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  1. Well, guns are meant to kill people. If you want to do something non lethal, you use tasers, batons, whatever - but not guns.
  2. Embassies

    Why do countries not protect their embassies more effectively? It seems like any ragtag group of "student" can invade embassies nowadays. What the heck?
  3. Either they are entitled to use lethal force, and they should have the best, or they're not, and they shouldn't be armed at all.
  4. Embassies

    Yes, hopefully there's a way to discuss that without calling for the extermination of anyone.
  5. Embassies

    Well, I don't associate myself with that. But we should protect our embassies with as much force as is necessary. This is disgraceful.
  6. Embassies

    Back to the top. We should let unarmed looters kill our embassy personnel without doing anything? I don't understand.
  7. Tom Kundig architect

    Not sure if people are familiar with his work. His shop is here in Seattle. Some of the houses are amazing. Unfortunately, the site has smallish pictures, but I've seen 2 large format books on his work, and most of the work is lovely.
  8. 2012 Presidential Poll for August 2012

    Just because it's the truth doesn't make saying it less moronic.
  9. 2012 Presidential Poll for August 2012

    In the UK, Romney has demonstrated new levels of ineptitude.
  10. Happy Birthday to alann

    Happy birthday Alann!
  11. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    There's no difference material enough for 99% of the people to notice. His plain blades are made of 52100, which is a steel which has potential for a much more refine grain than nearly any other steel. That should translate into a better blade, but this is not perceavable by most chefs I think. The damascus looks prettier, each piece is completely unique, and stains are less visible. The main difference is going to be appearance and price.
  12. Mobility WOD blog

    Of course there are principles involved. As I mentionned, natural and sexual selection, and above that chemistry and physics. Each single component of our biology can be logically deduced, provided we have perfect information on (1) the previous stage of our biology, (2) the exact evolutionary pressures we're under, (3) the exact sexual selection pressure we're under. We do not have that perfect information. So although we can draw parallels and make assumptions (e.g., what we observe in mice biology when submitted to such-or-such drug might translate into human biology), we must then test that hypothesis. We cannot generalize findings made in a specific case to "adjacent" cases without testing for them. In economics, we can say with near certainty that the effect of price controls on product A in country X will be similar than those observed in country Y because we can track back the logical chain of events all the way to Metaphysics. In biology, we cannot. We still don't understand how genes express themselves.
  13. Mobility WOD blog

    This is a bad analogy. Capitalism is a *whole intelectual system*. MobilityWOD addresses *small components* (mobility, range of motion, flexibility, etc) of a *biological* system, which is itself not an intelectual construct but something that has evolved over millions of years in a sometimes chaotic and illogical manner. There are plenty of aspects of biology that do not make sense from an intelectual / logical stand point (e.g., the human eye's cells with their nerve endings pointing to the inside of the eye instead of the brain, which results in a black spot). You can derive capitalism from first principles (and even then it would be very hard to derive each of its *components* but presumably possible). You cannot derive a biology from the first principle of natural and sexual selections (several biologies are possible and indeed exist on earth), and you certainly cannot derive each component of a given biology.
  14. Mobility WOD blog

    Ray, you have a lot of experience training people and helping them progress and/or recover. Other people also do. You have an impressive track record. Other people also do. You sound convincing. Other people also do. You yourself are very fit. Other people also are. You write passionate and detailed posts. Others also do. Since the actual scientific research is often lacking or contradictory, we the non specialists are left figuring out our course of action based on the credibility of the people we read and the strength of their arguments. When we can, we try things to see if it works for us. It's a non scientific, n=1 approach, but better than just do nothing or follow blindly anyone's recommendations. Have you tried those flossing and voodoo band techniques? No you haven't. You claim that they cannot work, but you haven't tried to experiment with them. What you demonstrate to me more than anything else is your unwillingness to experiment, to try stuff. It's as if you had it all figured out, and honestly I don't think anyone has. It doesn't make me feel particularly confident in what you say. What is the cost to me to try one of those approaches? Very little indeed so I'll keep using rubber bands and lacrosse balls, cold water and deep tissue massage as I find appropriate.
  15. Liver metastasis

    I have heard that some cancers respond well to a ketogenic (ultra low carbs) diet. However, others do not and I don't know which ones do. You may want to research that avenue.
  16. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    A=A, I'm not bladesmithing. I did a little of it as a hobby, but I stopped several years ago. I never completed a single knife. I collect knives and a few of them can be seen here: John - it's getting scarry how well you know me. Bob Kramer lives pretty close from here, and I have been on his list for many years. I met him 4 - 5 years ago at a lunch organized by the owner of to honor Yoshindo Yoshihara - one of the best Japanese swordsmith. I actually have a production verson of his santoku, but I'm afraid I'll never get a real one. I want a 10" chef *really bad*, but they have reached stratospheric prices in the secondary market.
  17. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Thank you Betsy.
  18. Mobility WOD blog

    Maybe it doesn't work, and maybe it does work but it's another mechanism. At this point, I don't have enough data, but I might try the approach to see if there's something to it.
  19. Mobility WOD blog

    I don't know. I suppose the underlying hypothesis is that the limiting factor in normal healing isn't the liver and gall bladder but rather the fact that those tissues are not vascularised, and therefore cannot flush the toxins fast enough. Again, this was an empirical finding by some lifting coaches, not something from the scientific world. (As a side note, I've heard that the Voodoo bands wok in a similar manner - that by putting them on and then releasing them, they create a slightly higher pressure of fluids into the soft tissues and help flush out toxins.)
  20. Mobility WOD blog

    I've heard mentionned that high volume / low weight work might be helpful for some form of soft tissue pain. I never tried that myself, but the logic behind it was to help flush out the injury toxins via lactic acid. It was more an empirical finding than something based on research, but apparently some powerlifting coaches use that approach with some categories of soft tissue injury.
  21. Mobility WOD blog

    I like the MobilityWOD site & I follow their broadcast. It's cool stuff, and his use of rubber bands to "floss" the fascia has helped me improve my groin flexibility by a lot. I use Iron Woody bands, foam rolls, and lacrosse balls a fair deal to hopefully reduce adhesion.
  22. Lautner house article in the WSJ
  23. Bubble on the Potomac

    Which city has an unemployment rate of 5.5%, office rental rates of $50 per square foot, is the richest metropolitan area in the US, a median household income over $80,000 (in 2010), is surrounded by 9 of the 15 richest counties in the country, and has the highest percentage of 25-to-34-year-olds in the U.S.?
  24. Greece

    Why is devaluation a redistribution scheme? Devaluation, like inflation, hurts most people living on a fixed income, in particular modest retirees and uneducated employees. Traders, highly educated people, stock holders, etc, are rather less impacted.