any longer capable of understanding yours. Look for contexts to apply and explain your ideas where more common sense people anywhere are looking for answers.
  12. No, no, no -- capital letters are for shouting. Leaving them off the beginning is no different than the other grammatically unintelligible portions dangling around the shouting, which is the important part.
  13. The infatuation with Prussian social control was operating before Horace Mann's influence in educational policy, but the earliest drive for government "public" education came from religion. In early 19th century America -- before Mann took it up -- it was the battle for control by New England Unitarians afraid of Catholic influence. That demand for control over education was subsequently imposed under influences of German philosophy, Prussian political organization of government, and English socialism, all beginning to infect this country. Well before that, going back to the 17th century in this country, it was for inculcation of Puritan dogma on the level of local towns or settlements.
  14. The teaching faculty? :-)
  15. Population and resources

    Gratuitous speculations about other people's motives do not become true by calling them "obvious" to induce intimidation. The uselessness of reading thousand year old myths first spread by wandering tribes does not mean that rational investigation and science are also useless, but they require understanding at the conceptual level, not arrested ideas based only on shouting what you "SEE".
  16. Total silence leads to hallucinations

    It's not clear that the findings pertain to those permanently adjusted to total lack of sound but otherwise not in complete sensory isolation.
  17. It's worse than that; there seems to be little desire to understand at all. Why remember if understanding is regarded as unnecessary and 'memory' is no more than database retrieval of disconnected facts? This is the cashing in of range of the moment, anti-conceptual Pragmatism implemented with digital co-processors and memory chips.
  18. I searched for anarchy here, got nothing.

    It was a long time ago and I don't remember where I saw it. Wikepedia entries are not reliable on matters regarding controversial political issues and personalities known only to a small minority.
  19. If that's really your plans, then you shouldn't be broadcasting it on a public forum read all over the world. It endangers both yourself and those of us who are trying to remain peaceful, knowing that violent revolution is not a moral, practical way to try to live. The statists have already made it clear that they regard all of us as "terrorists" who morally repudiate and speak out against their impositions. They do not tolerate lack of obsequiousness, let alone dissent, and look for every excuse to rationalize physically cracking down on their enemies.
  20. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    He seems to regard taxation as a means to punish those who escape statism with their own private property.
  21. And they are pushing it towards the point of no return, with the complete destructive chaos that statism always causes. Any updates on remedial legal action by Eckert against the police and the town? When the possibility of justice through the legal system is gone then it's over.
  22. DoJ set up a get Zimmerman tip line!AGAI

    In this case the Chicago Mob and its hijacking of the 'rule of law' for law to rule.
  23. DoJ set up a get Zimmerman tip line!AGAI

    I don't know what his motive or interest in book/movie rights are, but your proposed extreme method for him achieving privacy is unlikely to work now in the Age of NSA
  24. Free will--another axiom?

    Thanks for the reference. It's good that someone is exploring and elaborating on these topics beyond the basics of this position first presented and explained by Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff.