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  1. It seems that gun right defenders would have an opportunity to pick up the ball and propose a universal background check law that would be a true, limited background check law, and supercede the other federal encroachments.
  2. I couldn't understand why anyone would be against a background check. From conversations on other forums, I understand the current system of background checks at dealers has resulted in a kind of backdoor registration where firearms can easily be traced to their owners. That might be legit, but it explains why many people oppose a universal background check.
  3. By the way, when I hear "universal background check", I envision something like that: - Joe Public wants to sell his AR-15 - Jane Doe wants to buy it, and brings to Joe her driving license and SS card. - Joe checks that the picture matches and that the names on the 2 cards match. He then goes online to - There he enters the SS number and the driving license number. - The servers on the other sides make sure the 2 numbers correspond to the same person. They then check again their database of criminals and crazies. - Thirty seconds later Joe gets a green light, and maybe a confirmation email. He gives Jane his AR-15, she gives him money. - The end.
  4. If we must have hybrids . . .

    I once saw one parked. It's HUGE. In particular, it's very wide. It's hard to see on pics and movies because the proportions are so different from other cars.
  5. First Gates -- Now Buffett is giving away his fortune

    It depends on the hand-outs. I don't think vaccinating children would prop up governments. On the other hand, sending large quanities of food and supplies to be distributed by local governments would be nearly a direct subsidy and therefore hugely destructive.
  6. 24 (2001)

    What about Tony Almeida? Edgar isn't much of a concern to me because he was clearly a supporting supporting role, but Almeida, Dessler, O'Brien, and a few others are right behind Bauer in terms of importance, and also in how heroic they are.
  7. 24 (2001)

    My point is that they could have been retired without being killed. In fact, for those three it would have been incredibly easy given that they all are out of the circle of events at the end of episode 4.
  8. My Hobby: Long Range Fishing

    I wonder what the market value of this baby would be in Japan...
  9. My Hobby: Long Range Fishing

    You get a much more balanced Omega-3 / Omega-6 mix of fatty acid in your body when you eat a lot of (sea) fish. Some claim that this is conducive to a lower level of low grade systemic inflamation, etc. Plenty of vit. D in fish too, and minerals you don't get in the standard american diet. We're used to thinking of tuna as a fish with little oil because of the cheap canned tuna, but there's plenty of O-3 in tuna if you're careful how you handle it.
  10. The Sign Of The Dollar

    Note that the Reps also lost ground in Congress. Romney's loss wasn't the outlier - it was the rule for Republicans this cycle.
  11. How do you explain this?

    I'm no physicist, so I'm way out of my depth here. However, isn't it possible that .5b years ago the universe was expanding at a significant % of c? Therefore, as a photon was traveling towards us at speed c, the distance it would have too travel would increase. Also, the universe was much denser then. It's possible that the average speed of light was less then simply because there was less true vaccuum.
  12. My next read

    I liked the "Ominous Parallels".
  13. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    It's going to be critical for the Tea Party orgs to keep their congressmen feet to the fire in the next 2 years. Reps in congress need to be quite certain that they will loose their primaries if they raise taxes. The good news is that this is exactly what the Tea Party movement is good at. Obama's ambitions need to be nibbed in the bud early in his 2nd term, and the fiscal cliff "discussions" are the right place to do that.
  14. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    I think Romney lost because (1) he was offering some free stuff but not as much as the other guy, and (2) social issues: abortion, immigration, gay rights, etc. I personally know moderate women and families with a mixed ethnic background who voted Obama purely based on the abortion & immigration stance of the GOP. Elections are won and lost at the margins.
  15. ARGO

    Not at all. The Canadian ambassador and his wife are feature prominently and their virtue and personnal courage are clearly displayed.
  16. All, I am looking for solid numbers on how much Medicare recipients get out of the system vs. how much they contributed. I have heard that the average couple contributed $149,000 over their life and receive $350,000 during their retirement. I would like to confirm that and get some solid sources. I would appreciate if anyone could give me some info on that or point me somewhere where I can find it. Thanks, Joss
  17. Average Medicare cost vs. contribution per recipient?

    Oh, Brian I'm sorry I was not clear. I don't need that. I'm *very* familiar with DCF calcs - I was a finance professional for quite a while... I was just looking for actual numbers. Thank you for your work, I'm so sorry what I wrote didn't make that clear. (This being said, I am learning programming but I have 0 experience with functional languages. I need to do that. I probably will learn Scheme rather than J though, as there's so much documentation support for it.)
  18. Average Medicare cost vs. contribution per recipient?

    It means not including the time value of money, inflation, etc. So $100 now plus $100 paid 20 years ago adds up to $200 absolute dollars but more in terms of real dollars.
  19. Average Medicare cost vs. contribution per recipient?

    Got it. The numbers are $116,000 and $357,000 for 2011 retirees. In 2030, it will be $175,000 and $527,000. Those numbers include a 2% real interest rate, which is a bit conservative IMHO.
  20. Average Medicare cost vs. contribution per recipient?

    I agree but at this point I'd be glad to find absolute dollars (not including time value of money). I know those numbers exist, I just can't find them.
  21. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    "Imitate the action of the tiger..."
  22. Average Medicare cost vs. contribution per recipient?

    I'm looking for medicare numbers, not medicaid. Medicaid is meant as welfare so the ratio money in / money out on a per vintage basis is meaningless. Plus it's a comparatively small number. Medicare is the far greater injustice where the transfer is from one generation to the previous, without even the excuse of a welfare goal. I heard those numbers from some podcast where they had a token conservative. I don't know anything how they were calculated.
  23. ARGO

    I just saw the movie. It's very good. It shows realistic heroism and cunning on the part of the CIA. It shows in great details the barbarism of the Iranian revolution. Carter and the State Department are portrayed as, at best, incompetents. The acting is very good, the clothing, accessories, etc, is right on target, there's a low grade tension throughout the movie. Again, it's very good. There's 2mn at the end with a voice over from Carter trying to take some credit from the mission, but the movie makes it clear - voluntarily or not - that it had nothing to do with him.
  24. Advice requested: melatonin

    L-C, I can send you a box of Melatonin if you want. I'd get Now Foods brand from Amazon, that's what I buy for myself. It would probably be less than $20-$30 to get them here and send them back to you. It's not a long term solution for you, but if you're dead set on trying it I'm happy to help.